3-D Reindeer Cookies
Day 22

Well, his is it…. the last day of my 22-Day COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SERIES.

I’m wrapping up this creative holiday series with a look at at 3-D Reindeer cookies that look like they are ready to take flight any minute.

I’ve collected so many cookie cutters over the years and I’ve gotta say, these are among my favorite because of their unique, 3-dimensional presentation.

I’ll have more on where you can get your hands on this particular cookie cutter collection, further down in this post.

Reindeer cookies solo

Roll out your favorite gingerbread recipe.

I roll out the dough to the desired thickness and then refrigerate right on the baking tray for a few hours.  I do the same thing when making sugar cookies.

Then, I cut the cookies out of the refrigerated, rolled out dough.

Reindeer cookies dough

By cutting the cookies from cold, rolled out dough, the cookies hold their shape much better while cutting.

TIP: After cutting out the shapes, return the tray to the refrigerator for an hour to allow the cookies to chill even more.  This will help the cookies maintain their shape while baking.  Omitting baking powder from the recipe will also help prevent cookies from spreading in the oven.

Reindeer cookies cuts

This particular cookie cutter set included multiple cutters that create shapes that have to be assembled after baking.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain the cookie shape as well as you can so all the pieces will fit together like a puzzle piece.

Reindeer cookies baked

Prepare your Royal icing.  I like to use a gel coloring rather than liquid food coloring.

Gel colorings can be found at specialty bakers’ shops and most craft stores in the baking supply aisle.

Reindeer cookies6

I like to use small, plastic sandwich bags to hold the icing instead of those large plastic cone-shaped decorating bags.

The sandwich bags fit right in the palm of my hand which makes decorating and maneuvering around the cookie that much easier.

Reindeer cookies4

I think decorating cookies in an assembly-line fashion is the best decorating-approach when you’re dealing with so many cookies.

Start with red saddles.

Reindeer cookies5

Continue to embellish as you please.

Reindeer cookies icing

Get creative with your icing.

Reindeer cookies3

How cute are all these little reindeer hooves?

reindeer cookies hooves

Gently slide the hooved frames into the body of the reindeer.

This is definitely a delicate stage because it’s very easy to break the cookie if you aren’t careful.

Don’t forget to select one reindeer in the group to get that famous red nose. 

3D reindeer cookie

Santa hasn’t shown up yet but when he does, his sleigh is certainly ready for the global trek ahead.

This is another cutter in this particular cookie cutter collection.

  Reindeer cookies2

Of course, no North Pole scene would be complete without an appropriately adorned Christmas tree.

3D gingerbread cookie tree

I bought this cookie cutter set from Williams Sonoma several years ago and it doesn’t look like WS is carrying the set again this year.


If you conduct an on-line search for Holiday Storybook Cookie Cutters you’ll still be able to find multiple copies of this cookie cutter collection including on Ebay and Amazon.

Reindeer cookies rudolf

These reindeer look like they’re practically ready to take flight any minute, don’t they?

Reindeer cookies8

I have a tendency to tweak and tweak and tweak my projects.

After I snapped this picture I noticed the deer were missing a little something.

Reindeer cookie9

Yes, that’s it.  A little fluffy, white tail finishes off this reindeer perfectly.

This is more like what I’m used to seeing when the deer dash out of my backyard after feasting on my roses and other plantings.

Reindeer cookie tail

Gingerbread graphic5

 Wow!  That’s a wrap.  That was a fast 22-DAYS, wasn’t it?

Thanks for following along throughout the last few weeks for my COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SERIES  

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I’ll see you back here next Monday (12/22).


  • Pat

    Just saw your lovely reindeer on Nourish and Nestle. They are adorable!

  • Lynn Spencer

    Hi Lisa, I just stumbled across your blog today…followed your 3-D Reindeer cookie link from FeedFeed …and am so glad I did! You have a beautiful blog and fantastic ideas. I’m featuring your cookies on my ‘Monday Musings’ post today, with a link back to your post. Thanks for sharing your incredible creativity!

    hugs, LYnn

    • Lynn Spencer

      So sorry, meant to say I’ll be featuring next Monday! I got ahead of myself. And how is it that 9 hours later it just popped in my head that I wrote the wrong thing!? Crazy.

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      So glad you stumbled across me, Lynn. Thanks for taking a look around and sharing my 3-D reindeer cookies.
      I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
      Happy baking.

  • Judith Norman

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Lisa!

  • Elaine

    Wonderful projects, Lisa. Your cookies are amazing!
    Your creativity and skill is such a lovely gift that you share with us, thank you! Merry Christmas and joyous New Year to you and your family.

  • Deborah

    Hi Lisa, I have thoroughly enjoyed your count down to Christmas posts! I have looked forward to them everyday! I will miss them. Thank you for your time in posting these fun Christmas ideas with us! Your tutorials are excellent! Love your blog! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
    Smiles, Deborah :o)

  • Andrea

    I have really enjoyed your countdown to Christmas. You are very creative and wonderful photos. Thanks!

  • Cathy Johnson

    I have enjoyed this series a lot!! Thanks so much for posting so many wonderful projects, I love them all!!

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