String Dispenser

It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us, isn’t it?  With that in mind it’s not too early to start thinking about ideas for handmade holiday gift giving.

That brings me to this gift idea tutorial that is as perfectly easy to put together as it is perfectly fun and functional.

DIY string dispenser supplies

You’ll only need a few supplies to make this string dispenser including a ball of jute or string.

Grab a few small mason jars, as well as the same number of galvanized metal lids.

You can drill your own small holes in the lids using a 5/8″ drill bit, or you can buy lids that already have  pre-drilled holes.

You should be able to find the lids here, if they’re in stock.

Making a string dispenser

Drop the string in the jar, screw on the lid and  VOILA… you just made an easy DIY string dispenser.

Regular readers of this blog know I love handcrafted packaging and a great presentation too.

If you plan to gift these, I think you should dress the jars up just a bit.

homemade tags for string dispenser

I used my alphabet rubber stamp set, a heart-shaped punch and a few die cut tags and put these cute tags together with a play on the expression, “I have a thing for you“.

NOTE: The white area under the hearts are pieces of the foam lift I used to give the hearts height and dimension.  If you use foam lifts be sure to trim them better than I did here so they aren’t visible on your finished tag.  I’ll trim these before I gift them.

Add the tags and top the jar off with a raffia bow.

OK, how cute is this?

If you make these for gifts, you’ll definitely want to make an extra one (or two) to keep around your own home.

You could keep one in your kitchen and a second one in a work space, tool shed or even a potting area.

DIY Mason jar string dispenser

By the way, in addition to the silver lids, these pre-drilled lids also come in rusty tin.

While you use the same string and jar, changing the lid will give you a totally different look.

rusty tin Mason jar lid

I think the rusty lids give the jars a more primitive presentation and suggest they may have been found in a little vintage shoppe, antique store or an old garage.

You can’t go wrong with either lid color so it’s really a matter of personal preference.

string dispensers with rusty lid

I think if you have string right in front of you and easily accessible, you’ll discover how often you actually use it.

If you love string as much as I do, be sure to check my previous post entitled, “A Thing for String”.

Your gift recipients will love these (and you will too).

So, have you already started making your holiday handcrafted gifts?

Are you now inspired to add a few string dispensers to your “to-do” list? 

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  • Evie tracy

    Love this string-dispenser ! I’m excited to give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • [email protected]

    So cute and inventive Lisa! I really like the rust colored lids too :).
    I happened to be going through some old comments on my blog and came across one of your’s from when we were taking BYW. Can you believe it’s been almost a year and a half?! I see you’re doing well and keeping up with your lovely blog. Have you taken any more of Holly’s classes since then?

  • Judith

    Awesome idea,Lisa!

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    As always, this is so clever! I want to make them for my home for sure!

  • Thimbleanna

    Those are ADORABLE Lisa! Thanks for the great links for the lids too!

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