The Year in Review

First of all, thanks to everyone who nominated my blog in the recent Bloggie Award competition.  While I won’t know for a few more weeks if celebrate CREATIVITY even made it to the finals, I want to say how much I appreciate your support of this blog and my various creative projects.

Speaking of projects, in case you missed any of mine from last year, here’s a quick recap with this 2010 year in review. ♥ 

Year in Review 2009 Check out all the projects from 2009 with my first annual roundup of colorful projects and tutorials.

Tweet Tweet  You can almost hear these pretty birds chirping, tweet-tweet.  Take a plain set of tea towels and embellish them with embroidered feathered friends for a wonderful gift.  Finish off the set with easy-to-make tags and raffia for a sweet presentation.

Heart-Shaped Goodness Need some treats for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day?  These heart-shaped treats are not only fun to make and just as fun to eat. You won’t be able to resist making these recipes for your loved ones.

Blog YIR 2010 mosaic1

Cool Tools  You’re going to need a bigger tool box after you read this post on a few of my favorite, must-have crafts tools.

Fun Photo BlocksTurn your favorite photos into your own personal Rubik cube.  This is a fun way to preserve a handful of photos.

The Canine Cookie Catering CaperA lesson in volunteerism turns into a delicious doggie treat.  Smart packaging is perfectly fit for man’s best friend.  Woof-woof.

Blog YIR 2010 mosaic22

In Full Bloom  Fresh buds have never looked so good as they do in this 3-dimensional embroidery project.  These are fun to make and you’ll also see how to add seamless-looking piping to your finished pillows.

Music to My Ears  Volunteer to make the programs at your child’s next music recital.  A few simple scrapbooking supplies and your home computer can be used to create whimsical programs that students and parents alike will love.

Hang ’em High  Do you have tons of aprons but no where to hang them?  Make an apron board out of metal hooks and every apron will be at your fingertips.

Blog yir 2010 mosaic bloom
Teacher Appreciation  What would we do without our teachers?  Show your appreciation with these cute handmade pillows that your child’s teacher will love.  Personalize them with a class photo and the instructor will always remember this special class of students.

Soap Star  Pretty soap make a beautiful gift.  I’ll walk you through an easy soap making project and the packaging tips will really add a special WOW factor.

Choo-choo Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Whistlestop Festival  These bake sale goodies will fly off the table with this eye-pleasing packaging.  I’ll take you how to bag up these sweet cookies for your next fundraiser.

Blog YIR 2010 mosaic4

Patriotic Pool Pack  Need a unique summer gift idea.  How about a personalized tote filled with pool goodies?  Swimmers and sunbathers alike will love this super bag.

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (or the Chrysanthemums)  You’ve probably seen those cute flower pens at your local retail registers.  Now, make them yourself in a few easy steps.  Another great gift idea.

Mosaic Tile Scrapbooking  In a scrapbooking rut?  Think outside the box and make your next scrapbook page a tile mosaic instead of a paper one.

Blog YIR 2010 mosaic5

A Gift for Baby  I’m really into great packaging ideas and this is another good one.  I’ll show you how to make a nice drawstring tote that you can fill with themed goodies.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  You ate them as a kid and now you can make them at home.  Animal crackers are fun to make and even more fun to bag up.  This is a great idea for party favors.

Roaring Ruffles  Don’t toss that old cardigan.  Transform it instead with the addition of bell-shaped ruffles.  You’ll love this makeover.

Blog YIR 2010 mosaic6

Creative Connection Event  Imagine a room filled with people who are all about CREATIVITY.  If you’re thinking about attending the 2011 Creative Connection event in MN, this recap of the 2010 event will give you a sense of all the fun.

Strawberries, Cream and a New Gadget  I’m a gadget girl, and I’ll be you are too.  I filed this post under Fun Finds because this kitchen tool is too cool for school.

Dressform Makeover Magic  No need to pile your pretty necklaces on top of one another anymore.  Turn a wire dressform into a much more functional one with this easy makeover.

Blog YIR 2010 7

Stash Storage  Crafters love supplies and storing them can be challenging.  Take a closer look at some of my favorite storage solutions.

Marvelous Marbling  You’ve seen those pretty marbled scarves at high end retailers and now you can make your own.  Check out this easy tutorial for transforming plain silk scarves into colorful pieces of art.

Vintage Candles  Personalized candles for a unique and beautiful gift.  Your photos or favorite images can easily be embedded into ordinary candles with this simple, step-by-step tutorial.

Holiday Trees, Wreath Ornaments and Feathered Friends  Birds of a feather flock together.  They certainly do when it comes to my Christmas tree.  Take a closer look at my back-to-nature themed tree along with an easy tutorial on creating a mini-wreath, bird ornament for your own holiday decor.

Blog YIR 2010 mosaic8

So that’s a recap of my projects from last year.

Throughout the new year, I’ll share more colorful and easy-to-follow projects and tutorials that I hope will really get your creative juices flowing.

You’ll also see a few changes here and there as I continue to tweak this blog in small ways to keep it fresh, fun and visually appealing.

I’m looking forward to 2011 and another year filled with creativity and I hope you are as well. 

  • Berta

    Can’t wait to see what you will come up with this year! Your posts are so well presented, you want to run out and buy the supplies right away and get started!

  • iHanna

    Congratulations on having a higly creative year with A LOT of yummy posts and fun events. My favorite are the your storage solutions and beautiful craft room – such magic! You are lucky to have such spacious place! 🙂

  • adrienne

    Happy New Year!!!!

  • deepthi

    hello lisa…. i came across your blog just 3 days ago and i have been constantly loging to ur blog to see all ur older posts!!! ur blog is gr8!!

  • Elaine Tutman

    Thanks for the many great projects and ideas in 2010, Lisa. I look forward to your 2011 posts to whet my creative appetite. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year. Nana Banana

  • Allie

    What a fun look back Lisa, I always enjoy your creations so much – looking forward to what you create this coming year!

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