French Toast Brioche
With Chocolate & Fresh Raspberry Sauce


ooking at the title of this post, I think you can see this is going to be a mouthful.  However, sometimes you just want something special for breakfast.  This is definitely that dish.

Breakfast doesn’t get much more special than this French Toast Brioche with its decadent chocolate filling and fresh fruit sauce.

I was originally planning to post this recipe last month, right before Mother’s Day but somehow didn’t get around to it.

No problem, this is also the type of breakfast in bed that even dads will enjoy for upcoming Father’s Day.

Raspberry brioche3

You could use just about any type of berry for the sweet topping sauce but raspberries.

I choose raspberries because I thought the pop of red color would stand out better against the vintage, blue plates.  That’s thinking like a food stylist, right?

Just save the blackberries for the side.

Raspberry brioche berries

Add a few strawberries on the side for more than just color.

This French Toast Brioche needs the extra fruit to help tame the sweetness.

Raspberry brioche7

Believe it or not this is the first time I’ve ever used chocolate spread in a dessert.

Now that I’ve been exposed to this wonderful accent, this won’t be the last time.

Raspberry brioche6

Pick up a loaf of Brioche from your local bakery.

Cut slices in 1/2-inch widths.

Raspberry brioche5

Sandwich a generous amount of chocolate between two pieces of Brioche.

Whip two eggs, add 1/4-cup of ice cold milk and 2-teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Coat both sides of the Brioche with the egg mixture.

Raspberry brioche eggs

Melt a tablespoon of butter in a pan and place the Brioche into the melted butter.

Cook the Brioche for up to 3-minutes on each side until golden brown.

Raspberry brioche8

Slice the toast in half or quarters.

Raspberry brioche10

Oh-la-la, just look at that melted chocolate.

The crisp toast has a fantastic texture and the chocolate is a solid compliment.

Raspberry brioche9

The fruit sauce is another super easy make.

You’ll need a bag of frozen berries and one tablespoon of sugar.

Add about 4 cups of water and simmer until the berries cook down.

Raspberry brioche topping

Spoon berry sauce over the toast and serve.

Don’t you want a bite?

Raspberry brioche table2

Not that you need it but you can also top it off with a light (very light) dusting of confectioners’ sugar.

The assorted fruit on the side helps to temper the sweetness of the main dish so be sure to add those to your offering too.


Raspberry brioche2

Raspberry brioche for graphic2

Thanks for stopping by.

See you back here next time.


  • [email protected]

    hi Lisa!
    made these this morning…..for no reason other than they looked fantastic! and they were! grandkids are coming over this weekend…..guess what grandma is making them for Sunday breakfast???? love your creativity!

  • Peggy

    This looks utterly delicious! Our daughter is coming home for the 4th and I think this might be on the menu. Your photography is just stunning!

  • Shell

    This looks yummy!!! I must try this.

  • Teddee Grace

    This sounds fantastic. I’ve just started a Recipes Pinterest page and will PIN this. You might want to change this sentence: “Sandwich two pieces of Brioche between a generous amount of chocolate.” I think you mean “Sandwich a generous amount of chocolate between two pieces of Brioche.”

  • Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Oh my!! I didn’t pin this to my Healthy Lifestyle pins. Oh No!! I pinned it to I have to make this delicious concoction ASAP. I don’t have that particular heading but this is something that would definitely merit a special occasion. Thank you for sharing. The photos are spectacular!!

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