Strawberries, Cream and a New Gadget
(and a gadgety giveaway)

I'm sure I've mentioned on this blog before how much of a gadget gal I am. 

I love gadets and tools and anything that makes life, projects and activities that much easier to navigate.

My latest gadget obsession (make that gadet aquisition) is tied to this bowl of juicy strawberries.

Blog strawberries

OK, I've got to throw in one more shot of these strawberries just because I like the way they look.

You can almost taste them through the screen, can't you?

Blog straweberries bowl


OK, now let's talk about my new gadget.  Perhaps many of you are already familiar with this little kitchen tool.  I personally had never seen one of these before. 

It's a strawberry pitter or at least that's what I call it because it works just like a cherry pitter which I am familiar with. 

Actually Williams-Sonoma calls it a Chef n' Huller.


Blog straweberrie tool2 Blog strawberries tool

It has a sharp, closed, metal claw that opens up when you push the lever underneath.

This is super easy to use and even safe for older kiddos to handle.  I think it puts a little fun into strawberry preps.  

Blog straweberries table

Open up the metal claw and stick the prongs into the strawberry.  Twist and pull and the stem and leaves are cleanly separated from the fruit. 

It takes a little practice to get the twist just right but once you've done three strawberries you'll have the hang of it.

Blog straweberries tool3

This is so much more economical than the way I used to remove the stems.  I used to just slice the stem and leaves off and in the process lost much of the strawberry along with it.

As you can see in the photo below, you get to keep a lot more of the strawberry this way. 

Blog straweberries holes

The other benefit is that the little cavity that is created when the stem and leaves are removed can be filled with other tasty things-like whipped cream.


Blog straweberries cream

I think this is cute.  You can't leave these cream-filled strawberries out too long or the cream will go all soupy on you.

I suggest you fill the strawberries, freeze them and pull them out just before serving.

 Blog strawberries cream2

This is such a simple gadget.  Since it's new to me, I still find it pretty novel.

Since I'm pretty smitten with this gadget and because I really appreciate your support of my blog, I thought it would be fun to giveaway a couple of these fun gadgets.

Leave a comment identifying one of your favorite gadgets and how you use it.  It can be a food or kitchen or craft tool or whatever gadget you'd like to share.  My guess is that everyone reading this is probably a "gadget person" too.

Tweet about this contest and leave a separate post to increase your chances. 

Be sure to list your favorite gadget between now and Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at midnight EST.

Blog strawberries poloroid 

Meanwhile, you may recall I mentioned in my Creative Connection post last week that you'll start to see a few changes around here as I continue to evolve as a blogger and tweak my site in new ways. 

Among several new columns planned, I'll be sharing a post like this one from time to time, that I will put in the category of Fun Finds.  

  Blog strawberries shortcake

As always, thanks for your support and interest in my creative efforts. 

Now, time to eat some strawberries and cream dessert. ♥ 



  • Nicole Carter

    I would have to say that my most favorite kitchen tool is a well sharpened pairing knife. Very versatile and easy to use. That is a must for my kitchen.

  • Kim Budash

    I also love, love, love gadgets, but mine are in the form of “craft” gadgets. One gadget that I simply cannot live without is my “sticker picker upper”, can’t remember the correct name, but it is for card making, scrapbooking, etc. Its a little tool that resembles a pencil and on one end it has a flat space for pulling up little letters and the other end is a burnisher for rubbing, etc. Its from Creative Memories and I can’t live without it, I’ve bought over a dozen and given them away to my “scrapbooking” friends!!

  • Jackie

    This is one nifty gadget! just when you think everything has been invented, someone comes up with this!!! as a person who loves to sew my favorite gadget is my sewing machine. in the kitchen i would probably say my cooker.

  • karen May

    love that strawberry huller…. my favorite gadget has to be the apple slicer or the electric can opener….

  • Jacqueline

    Dearest Lisa, it’s nice to get to know you from BYW forum. 🙂 You have such a beautiful space here and i really enjoyed my stay. I am a huge fan of all types of berries and this Gadget is awesome! So happy to have drop by to visit. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  • Jennie

    My favorite gadget is probably my garlic genius because I love fresh garlic and use tons of it! I do love strawberries…so I’d love a strawberry gadget too!

  • stephanie l.

    Hey! My mom and I both follow your blog.
    I’d have to say my favorite gadget is this rubber garlic peeler. Its a hollow rubber tube that you just put a clove of garlic in, roll it on the counter, and out pops the garlic peeled and ready to go! Its fantastic!

  • Susi

    I love your strawberry gadget! I have the old plastic Tupperware gadget for strawberries and it only pulls the leaves off-lol! My favorite gadget right now is an avocado slicer I bought from Williams and Sonoma about eight years ago and just started using this Summer. I don’t know what I was saving it for.

  • Julie Size

    Pick MEEEEEEE! My favorite gadget is a cookie dough scoop that looks like an ice cream scooper.

  • Tara

    My fav gadget is the apple peeler, it peels, slices and decores the apples all at once, no I can make pies in minutes!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Helen Tilbury

    That is one super cool gadget! My favourite gadget is my avocado slicer. Peels & slices into neat, even slices with just one pull. Inspired…

  • Lisa

    I’ve been wanting to try one of those, but couldn’t justify it; I try not to have one job gadgets, since my storage space is limited.
    Anyway, I’m sure you know of the Microplane graters. But I use mine for a unique purpose… when I need softened butter to spread on something, I just grate the cold butter onto the item. Melts instantly. LOVE it.

  • Kara

    Too funny that I just sat down in front of the computer with a bowl of strawberries as my mid-afternoon snack and then saw this post!
    I love gadgets! My favourite is my magic bullet.

  • Jennifer

    Now that gadget is genius… love it! My favorite gadget would have to be this ‘easy opener’ that I have. It breaks the seal on vacuum-sealed lids so you can simply take off the lid! Fun giveaway!

  • Kim

    I love strawberries and that huller would be a great gadget to have.
    This isn’t my favorite gadget, but it is a lifesaver for me. I have a potato peeler that has a big handle. It’s easier for me to grip, because of the arthritis in my hands. Especially when I am cooking for a larger group.

  • Billo


  • [email protected]

    I love my cheese grater from pampered chef. I use it even to grind nuts into itty bitty pieces for ice cream toppers, or apple pizza topper.
    The strawberry huller thingy looks like so much fun! We love strawberries here!

  • Victoria

    What a fun gadget— love it!

  • Brenda

    Favorite gadget? I think it has to be my peeler/corer/slicer. It does all three with nearly no effort.

  • SmilynStef

    I’m a gadget gal too … my current favorite is my apple corer/slicer. I have one at home & another in my desk drawer at the office … for some reason an apple always tastes better to me when it’s in slices (and thus I’m more likely to choose an apple for my snack rather than something not so healthy).

  • Sew Create It - Jane

    Looks lethal! :o) My favourite gadget is my food processor. It kneads bread and makes making pastry a breeze…a close second is my hand blender…I use that for everything!

  • Nanette Butler

    I love strawberries. I’d love to win. I really enjoy your blog. It’s always good and wholesome. I enjoy the different subjects you speak about. Love the photos too. I look forward to it each month. thanks nanette

  • Thimbleanna

    Wow — strawberry hullers have sure come a long way. I have an old one that looks more like a little mini pair of tongs. This new kind looks very cool. Ruth took my gadget of choice — I love my ice cream scoops — I use them for cookies and cupcakes!

  • Berta

    Great little stawberry huller. I love gadgets too! I have a tomato corer that looks like a mini melon baller with teeth. I use it on tomatoes and it hulls strawberries pretty well too! I agree with Laura, the citrus peeler works like a charm! My fave is my thirty year old pear corer. Handiest thing for getting out the cores of pears and apples.

  • koralee

    What a cute little thingiebob…I love it…oh how I would love to have those strawberries…hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxo

  • Laura

    This is brilliant! Strawberries are my fav fruit, and this lil’ gadget looks like it cuts prep time in half. 🙂
    As for gadgets… it’s hard to pick a fav. For food – love my lil’ plastic citrus peeler. I was skeptical when I first bought one – but they really work! In the craft room – I can’t live without my EK Success blue adhesive remover…always takes excess adhesive off in a flash without damaging your project.

  • Stephanie

    My favorite gadget isn’t really a gadget – it doesn’t look like much – but it’s a melon baller. I use it for cookies, meatballs, and coring apples, in addition to melons of course!

  • Lee Ann L.

    My favorite gadget would have to be the threader. That thing saved me many had headache because I have trouble threading a needle without help these days.

  • Allie

    This looks fun – but I think you should fill that little hole with chocolate first, lol! Or dip the bottom of the strawberry in chocolate.
    I’m not overly fond of strawberries – I prefer raspberries – nor am I fond of gadgets, especially for food. So don’t enter me, ok? I love to eat but only when someone else prepares it, lol!

  • Kim

    LOVE this gadget… One of my faves is a little wooden smoosher to shape dough into mini muffin tins for pecan tassies or other tiny tarts… I would LOVE to win the Strawberry Gadget……

  • LindaSonia

    The Stem Gem looks like an awesome gadget – love it!! One favorite gadget is my microplane. LindaSonia ([email protected])

  • Angela

    Those look delicious! What a great gadget!

  • Jen R

    Awesome strawberries…I’m so hungry now! I love electronics (especially video game related-do they count as “gadgets?”), but my favorite in the kitchen is my Kitchenaid stand mixer. That thing is super!

  • Iris

    To pick just one is hard! Let’s see…it has to be the simple scissors just cause i love the simple way of cutting anything into any shape!

  • Bethany

    Maybe you can taste them through the screen but I can smell them–yum! Haha…
    I have to say one of my favorite gadgets is my simple little tailor’s awl for sewing–it is indispensable for helping get things under the presser foot that are being obstinate, as well as keeping my fingers from getting to close to the steam when I’m ironing.

  • Ruth C

    That looks like a great gadget, all right! It do love gadgets, so it’s hard to pick just one. I like scoops for cookie dough, and the serrated peeler for mangos and thin-skinned fruit… My favorite gadget I don’t have yet is the tiny automatic garlic mincer.