DVD Library

How many times have you opened up a DVD case at home, only to find the movie disc missing?  Ugh! Happens all the time in my house of silver screen buffs.

To combat the issue (and create some fun storage at the same time), I finally finished putting together a DVD library.

DVD shelves

These large metal slats with adjustable shelves turned out to be a good solution to help me create the perfect storage and organization system for movies and (video games).

Guess where I picked them up?

Blockbuster video shelves

Here’s a look at the same shelves on display at my local Blockbuster Video store just before the store closed a while back.

Now, when a neighborhood store closes, it’s definitely a loss to the entire community.

basement aisle

However, store closings can also present unique home storage opportunities when the fixtures are put up for sale (as these DVD shelving units were).

lumber nailed to studs

Back at home, I targeted this basement aisle on the right side of the stairs for the new DVD library.

This is one of those weird spaces (ie: poor design) that was always too small for any realistic seating options but too large to just ignore and not use somehow.

lumber support

The Blockbuster video shelves are quite heavy, so my new storage system needed some serious support.

Ben, my neighborhood uber-handyman, helped me pull my vision together.

First, long strips of lumber (which measured the width of the shelves when placed side-by-side) were attached to the studs in the wall in upper and lower positions.

Even though these pieces of lumber will be concealed behind the shelving units, it’s a good idea to paint them the same color as the wall just in case some portion of the boards peek through.

This color is Lenox Tan (HC-44) by Benjamin Moore.

attaching shelving units

Next step, each shelving unit was secured to the lumber through existing holes in the upper and lower areas of the shelving units.

My original plan was to paint all the shelving units the same color as the wall but in the end opted to just leave them as-is.

My trusty, volunteer (and gamer), Jordy pitched in with some cleaning help.

cleaning shelves

Who knew that Windex and paper towels could produce such a smile?

Thanks Jordy… and I love the hat too.


I have been collecting movie paraphanalia for a long while and it was great to finally get all these fun pieces up on the walls to help carry out the movie theme vision.

movie posters

Some items now decorate the wall directly opposite the DVD libary wall…

movie paraphanalia

… while the posters now adorn the walls in the home theater which is just a few steps from the movie wall.

Did you know that you can get movie posters from many commercial theaters for free or for a small donation?

Check with your local movie theater manager for available poster giveaways.

theatre room posters
Meanwhile, a final touch to the DVD wall involved these 12″ cardboard letters which I picked up on sale at my local crafts store.

cardboard letters

Once again, I wanted to paint these letters the same Lenox Tan color as the wall (I obviously lean toward more muted, monochromatic tones), but the kids hated that idea and begged for bold, vibrant red.

I relented.

spray painted letters

Since we’re talking movies, be sure to check out my previous post featuring reviews of some of my favorite movies here as well as my delicious step-by-step recipe for movie night caramel corn here.

Ok, let’s get back to my DVD library wall.

Take one more look at what this boring, wasted basement aisle looked like before.

basement aisle

Ta-da!  Here’s what the aisle looks like today.

No more wasted space and now this area finally has a purpose and reason to use it.

NOTE: I used damage-free picture hanging strips to attach the cardboard letters to the wall.  No need for hooks, nails or drywall damage and they’re also repositionable.

DVD library wall

Jordy grabbed one full unit for games and that’s just fine with me.

While we are still organizing most of the movies according to genre and subject matter, the transformation of this space has already made finding our favorite flicks fun and so much easier.



Finally a place for everything and everything in its place.

Of course, I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that the movie watchers (and gamers) in the house will now be inspired to put the discs back in the box too.

We’ll see how that goes. ♥ 

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  • Olivia

    Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the tickets you have hanging between the words MOVIES andGAMES. Thanks!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Hi Olivia, I don’t remember exactly where I found the admit one metal sign but it was at a store similar to Home Goods.
      You could do a quick search online to see if you could find it.
      I saw the exact one that I have on eBay just now. Just enter “admit one metal sign”.
      There are many variations on line so, if you’re not able to find the same one I have, I think you’ll be able to find another you you can be happy with.
      Good luck and happy new year.

  • Katie

    Do you have any idea where/how to get those shelves now? I have been searching for something like that and what you have is PERFECT! I know it’s been a couple years, but if you have any tips on finding these now I’d love the info!

  • Darnetha @ ChippaSunshine

    New follower here! I love this, so organized and what an amazing collection of movies. My children would go crazy at your house! I will be trying your granola recipe this weekend!

  • Vel

    OMG! AMAZING collection and organization!!!! Your guests must go crazy trying to choose what to watch or play! We too have a small movie theater but our videos are not displayed like that! love it!


    FABULOUS Movie Room, simply amazing! I TOTALLY LOVE THIS!

  • Brandi

    Gosh, I love your ideas! Such a great use of space. We have movie posters hanging in our basement too!

  • Www

    Wow!! Simply Wow!!

  • darlene holmes

    Lisa this is amazing! You are so talented and the use of the space is great! Jordy is so big….we MUST get the kids together, so they can see their cousins! Darlene

  • Katie Drane

    What a clever idea! I love the shelves and the letters above it looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing:)

  • the cape on the corner

    I flippin’ LOVE that! we are doing a retro/drive in vibe for our basement and bar, so all those décor items are right up my alley. great find on the storage shelves-I have yet to decide how we’re doing that.

  • Thimbleanna

    Well, first, we have to interrupt my normal commenting to notice Jordy. OHMYGOSH — does he look ADORABLE or what??? I LOVE that hat!!!!
    On to the theater and your hall — their awesome! I love the new shelves. It makes me wish we had a wall like that in our basement. I love your posters too — in addition to theaters, I’ve found movie posters at flea markets. Also, do you like your popcorn machine? I think they’re so cute and I’ve been very tempted to get one!
    Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  • [email protected] Designs

    What a fantastic idea and project…love your home theater and all of the beautiful details..You did a wonderful job…and most of all…love that Jordy…what a cutie!!…

  • Kisha

    Everything came together beautifully! You have a great eye for detail.. You have taught me to plan more even if it takes more time to complete, and not to be so rushed to just get it done.

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    It came out great! what a terrific use of unused space!

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