Small Space Makeover

Sometimes a room can sit for years before you figure out how to put it to perfect use.

That’s what happened to this small loft space which until now never got its just due or desserts.

Throughout this post, I’ll share my small space makeover that transformed this area from under-used and drab to cheerful and summery fab.
This space sits right below my attic work space and despite having a wonderful wall of built-in bookcases, this area was just not used for very much.

My kids would sit in here every now and then but for the most part it was unfortunately an abandoned space.

That all changed last year after a visit to a women’s clothing store… yes a clothing store.

Mini office before

Allow me to explain.

Believe it or not the Coldwater Creek women’s clothing store is at the heart of my loft space makeover.

The brick and mortar Coldwater Creek stores closed in my area last year and all the furniture and fixtures were sold at rock-bottom prices.

Regular readers may remember my penchant for grabbing great fixtures from store closeouts. You can see an extraordinary example HERE.

Mini office coldwater creek

Well, I picked up this large (and extremely heavy) display table that I thought I could use as a craft table in my attic work space which is located just a few steps above this loft space.

Great table.  Heavy, durable and solid.  The legs were not removable but I figured that would not be a problem.

However, that turned out to be a major issue because the table was too large to fit through the attic door.

space makeover desk2

So, I temporarily pushed the table against the blank wall in the loft until I could figure out what to do with it.  That’s when the light bulb moment happened.

Why not just leave the desk here in the loft and turn this under-used area into a small office space?

Mini office desk

The room evolution snowballed from there.

I started with the window treatments and decided to make some panels myself after finding this pretty yellow and white garden trellis fabric.

You can see my easy tutorial on making window panels in a previous post HERE.

Window treatments rings

Need some art for the wall?  Consider a tea towel.

If you have a favorite tea-towel, this is a fun way to re-purpose it.

You can revisit my previous post on how to frame a favorite tea towel HERE.

Devour poster2

An old wrought-iron bench got a bit of a face lift with a fresh cushion too.

I used an extra firm foam form and covered it with cotton batting before making the cushion with crisp white piping.

This is the first time I ever covered a cushion this size and while I did struggle with the corners, I may be the only one to notice the imperfections.

Seat cushion construct

It’s a super comfortable seat now and as you can see I’m not the only fan.

Actually, this little cutie is a faux-feline… but since we don’t have any pets, sometimes I treat her like she’s real.

Space makeover cat

This Log Cabin quilt coordinates nicely so, I relocated it to this space.

I’ve written a lot about Log Cabin quilts which are among the easiest designs to sew.  You can revisit a few of my Log Cabin quilt posts HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Space makeover quilt2

If you ever have any trouble finding a lampshade to suit your décor, consider customizing your own shade.

You can see how to use your own fabric to cover a barrel shaped shade in my previous tutorial HERE.

Space makeover lamp

Forsythia branches always remind me of my grandmother’s home in the summer.

A bank of these gorgeous bushes used to grow along the front entrance to her property and whenever they bloomed we knew for sure that winter was finally over.

A few other desk details help add interest and more color to the overall space.

Space makeover desk

Introduce a few complementary throw pillows into the mix for good measure (and added color) and this space is just about complete.

If you’d like to see how to make your own throw pillows, you can see a couple of my tutorials HERE and HERE.

Space makeover pillows

OK, ready for the big reveal?

Before I show you what the room looks like now with all my little enhancements, take one more good look at what the space looked like before.

Mini office before2

Here’s the after. Big difference, huh?

I think it’s pretty amazing and to think it all started out with that desk.

I’m so glad it didn’t fit through the attic door.

NOTE: In case you’re wondering the chaise lounge portion of this sofa can fit on either side of the furniture.

Space makeover

This space not only looks better it’s also much more functional.  This room now gets used, a lot.

It an accidental mini office that I’ve claimed as my own, (even though everyone in the house sometimes invades it).

Space makeover3

I’m considering whether or not to paint the desk white so that it matches the decorative bookcases, chair railing and shadow boxes.

I’m a little nervous about tackling that.

What do you think. Leave it as-is or paint it glossy white?

  Space makeover loft

While the final desk color is still uncertain, what is abundantly clear is that this new space is a more pleasant place to sit, write and relax.

After all these years, this loft space is finally getting the workout it needed and has always deserved. 



  • Victoria

    I like the desk just the color it is. That’s part of it’s charm. It contributes a nice feature in what I interpret as an eclectic style of decorating. And such an awesome back story on the desk too.

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Thanks, Victoria! Yes, the desk backstory is a great reminder to keep your eyes peeled when stores go out of business. I’ve scored quite a few really useful fixtures this way. Thanks for popping by.

  • [email protected]

    Hey Lisa. I hope all is well. This makeover is gorgeous. Wonderful job!

  • SuzK

    what a wonderful transformation! The room looks so inviting and warm now.

  • Judith Norman

    Absolutely beautiful! The accessories (i.e., curtains, pillows, lampshade)make the room pop. I really love that table. Great job, Lisa!

  • Rebecca

    Yes, like the table just the way it is. Love your loft space now! Congrats on a great makeover and enjoy that lovely space!

  • jae

    Just amazing! It is now a beautiful, inviting area, and would be a great place to work in. I love white furniture, but….I really like the warmth the wood table contributes just as it is. At least live with it that way for a while before you decide…..Wonderful transformation. Thanks for inspiring!

  • Peggy

    It is beautiful! I wish I would have thought about fixtures from a store closing. I love the yellow drapes and the finished look they give the room.

  • Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life

    Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!! Great Job Lisa!! Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!! ~hugs~

  • [email protected] Designs

    Just beautiful Lisa!…My Coldwater Creek closed about 6 months ago and never thought to seek out any display items that they may sell…will have to keep that in mind for the next store closing….I so love the colors you chose…so, so very bright and fresh. Great job on the cushion…Such a wonderful room to spend time in…It must make you just smile every time you are in the room…it makes me smile!!!

  • Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I really loved what you’ve done. I especially like how everything works together. I can see where the desk would look great white — if it is used a lot it may chip but that could also be part of the appeal. We never know where inspiration will come from. Great job!!

  • Thimbleanna

    Ha! Nana Banana was here LOL!
    It looks wonderful Lisa — as always you’ve done a gorgeous job. I like the table as it is — it would be pretty as a white table too, but the one big drawback I see is that depending on how heavily you use the table, it would be more prone to chipping, etc.
    Anyway, gorgeous job. I love all your pretty touches. Anna Banana. ;-D

  • Elaine Tutman

    This is a lovely make-over. And I know you will use this as your real office to replace the tiny space off your kitchen. Well done. Nana Banana

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