Spring is in the Air

Can you believe it’s March already?  While the official beginning of Spring is still a few weeks away, I suspect just about everyone reading this is probably ready for much warmer temps.

I love Springtime and it can’t get here soon enough for me.  As we all wait for the rise in the mercury, perhaps this colorful quilt project will warm you up a bit.

Blog bailey fabric2

I made this quilt out of fabrics from designer Heather Bailey’s Freshcut line by Free Spirit.

The soft, fun colors of these pretty fabrics remind me of a tasty bowl of orange sherbet.  Yummy, that’s one of my favorite desserts.

Blog fat quarter square2

The pattern I used is a super simple one that involves a series of rectangles sewn together to create each block.

This quilt was made with 12 identical blocks and you can see how the first one came together in the photo below.

Blog heather bailey quilt2

I stitched the 12-blocks together and ended up with three rows containing four blocks each.

Then I simply stitched the three rows together.

By the way, this is the same quilt pattern I featured in a previous post entitled From Start to Finish.  Here’s a side by side comparison of the two quilts in the photos below.

Both quilts have an orange palette but you can see how a simple change in fabrics can yield a different look and feel despite the use of the exact same pattern.

Blog hb quilt ab   Blog hb quilt sofa2

On a side note, I had a fair amount of scraps after cutting the quilt pieces for this latest quilt.  Since I hate to throw away good scraps, I put them to good use by making these cute pincushions.

You can see more of these fun pincushions in another previous post entitled Scrap Happy and Fabulous Fat Quarters.


Getting back to this latest quilt, after sewing the three rows together, I added an 8-inch border.  I selected one of the same fabrics found within the block.

Thanks to my son Jordy for being my cute quilt-top handler.

Blog heather bailey jordy

I picked up a coordinating orange marble fabric for my backing and I think the daisy quilt design really stands out against this selection.

Blog hb quilt backing

Because I love the look of a scalloped quilt edge, I have to use a continuous bias for the binding.

Making continuous binding takes a bit more time but if you have a scalloped edge you must use this technique.

Blog hb quilt binding   Blog hb quilt binding3

Continuous binding is actually pretty easy to make.  For more detailed instructions on making binding, you can click here.

Because this type of binding is created on the bias (diagonal to the fabric grain) it has the necessary stretchiness to bend and fit nicely over the curved scallops in the quilt.

Blog hb quilt binding roll

Attaching the binding is a bit time consuming for me because I use a ton of straight pins.

I think the more pins the better because it really helps keep the binding from puckering as it’s stitched to the quilt.

Blog hb quilt backing2

Once the binding is stitched to the quilt all the way around, fold the binding over and iron and then slipstich the open end of the binding to the other side of the quilt.  Gently iron to get the finished binding flat and crisp.

Trust me when I say, once you scallop a quilt edge, you may never go back to straight edges ever again.  I think there’s just something about that scalloped look that makes a quilt so appealing.

Blog hb quilt scallops

I love the colors in this quilt.

You may already know that green is one of my favorite colors anyway.

I really think this soft peach and the apple green contrast is a wonderful combination.

Blog hb quilt sofa

Even though all indications suggest Punxsutawney Phil may have been correct in his “late spring” prediction, we can only hope that the cute little groundhog was mistaken this year.

In the meantime, this light and colorful quilt at least makes me feel like Spring is in the air.

  • Heather

    absolutely love that orange paisley of the boarder, then you showed the quilted daisies, they are great and that orange backing is to dye for.

  • aimee

    Beautiful! The colors are wonderful!

  • Stephanie

    wow! these are great!! I have some of Heathers fabric, I love it! great colors!

  • meggie

    Your quilt is beautiful! I love those colours!

  • Sarah

    I love every bit of it! Great work!

  • Penny G

    What beautiful colors and patterns. You combined them into a pleasant mix and then bordered with one of my favorite things paisley. Fantastic.

  • nanci

    Ok, not only is your quilt fabulous, but your photography is amazing too. I could feel the love girl! The scallops were a WOW from my lips!
    I’m coming back here for sure!

  • Zonnah

    Very pretty! I love the scallops 🙂

  • Jocelyn

    You know I have already commented on this fabulous quilt. But I will say it again, it is so beautiful. And I loved the scalloped edge. Thanks for sharing.

  • kerri

    oh, i love this!! the scallop border is perfect!! i would love to try to do that on a quilt in the near future.

  • Thanita

    Ok Lisa so I had to visit your blog since you peaked at mine and I’m so glad I did! You have inspired my next project for me to do on my free time (ha ha whatever that is!). I want to make another quilt but with scalloped edges (maybe):) I just wish I could quilt patterns like the daisys you did. I am just finally getting use to free motion quilting.
    As far as our Jordan’s, how ironic is it that we sometimes call our son Jordy! Our neighbor’s little girl started when that and it just stuck!
    I’ll be checking out your blog again for sure!

  • Laurel Harper

    I love your Cheaper By The Dozen quilts; I can’t decide which one I like better! When you blogged about the first one, I’d decided then to make myself one, but, sigh, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe soon. 😉

  • Tina Cockburn

    Oh, how I love your quilts. YOU were the one who inspired me to get started quilting (like I needed another hobby). I bought and Moda Jelly Roll from a quilting store in Colorado and just stitched all the strips together. I did that last July. Just last week, I finally bought the batting and the back panel and a coordinated fabric for the border. I’m anxious and nervous about how this first quilt will turn out, but I’m looking forward to finishing it.
    Thanks, as always, for the amazing inspiration!

  • Jackie

    What beautiful colors and such a gorgeous quilt. That was a LOT of work! But, I’m sure it was SO worth it! 😉

  • Vanessa

    Definitely SPRING! Love it.

  • Julie Size

    Make something for St. Patrick’s Day…Okay – so I am being selfish…cause that is my birthday…

  • berta

    Wow, another beautiful quilt. I love the scallop border, such a nice touch! TFS!

  • Phyllis

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Those colors are quite yummy. More and more, I find myself wanting to use some pastels; usually I go for bright colors.
    Thanks so much for the tutorial on the scalloped edging. I’m definitely going to give it a shot in the near future.

  • Elaine Tutman

    Marvelous blend of colors, as always. I am awed by the unlimited possibilities for unique creations with color, texture,and various shapes and patterns. It means that we all can make something from fabric and yarn that expresses just who we are and still admire the work of others. I am inspired to try some new ideas.

  • Mary Lou

    Your quilt is incredible. Everything about it…colors, patterns, border and the gorgeous binding!!! Do you have a commercial long arm? Love the daisy stitching.
    I just posted about quilting myself. : )

  • Elena

    Wow Lisa. That is so beautiful. Another fabulous project!

  • Meghan Cobble

    I love Heather Bailey’s designs. I have actually just made my 2nd quilt this past summer. I used Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, and Amy Butler fabrics for it. Once I finished, I couldn’t stop there. I had to make the shams, bedskirt, and throw pillows.
    AND then…the shower curtain and decorative skirt around our sink.
    Love it!
    I, too, adore the scalloped edge of a quilt. I am a bit intimidated by it though. My next quilt will have it. There. A challenge to myself.
    See. You are inspiring!!!
    Meghan 🙂

  • thepainted fern

    Beautiful quilts!You do lovely work.The colors are wonderful!

  • Penny

    It’s beautiful Lisa! Thank-you so much for walking us through your quilt making process, I always appreciate that about your posts!

  • alison

    Thanks so much for your kind words, I have a long, long way to go but I am learning! Your little helper is a cutie too!
    Thank you again.

  • Terriaw

    What gorgeous quilts! I really love the scalloped edging, which I must try someday. I also love the quilting design you used. Well Done!

  • Jeanne

    Seriously…do you sleep????:-) Amazing quilt and I am in love with all of Heather’s fabrics.

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    You make wish I was a quilter! That is the most yummy spring quilt ever!!

  • alison

    That quilt is just so delicious! I love the daisy quilt design. I am just getting to grips with free motion sewing so I am really impressed with how that looks.

  • Jen Davis

    Absolutely gorgeous, those colors are so fresh!

  • sheree

    This is so pretty! Actually, both versions are. Come on Spring…we are all ready for you sweet friend!

  • SummerSadie

    That quilt is beautiful, and this posting is great for me because I’m making a quilt right now that I want to put a scalloped edge on, my first one. How do you cut and shape the scallop? Do you freehand it? Use a template? Beautiful work.

  • Jennifer

    Lisa I am always so grateful when you pop in..look at you go..your ideas are boundless and so inspirational.

  • [email protected]

    beautiful but i know i don’t have your patience for the edges! do you sell your quilts or even those cute pin cushions?

  • elenka

    Cremesickle for me too! Just beautiful. I would have never picked orange, but those oranges are spectacular! I do like the scalloped edges as well.

  • traci

    so beautiful. love that fabric!!! any bed would be lucky to have that as it’s cover.

  • Barbara Jacksier

    The minute I saw your first photo, I thought “Sherbet”. We’re so on the same track. I’m happy to report that the first Robin red breast showed up in my yard today. Take that you weasley groundhog!

  • Kerryanne English

    Both the quilts are gorgeous Lisa. I hope Spring comes quickly for you – I hate winter too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  • Judith Norman

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love quilts and Free Spirit fabrics. As always, Lisa, your blog is very inspiring.

  • Cassandra

    That is so pretty! I love the colors and the scallop edging. The scallop edging does something wonderful to a quilt. It would be hard to go back to straigt edges.
    I’m going to make a quilt too. I bought some fat quarters while on sale at JoAnn’s. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon enough.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Nanette

    Beautiful as always Lisa. Your photography is perfect every post. This quilt is so classic.

  • Julie Size

    That is so beautiful!!!! I love quilts that are color coordinated. Some are too mish-mash for my taste, but this one is stunning!!
    “Mish-Mash”…is that really a word???

  • Kathleen Solomi

    Hello Lisa,another beautiful quilt , I am a patchwork,quilter myself and I wear quite a bit of orange but I have never used it in a quilt.I left you a comment last week. I shall definately keep my eye on your blog —cottonreel

  • jessie

    beautiful quilt lisa. do you do your own machine? or do you send it out? love the meandering daisy!

  • Tara

    gorgeous, just plain ole gorgeous! I love the colors…i need to learn how to sew!

  • Olga

    WOW! It’s realy GREAT!!!
    I love this colors!

  • Sherri

    I love the quilt, the binding, the pincushions…everything! It certainly does say “spring!”

  • Thimlbeanna

    It’s just beautiful Lisa — I love the pictures of the two versions of your quilts side-by-side. Did you have this quilt quilted or do it yourself — I love those daisies!

  • Candace

    Lisa – this quilt really makes me smile! And what a willing, happy, quilt-holder Jordy is! I’ve never seen that backing fabric – reminds me of an orange cream-sickle! I’ve really wanted to give scalloped borders a try – I think you’ve finally taken me over the edge and I must try it! And I will no longer feel bad about the amount of pins I use in my bias bindings – it really does help!

  • Janis

    A really beautiful quilt — you do extraordinary work!
    And yes, those colors do give the feel of a very welcome spring breeze.
    Have a great week!

  • Maria

    What a beautiful quilt you have done…I also love orange sherbet. I did one of the quilts I send off for christmas with a scalloped edge and you were right, it is so easy and it does make the quilt look more beautiful. This one that I’m finishing will also have the scallope edge to it. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  • Karla

    Gorgeous quilt! The fabrics are so fun and bright – definitely perfect for spring.

  • Sarah

    Such a fresh, pretty quilt and such a cute little photo model! I’m making a quilted throw right now with Erin Michael’s Lush collection and I think I’ll do a scalloped border too – you’ve inspired me. Let’s all pray for a warm and mild March.

  • Allie

    I love this quilt, it is absolutely beautiful! I love the soft yummy fabrics. Your work is always so well done. My favorite color is green–so of course I love the binding choice.
    Lovely work!

  • Stephanie

    Absoultely gorgeous! I adore the scalloped edges and that daisies in the quilting are beautiful!

  • Staci

    Wow! What a beautiful quilt! Perfect for snuggling and drinking hot chocolate with extra marshmellows!

  • Amy @ parkcitygirl

    Great quilt! I’ve not done scallops yet – but you are tempting me!!
    How’s your studio space coming?

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful quilts! I love the scalloped border. I have yet to try it, although many have told me it’s not very difficult. Just one more thing I want to try someday :).

  • Jen r sanctuary arts at home

    Lisa that quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors! You did a fabulous job! Jen

  • artgirlatl

    Your son is adorable. Beautiful quilting!

  • christina(apronstrings)

    oh wow. oh wow. BEAUTIFUL. You know, I really think a quilt may be in my future. (the son’s not so bad looking himself).

  • Kaja

    Oh! It is so beautful and I love the scalloped border. But, the daisy quilt, it is gorgeous!
    I wish I had the time and the patience for making these quilts. But, I have to admit to myself; I am more of a max5hour-project type of person, and making a beadspread for a double-bed would probably take more time than that… 😉

  • Julie

    The colors are beautiful. I always admire women who quilt. Your son looks so sweet…and very proud of his mom’s beautiful finished piece of art….Blessings..Julie

  • the pleasures of homemaking

    Lisa! I’m so glad I found your blog again! The quilt is gorgeous – those colors with the green binding is just perfect and I love those cute pincushions (I’ve been wanting to make some of those).
    I’m going to get a cup of coffee and see what you’ve been up to.

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful and I love scallops…I have not done any yet though. I do have a baby quilt ready to mark with scallops, hopefully this year! Love the apple green binding.

  • adrienne

    Girl how GORGEOUS!!!! I have GOT To try quilting!

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