The Year In Review 2015

Several years ago, I started a new year tradition of creating a roundup of every single post from the previous year.

Today’s post is in keeping with that annual offering.

If you missed any of my creative efforts from last year, you can see them all at a glance right now and I’ve provided a link for each one for your convenience.

Enjoy the Year in Review 2015.


year in review january

The Year in Review-2014  •  How to Care for Your Wood Cutting Boards  •  Best-Ever Chili Recipe  •  Tea Towel Wall Art  •  Tips for Homemade French Macarons   •   Lampshade Makeover Using Your Own Fabric  •   Savory Pulled Pork Pizza   •  Furniture Makeover Project Update  •  Rum Raisin Bread Pudding    Dark and Moody Photography     Jute Rope Storage Container    Simple Window Treatments


Year in Review June

 Small Space Makeover    Spring Greens    From Old Crate to Rustic Backdrop    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  •  Simple and Savory Salmon Cakes  •  Pesto from Homegrown Basil •  Luckett’s Spring Market  •  Fresh Berry Tart with Vanilla Custard  •  Festive Beaded Beverage Bucket    French Toast Brioche with Chocolate and Fresh Raspberry Sauce


year in review july

As American as Apple Pie  •  4th of July Inspiration    Honey-Dripped Nectarine Tarts    Handcrafted Clay Labels for Herb Pots  •  Heart-Shaped Lavender Sachets    3 Ways to Make Waffle Cones    Fried Green Tomatoes    Soft Pretzels  •  Applique Throw Pillow  •  Cookbook Cover Photo Shoot


yir december

Warrior Princess Halloween Costume  •  Papercrafted Pumpkin Book Art  •  Black Cat Family Pumpkin Carving  •  Candy Corn Sugar Cookies  •  Rose-Shaped Apple Tarts    Loom Knitting    Wheat Sheaf Bread Loaf    Nana Banana’s Red Roasted Potatoes     Sweater Pillow with Faux Mink Trim     Raspberry Bread Wreath    Getting a Perfect Cookie Cutter Cut

A heartfelt thanks to all of you for supporting my creative efforts last year.

I have so much more planned for 2016, including new columns, special features and fresh inspiration.

Happy New Year!

See you back here next week. 

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