Mosiac Tile Scrapbooking

Got scrappers block?  Maybe this next project will help bust you out of that rut with a fun twist on traditional scrapbooking.


I call it mosaic tile scrapbooking and it's a simple alternative to typical paper-based memory keeping.


Blog mosaic board open


As you can see the surface of this project has a high gloss finish.  That's because it's hard lacquer.  It feels more like a smooth tile.


I actually made this project a while back and recently came across it while unpacking a box of books.  Since I didn't photograph the original construction process when I made this, I'll do my best to recreate the steps for you. 

This is twist on scrapping won't take you long either.  After you've created your scrapbook page, it should only take a few hours to make (not including drying time).

Blog mosaic scrap tight

Of course you'll need a group of special photos for this project.

Out of the loads of photographs I've snapped of Cameron over the years, these images from a field of dandelions in Illinois remain among my favorite shots. Perfect for this project.

I also used some of these same photos for a paper layout and it ended up being an award winning scrapbook page which you can see if you click here.

Blog mosaic board mosaic2

Once you've settled on your photographs, you'll only need a few supplies for this project.

This specialty wooden board serves as the base for this project and also determines the size of the scrapbook layout you'll create.  I used a board that was divided into quarters (hence the mosaic portion of the project).

You can find these boards in various sizes and divisions at many crafts stores or you can click here to find a store that carries them. 

First, apply several layers of craft paint to the wooden board. It's a good a good idea to pull a paint color that can be found in your scrapbook page.

Blog mosaic board wood

Make note of the size and width of the wood board because the same dimensions will be used when creating your scrapbook page.

The image that is ultimately applied to the wooden board must be completely flat so that the glaze solution adheres evenly.  Because of this, it's a good idea to make a copy of the scrapbook page as opposed to using the actual layout. 

TIP: Your local copy retailer may be able to do a better job copying any over-sized or irregular shaped scrapbook layouts. 

Blog mosaic scrap board3

Since I'm working with a quartered-board, I cut my layout copy into 4 equal parts.  Trim any excess so that the cut quarters are the same size as the four areas of the wooden board.

Blog mosaic board quarters

LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE TIP: The first time I attempted this project, I didn't apply any kind of coating to the copied layout pieces.  As a result, the glaze solution seeped through the copy paper and left ugly blotches all over the paper.  I had to start all over.  This is another good reason why you should use a COPY of the layout and not the original.

To avoid this problem, before you adhere any image to the wooden board, apply a few coats of clear Mod Podge or decoupage solution to the front of each section of the copied layout pieces.  This will act as a barrier to the main glazing solution and prevent possible discoloration.

After the Mod Podge on your copies is completely dry, apply a small amount of the same solution to the back of each piece of copied layout piece and then carefully adhere them to the wooden board.

Blog mosaic board quarters2

Next step is to apply the glaze solution.  I used a product called EnviroText Lite which is available at most crafts stores.  Once it's mixed it pours very thick and takes about 24-hours to dry after application to the project.

The correct application of this solution is a critical step and the directions included in the package must be followed to the letter or you'll end up with a clumpy looking, air bubbled finished product.



Applying the glaze can be very messy and you don't want it to drip and then dry on the floor or tabletop.  I suggest you spread out lots of newspapers to protect your surface. 

To keep the project from sticking to the surface, prop it up on paper cups before carefully pouring the solution evenly over the entire project.

IMPORTANT: Set this up in an area where the project can remain totally undisturbed for 24-hours.  Once you pour the glaze you will not be able to move the project until it's dry.

Blog tile scrapbooking cups 

Once the board is completely dry, you can attach picture hanging hardware to the back for wall display, or keep it upright like a picture frame.

While this technique is a cool departure from scrapbooking, you can also use this idea to create keepsake gifts with just a series of individual photographs. 


Blog tile scrapbook wide2

Tile a wooden serving tray covered with special photos of family and you'll have a beautiful, meaningful gift for grandparents. 

Or use wooden coasters, tiled with pictures of a new bride and groom to give the gift of personalized wedding coasters.  Include a set of the couple's registered wine glasses for a more complete gift.  How nifty and original would that be? 

I think you can see the possibilities are endless for not only mosaic tile scrapbooking, but so much more. ā™„

  • Melony Bradley

    I would love to try this- you make it look very possible- thanks for the tried and learned the hard way tips

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    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I plan on trying this out.

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    Congratulations on being featured on Where Women Create. I love your blog and was so excited when they contacted me to tell me I won your gorgeous soap making kit!


    I really enjoyed this post, thank you so much for sharing the idea as well as the process. The product isn’t available in my State, but I will check and see if they have mail order or will watch for it when I travel. I really enjoyed this post, thanks again!

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    I would have never thought to do this! What a neat idea! Tomorrow is my crafty run so I’ll be sure to pick up the glaze then!

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    Fabulous project! And congrats on being recognized by Where Women Create! You go girl!

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    What a cool idea, get those scrap pages out in the open for all to see! Or a great gift idea for the “non-scrapper” who would not want a “book”.

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    This is a wonderful and beautiful gift giving idea. You come up with the best goodies I’ve ever seen. I may just use this idea as a gift for my neice and nephew. Thanks for sharing

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    Your photography captures the moments…one can almost hear Cameron’s laughter among the dandelions! I would never have thought to do this mosaic arrangement, so thank you for another great, great, great idea. I don’t think your brain cells every sleep. Goody for us!

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