Create At Your Own Risk

I want you to enjoy my projects and offerings safely and I make every attempt to provide thorough instructions and guidelines for all of my posts.  While I try to include safety warnings and precautions within my posts where I can,  anything you attempt to make based on what you read here will be at your own risk. I assume no responsibility or liability for anything you make based on my tutorials, recipes or projects.  Please, always exercise safety measures along with your good old common sense when attempting, creating or duplicating anything you’ve read here.


I welcome opportunities to connect with partners and advertisers and to collaborate with brands I use and love.  I will only promote a product or service that I feel is a good fit with my blog content, aesthetic or ideals. All commercial collaborations will be clearly marked as such.  Sponsorship will never impact my honest opinion and any product or service I review and share here will always be one that I believe in and think my readers will also enjoy and find useful.