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The stage is set.  The lights are dimmed, the instruments are finely tuned, the folding chairs are neatly arranged and the eager performers are standing by. 

It's time for a Spring music recital.

If you scroll down to the end of this post you can see and hear Cameron and Jordy's recent musical performances which also represent my first-ever video uploads to this blog.

Blog music to my ears wide


Recitals and other extra-curricular activities present another easy opportunity to interject a little crafting creativity into the picture and at the same time contribute toward the success of the event.

With that in mind, I created these cute music programs for this year's Spring show.  

Blog music to my ears studio3

I think you'll enjoy Cameron and Jordy's performances but before we get to SHOW TIME, allow me to walk you through how to make these keepsake recital programs. 

Here's a quick list of the supplies you'll need for this project which includes (1) craft chalk, (2) googly eyes, (3) assorted cardstock, (4) adhesive foam dots, (5) mini, (6) glue.

Blog music to my ears supply4


The standout element in the programs is of course the cute die cut on the front.  This is another fun way to get more use out of a die-cutter, a tool that gets used over and over in my household.

Die cuts are created by passing a metal plate with an embossed image through a vice-liketool which cuts the image into a piece of cardstock.

You can see the outline of the bird and tree images on the metal plate in the photo below. 

Blog music to my ears plate


I think it's much more efficient to cut out the needed colors of cardstock and place them over each image on the metal plate and run them through the press all at the same time. 

By doing this, multiple elements are created at once and the number of passes needed is significantly decreased.   

Blog music to my ears press 
After cranking the image and cardstock through the die-cutter you can see how the images are cut into the paper.

This is a really useful tool and there are endless images available to create die-cuts for any project or theme.

Blog music to my ears cut7 


Once all the elements have been cut out, put all the like pieces together.

This particular die cut has a pretty high number of elements so you'll want to stack everything in its own pile for easy access and assembly.

Blog music to my ears die cut pieces

 You can also add a bit of dimension to select pieces by lightly shading areas of the die cuts with craft chalk. 

Assorted chalk is a good supply to keep on hand.  

 Blog music to my ears chalk

If you have extra little hands available in-house, put them to good use on the die-cut assembly line. 

Cameron is always an eager volunteer.

Blog music to my ears assembly3

The sweet bluebird also gets a googly eye for a fun look.

In this case the eye may be a bit too large in scale, but I think that ends up making this feathered, paper friend that much more adorable.

Blog music to my ears birds

The text portion of the program is created using a program called Microsoft Office Publisher which allows me to drop my info into quadrants that, when printed and folded,  complete the front, inside and back of the recital program. 

Important note: Before final printing of the programs make sure officials with the music school thoroughly proof all selections and check for the accurate spelling of each performer's name. 

Blog music to my ears computer

I always print the programs out on very heavy cardstock which in this case is 110-weight paper.  You can find heavy weight cardstock at any office supply store.

Once the programs are printed front and back, simply fold them and give them a good crease using a bone burnisher to prevent finger-oil smudging.

  Blog music to my ears program2 

Use small adhesive dots to attach the blue bird to the tree to give the bird the appearance of floating above the branches.  

The dots are made of small pieces of foam which have a sticky top and bottom.  They give die cuts added dimension by lifting them off the page.

Blog music to my ears trees

A few hand-punched red flowers add the perfect splash of color before attaching the die cut to the program using another foam dot.

I think these look great and they're now ready to be delivered to the music hall.

I've been creating the musical programs for Cameron and Jordy's music recitals for several years now and the printed programs always go over well with parents and the young performers alike.

Blog music to my ears program 
Now, as promised-time for the show.

Jordy has taken piano lessons in the past but this is his first full-year of guitar.  I think he's on to something.

Sit back and enjoy his version of Blue Scalin' and California Surfin'.  Jordy is accompanied here by his awesome instructor, Jimmy Broache.

Meanwhile, Cameron picked Fur Elise by Beethoven for her piano performance and I think you'll agree she nailed her selection.

Wait until the end for her cute thumbs up.

Boris and I are super proud of Cameron and Jordy for all their hard work, concentration and of course their many hours of practice on their respective instruments.

Like most kids they sometimes try to get out of daily practices, but they're learning that in the end diligent practice does indeed pay off.

Blog music to my ears duo

Without a doubt, when these two take to the keyboard and the strings it's definitely music to my ears.

  • Jenny

    My kids would love this as well. 🙂

  • [email protected]

    WOW they both did a great job! I’m sure you are one proud momma! I love the programs. How cute! Makes me want to get my cricut out!

  • Vicki B

    Thanks for sharing! Bravo to both Jordy and Cameron! Bravo to both you and Boris as well! Very nice to see two young adults continue with a commitment and enjoy it so much! Love the thumbs up – Cameron!

  • Sheri D. Maple

    I love the music programs and the kids did a wonderful job of playing their musical selections. It is great to see kids participating in artistic activities.

  • elenka

    I enjoyed that so much, thanks for sharing.
    What a fantastic job they both did, I’m jealous. I can barely play a kazoo.

  • Staci

    Wow! The kids did a fantastic job! Love the programs! 🙂

  • Debra

    How the school must LOVE you! You always have such wonderful ideas to show your love for your children.

  • Cheri

    Awww, that’s so cute! What a wonderful way to contribute to their recital.

  • Lisa D.

    I love this post and the programs as well…such a beautiful job!!! Not to mention the videos are simply awesome…I enjoyed the musical selections…Alicia Keys & Sting better watch out… Thank you for sharing…a thumbs up indeed!

  • Vicki

    Your post is a breath of fresh air. From Jordy’s stomp to Cameron’s thumbs up–your never ending attention to detail was a joy to read. Thanks for sharing…what good parents you two are!

  • Shell

    Cameron and Jody both did so good. I know you must be proud

  • Judith Norman

    Wow…wow…wow! Awesome post. First, a great project. Then video of the beautiful and talented Jordy and Cameron. Keep it up and you’ll spoil us. (smile)

  • Elena

    The programs are amazing Lisa and the kids were fantastic. I love Cameron’s dress.

  • Ruth

    Awesome!!! and love the programs.

  • nance

    encore! encore!
    both are indeed music to my ears too! can’t wait to hear more of them…very talented kids from a very talented parents! 😉
    …love those recital programs too!

  • Sarah Sarniak

    The little trees with the birds in them are so cute! 🙂

  • Laurel Harper

    Wow; beautiful programs, and your children did an amazing job! Ours, too, have played Fur Elise (more times than I can count!), although we never seem to have videotaped that one (there are several more here:
    Regards 🙂

  • Thimbleanna

    BRAVO!!!! {Wild Applause!!!} They both did such a great job. What a FUN post Lisa! Cameron and Jordy are adorable — loved both the foot stomp and the thumbs up.
    Oh — and super cute programs too LOL!

  • Cassandra

    Very sweet. I really enjoyed listening to them.
    Tell them to keep up the good work from me!

  • Elaine Tutman

    What a pleasure to witness the energy and involvement that you and Boris put into your family life. You are exemplary parents. Well done, as usual,on the music recital programs. They are truly works of art. Love, Nana Banana

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