Valentine’s Day is for the Dogs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means thoughts of romance, hearts and special gifts for loved ones.

Well, if you ask me Valentine’s Day is for the dogs.

Wait, before you yell at me through your computer, read further to see how Valentine’s Day can be for canine loved ones as much as the human ones.

Blog dog valentine's open

First, allow me to walk you through the inspiration behind this post.

Lately, my kids have been begging for a pet dog.  Since I strongly suspect that after a few months their dog would likely become my dog, I’ve put my foot down on the subject with a “when you start to make your beds every day, I’ll consider it“.

For now, Cameron and Jordy will have to be satisfied with occasionally walking and pet sitting our neighbor’s dog, Chelsea.

Blog dog valentine's mosaic3

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought Chelsea would enjoy getting a special gift too.

These heart-shaped treats in the photo below are made especially for dogs.  This Valentine’s Day, consider giving the special pooches in your life tasty, sweetheart biscuits.

NOTE: Click here to see my heart-shaped goodies for HUMANS from an earlier post.


Even though we don’t have a dog, we’ve made plenty of dog biscuits in our house for friends and school volunteer assignments.

While there are a number of dog biscuit recipes on-line, we decided to try out a boxed mix.

You can use your choice of cutters but with Valentine’s Day in mind, a heart-shaped cookie cutter was too irresistible.

Blog valentines for dogs
Because this particular boxed recipe includes a pack of yeast, the dough is going to have to sit in a covered bowl for about an hour before you can start to cut out the cookies.

By the way, this mix includes whole wheat, whole oats, beef stock, malted barley flour, cornmeal and wheat germ just to name a few ingredients.

Blog dog valentine's bowl

Jordy was happy to pitch in with the cookie cutting.

This boxed recipe will yield about 2 dozen cookies depending of the size cut out.

Blog dog valentine's cutting

The cookie will rise a bit in the oven so keep that in mind when you roll out your dough to determine how thick you want your dog biscuits.

Blog dog valentine's oven

This is how the treats baked up with dough that was cut at just over 1/4-inch.  As you can see they’re quite fat and puffy.  Perfect for big dogs.

Leave the cookies in the oven longer for a browner appearance.

Blog dog valentine's stack

For our second batch we rolled the dough much thinner, close to the thickness of cardboard from a cereal box (for lack of a better reference).  We also decreased the baking time for a lighter-colored biscuit.

As you can see, these baked up much flatter, more easily stackable and almost cracker-thin.

Blog dog valentine's stack2


I think the thickness and shade preferences are definitely a human consideration.

Chelsea devoured both versions of the dog treat without any hesitation at all.

Blog dog valentine's steps

Even though these treats are for four-legged friends, there’s no reason not to dress up the packaging if you plan to use the treats for gift-giving.

You can embellish the bags with a few simple supplies including alphabet rubber stamps, a heart-shaped punch and dog-shaped die cuts along with some pretty ribbon.

Blog dog valentine's supplies

You’ll also need a tag punch.  You can purchase pre-cut tags but I think a punch is one of those “must-have” tools to have in your stash.

You can pick up a tag punch at any crafts store and you’ll use it a million times.

Blog dog valentine's tags2
I typically use this candy cane-colored, baker’s string around the holidays but it works during any season for just about any baked good packaging effort.

It’s perfect for the small hole in the top of the tag.

Blog valentines for dogs thread

Here’s a look at the finished tags.

Adhering a heart to each pup will up the love factor and makes for a really cute Valentine’s Day offering.

Blog dog valentine's tags

I also used a small foam, sticky-lift under each doggie die cut to give it a little height and dimension.

You can find sticky, foam dots in the scrapbook supply section of most crafts stores.

Blog dog valentine's foam

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m a big fan of fun and attractive gift packaging and I think this is such an adorable way to embellish these treats.

While the canine recipient will love the contents, the dog owner will be the one who truly appreciates the extra effort put into the presentation.

Blog dog valentine's pix8
Oh, this photo is so adorable.  Pictures like this (almost) melt my heart but I’m determined to stand my ground on the pet dog issue.

Well, that’s my plan.

Blog dog valentine's jordy

Sorry Cameron and Jordy, as cute as the three of you look together, your on-going plea to add a dog to our household is still falling on deaf ears… (pretty much).

OK, OK I’ll think about changing my “no” to a maybe.

In the meantime, whenever Chelsea visits we’ll be sure to have some doggie treats waiting for her.

Blog dog valentine's chelsea

These treat-filled bags would make a great doggie birthday present or even as goodie bags at a pooch party.  Now, wouldn’t that be cute?

Also, imagine how unique and attractive these bags would look at your next cookie exchange or school fundraising event.

There’s no reason why you can’t sell homemade doggie treats at a bake sale.  I think customers would love it.

Blog dog valentine's close2
Thanks for stopping by.

See you back here next time. 

  • Ros

    As a pet owner who had to have our family’s aging, sick, Lab euthanized two weeks ago, I liked reading this post about your family and dogs. Please consider adopting a dog from your local shelter when you do decide to get one. There are so many unwanted animals out there.

  • Camille

    Great post. I will have to make these for my pooch one day. BTW my dog’s birthday is Valentine’s Day so I will have to at least buy her a gift. You are right not to get a dog unless you are ready for it to be your dog. As my children got older and required less work on my part, my childhood desire to have a dog grew stronger. I finaly got the dog I always wanted and have never regretted a day. She is my trusted companion, always happy to see me and gives great snuggles.

  • Julie Cefalu

    I love that you have included our four-legged friends in the Valentine festivities! Great idea and cutest ever packaging! Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Berta

    I have made home made doggie treats before, but have never seen a mix! I will have to look for it! The bags and treats turned out so cute, and I love that well used ink pad!!!! 🙂

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    How cute! and yes, you’re right, the dog they begged for very much became my dog. sigh … good thing that pup is so cute… (heck, good thing those KIDS are so cute!)

  • Thimbleanna

    Very, Very Cute Lisa! (Are you suuurrreee you don’t want a puppy for those adorable kids???? They look like they’d reeeeaaaalllllyyyy love to have one! ;-D )

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