Holiday Gift Tags

There is a universal appeal in vintage-looking handicraft these days and that affinity is at the heart of this holiday project.

In Day 10 of my 22-day COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SERIES, I’ll show you how to transform plain gift tags into old-fashioned, holiday gift tags that look like they’ve been around for ages.

holiday gift tags

These handcrafted gift tags may look as though they’re decades old but that’s precisely the point.

Throughout this post, I’ll show you how to create these vintage-looking tags that will add a touch of rustic beauty to any gift box this holiday season.


  Gift tag supplies

This is another easy project that requires very few materials.

You’ll need a favorite rubber stamp, some blank tags, jute or butcher’s twine, walnut ink and rubber stamp ink.

Stamp the card.

I like to place the image slightly off-center as opposed to dead center of the tag.

Gift tag supplies2

Spray a small amount of walnut ink onto a napkin or paper towel.

Gently rub the ink across the top of the tag making sure you don’t over-cover the image you just stamped.

gift tag ink

Brush the sides of the tag with the rubber stamp ink pad to create distressed looking edge.

Gift tag ink2

An assembly line process will help speed up the process if you’re making multiple tags.

Gift tag stamped

Allow the tags to sit out for a few minutes until they are completely dry.

Then, apply the same walnut ink technique to the back of the card.

Gift tag backside

Loop a piece of jute or other string through the tag hole.

Gift tag santa

You can also use the peppermint-striped butcher’s twine which is a little more jolly than the jute.

The type of string you use just depends on what kind of presentation you’re after.

Gift tag string

Here’s how the butcher’s twine looks along with some dotted ribbon..

Remember this Dried Cranberry and Pistachio Holiday Biscotti from yesterday’s post?

Biscotti packaging

You know, as nice as these handcrafted tags will look on your gift offerings this year, I think these would also make a lovely gift in themselves.

Yes, gift tags can actually be the gift.

Gift tag box6

Consider whipping up a dozen of these vintage-looking tags as a gift.

Wrap them in some kraft paper, tie some peppermint-colored twine around the stack.

Vintage tag gift

Add a sprig of pine and holly berries to the package for some color.

Top everything off with one of the handcrafted gift tags and you’ll have a very original and most unexpected gift.

Vintage tag gift2

Rubber stamping and card making used to a big hobby of mine years ago and during that time, I collected so many rubber stamps that I have quite a collection.

Over the years, I just stopped using them as regularly and it’s really nice to dig them out and put them to good, new uses.

Gift tag box5

These handcrafted, vintage-inspired tags are a lovely addition to any gift this holiday season but keep this tag-making technique in mind at other times too.

This is the kind of quick and easy project that can enhance your offerings any time of year.

Gift tag graphic

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  • Genevieve Denis

    Once again, you’ve outdone yourself ! It’s gorgeous.
    Never heard about Walnut Ink. Phoned my local scrapbooking store, they don’t know what it is ! !!! I’ll try Michaels here in Ottawa. They have the Distress ink pad, never tried it, don’t know if it would do the same.
    Thank you.

  • Debbie Bolduc

    Sorry, had a typo on email address. S/B [email protected]

  • Debbie Bolduc

    Love this idea! I will definitely be making these! Thank you for posting!! May I feature it on my blog with a link to your post? You can email permission to [email protected].

  • Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I love the little ticking sacks — what a wonderful idea. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open throughout the year!! Do you have a favorite spot you shop for fabric. I am a confirmed Fabricholic. I love fabric and buy it just because I think some day I’ll use it for something.

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