Melted Snowman Cookies
Day 15

Who knew that melted snowmen could also melt your heart.  That’s how I feel about these adorable cookies who have clearly succumb to warmer temperatures.

Welcome to Day 15 of my 22-Day COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SERIES  where the misfortune of these melted snowman cookies are actually our good luck and good taste.

This melted snowman cookie is fun to make and it’s so easy too.

Once the icing and snowman head are in place, this is definitely the kind of cookie that young children would enjoy helping to decorate.

Melted snowman cookies7

Start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Cut circles from the dough and bake until lightly golden.

Melted snowman cookies13

The key ingredient used in this recipe is the marshmallow.  Yes, the bulk of the melted snowman body is just a slightly-melted marshmallow.

Marshmallows are light, fluffy and they actually do look a bit like a snowman head, don’t they?

Melted snowman cookies11

Spray a small amount of cooking spray onto a piece of parchment paper and place a few marshmallows on top.

Microwave the marshmallow for about 10-12 seconds.  If you watch the marshmallow through the microwave door, you’ll see the marshmallow blow up and almost double in size.

When you see that, pull them out of the microwave right away or they may explode.

They’ll drop back down in size and end up looking melted.  That’s what you want.  Set the marshmallows aside to cool down.

Melted snowman cookies12

Meanwhile, squeeze Royal icing onto the baked cookies in a way that makes the icing look like it’s melted.

It looks even more realistic if you allow the icing to run over the edge of the cookie.

Melted snowman cookies10

Return to the melted marshmallows you set aside and use a butter knife to carefully peel the melted marshmallow off the parchment paper.

Place the marshmallow on top of the Royal icing before the icing has had time to harden.

NOTE: This can be a little messy because the marshmallow will still be quite sticky.  You may have to practice a bit to get the full marshmallow onto the cookie.

Melted snowman cookies4

There are so many wonderful products that can be used to adorn these cookies.

For the carrot nose, I was able to separate orange sprinkles from the rest of the pack.

Black sugar pearls serve as eyes or mouth (or both) and multi-colored sugar sequins make perfect buttons.

Melted snowman sprinkles

Color small amounts of Royal icing in various shades including red for the scarf.

Use black icing for the eyes and/or mouth and brown icing for the twig arms and fingers.

Melted snowman icing

Since you only need a small amount of decorative colored icing, use sandwich-size Ziploc bags instead of large decorator bags.

The smaller bags are also much easier to work with because the entire bag practically fits into the palm of your hand.

This gives you more control over the movement of the metal tip while decorating.

TIP: Use a fine decorating tip for the facial and body features because the icing will spread a bit after application.

Melted snowman cookies5

I first spotted melted snowmen on the popular photo-idea sharing site, Pinterest a few years ago and I remember thinking about how cute they were and vowing to make them one day.

I’m so glad I finally got around to making a few myself.

melted snowman cookie

When I showed the picture below to my sometimes-morbid daughter, she laughingly observed that “the stuffed snowman is laughing at the demise of his brethren”.

OOOOh-kaaay.  Not quite the picture I was trying to paint here but let’s look take a different view of this scene, shall we?

Melted snowman cookie set2

These little guys are just so darn cute.

I almost don’t want to eat them.  I said almost.

  Melted snowman group

If gifting your melted snowman cookies, you gotta have a some cute packaging, right?

Here are a few simple supplies I used to create something simple.

melted snowman packaging3

These tiny, heart-clad tags will be a great looking addition to the finished cookie.

If you don’t already have a tag punch in your crafting stash, it’s worth adding one because you will use it over and over again.

Melted snowman tags

You can find cookie, goodie bags at most crafts stores in the baking aisle.

Carefully slide the snowman into the bag, use a twist tie to close it and then conceal the twist tie with a festive ribbon.

Top it off with your handcrafted heart tag.

Melted snowman packaging3

Whether gifting to friends and loved ones or serving them up as dessert from home, these Melted Snowmen are sure to melt hearts everywhere…  bite after every delicious bite.

Melted snowman cookie16

   Melted snowman graphic

     Thanks for popping by.

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