Classic French Toast

F ast, simple and scrumptious.  Sometimes, you just may want breakfast to meet all three criteria.  When it comes to classic French toast you not only get all of the above, you also get a great looking dish too.   

I think French toast is one of those dishes you probably love but may also forget how easy it is to add to the early morning menu.

Consider this post a delicious reminder.

French toast breakfast

Of course, you can use any type of bread you like but I think the thicker the better when it comes to French Toast.

I decided to use Challah.

Challah is a traditional Jewish, egg-based bread that is typically braided before its baked giving it this distinct and beautiful presentation.

Cut the bread loaf into @3/4-inch slices.

I cut mine on a very slight angle so that most of the slices would be just a tad bit wider than the width of the original loaf.

Challah slices
For a standard size Challah loaf, combine 4 eggs, 2-tablespoons sugar, 2-teaspoons of vanilla, 1/2-teaspoon of nutmeg, 1/2-teaspoon of vanilla and 1/2-cup half and half. 

This is a very basic set of ingredients and you can always adjust the measurements to suit your taste. 

Whisk well.  Then, soak each side of the bread in the egg mixture.

French toast egg mixture
Spray a small amount of no-stick cooking spray onto a hot griddle.

Allow each slice to brown on both sides.  Make sure you wipe the griddle clean and apply fresh spray between each batch of slices.

French toast on the griddle

Sift a small amount of confectioner's sugar for added sweetness and pretty contrast.  Serve with fresh strawberries other favorite fruit.

Now, if you really wanted to be decadent about this breakfast you could add a dollup of whipped cream to the toast, the strawberries or both. 

French toast and strawberries

You're hungry for some French Toast now, aren't you?

This classic French toast certainly put a smile on the faces of the breakfast bunch at my house.

I'm sure it will put a smile on your breakfast crowd too.



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  • Kisha

    This looks delish!! I’ve never added sugar to my mixture, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve made this. I will certainly try your receipe soon.

  • Kelly

    Looks so yummy! French Toast always makes me think of my childhood. My mom would make us French Toast for breakfast on special occasions so for me French Toast = LOVE!

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