Please Don’t Eat the Daisies
(or the Chrysanthemums)

Summer is definitely the season for colorful blooms and I love the sight of a terra-cotta pot filled with fresh flowers.

Blog daisies pot

If these pretty flowers were actually planted in a pot of dirt, I might say leave them on display a little longer. 

However, in this case I suggest you harvest them to your heart's content.

Blog daisies close

As pretty as these Chrysanthemums are, don't be fooled.  These are actually artificial blooms and as you can see in the photo below, they have a particularly useful twist. 

You'll do more scribing than sniffing with these flowers because they're decorated ink pens and they're super easy to make.

Blog daisies step

First, a quick point about inspiration.  As you know it can come from just about anywhere.

Even though I used Chrysanthemums here, this project popped in my head after I recently watched the 1960 movie entitled Please Don't Eat the Daisies.  


The large Gerber daisies on the DVD cover reminded me of the floral pens that I've been making for years.

Blog daises doris day movie

Speaking of Please Don't Eat the Daisies, if you're a fan of classic television (like me) you may have also seen a few episodes of the cute (and wonderfully corny) situation comedy with the same title. 

The TV version originally aired on NBC from 1965-1967 but it still airs these days in some southern states on cable.  Of course you can always find episodes on You-Tube. 

OK, that's enough TV and movie reviewing, let's get to making these pretty flower pens.

You'll only need a few basic supplies including a hot glue gun, your choice of flowers, a handful of ballpoint pens and floral tape which is available at most crafts stores in several colors.

Blog daisies supplies2

There are two ways these flowers can be made.  The first involves attaching the entire stem to the pen stick with the floral wire.

This makes the finished project much thicker than I think it needs to be so I opt for another technique.

Blog daisies stem

I think you achieve a much cleaner look by sticking the flower directly inside the pen stick as opposed to running the stem down the length of the pen.

This used to be a lot easier years ago, when the pen tops just popped off.  Manufacturers have now made it harder to get these little tops off (probably for safety reasons) but don't be deterred.

Use a small knife as if it were a saw and gently saw the top ridge.  Once you cut through the plastic, you'll be able to easily pop the top off.  Don't worry, any ragged plastic edge created will be covered up with floral tape.

Blog daisies pen top

Next, pull the entire flower completely off the wire stem. 

You'll notice a small plastic extension on the bottom of the flower which should fit snugly into the pen top. 

Blog daisies flat back

Before attaching the extension, clip a few leaves from the main stem and hot glue them to the bottom of the flower. 

Make sure you slide the ends of the leaf up under the large plastic flower base for better concealment and a more natural appearance.

 Blog daisies leaves

Drop a small amount of hot glue directly into the top of the pen stick.  Make sure you include a small amount of glue around the edge of the pen top too.

While the glue is still hot, slide the flower extension down into the top of the pen and hold firmly in place for about 15-seconds.

Blog daisies tip

Repeat the steps for the remainder of the pens and then set aside.  The glue will harden completely after just a few minutes.   

Notice how close and flush the pen top is with the bottom of the flower. This is exactly how the project should look at this point .  This will help ensure a clean, neat finished result.

Blog daisies pens

Start twisting the floral tape around the pen stick beginning at the top.  You may need to wrap the top portion a few times to completely conceal the flower connection and plastic pen stick edge.

Firmly wrap the floral tape around the pen stick.  Hold the pen between thumb and forefinger while wrapping and smooth the tape with your fingers as you roll it.  

Blog daisies ribbon

To prevent possible interruption of ink flow, make note of the location of the tiny hole in the side of the plastic tube.  You can use a straight pin or safety pin for this.  As you wrap the floral tape, use the pin to create a small hole in the floral tape in the same location as the hole in the plastic.
Make sure you don't stick the straight pin in too far, or you may pierce the rubber tube that contains the ink. 
(This tip was not part of my original post but blog buddy Sue was sweet enough to bring the air-circulation hole issue to my attention.)

Blog flower pen pins

When finished, you may notice the floral tape is a little sticky to the touch.  You can eliminate this by brushing a small amount of baby powder onto the finished pen, and then wiping it clean with a dry cloth.  

By the way, you can also use baby powder to eliminate the stickiness from scrapbook stickers which is useful when stacking sticker elements onto layouts.

Blog daisies pens2

This is a perfect summer project for kids too.  Cameron got even more creative by molding a clay flower pot to go along with her set.   

NOTE:  Cameron attached the entire flower stem to her pen sticks and you can see this does create a sweet but much bulkier-looking finished pen.  

Blog flower pen cameron

Consider giving a loved one a gift of rose-topped pens.  They'll definitely last a lot longer than real roses. 

Make 4-5 flower pens and wrap them all in tissue.  Tie with a pretty ribbon to create a beautiful bouquet for someone special. 

Don't forget to include a small tag indicating they're handmade especially for the gift recipient.

Blog daisies bouquet

These pens not only make great gifts, they're perfect around the house too.

Consider tucking a pen in an unexpected but convenient location so you'll always have a pen handy when you need it.  Great for kitchen use.

Blog daisies sir piggy

Incorporate a few well-placed pens into your home decor and no one will be the wiser.  That is, until they need a pen and you'll have one at your fingertips.

Blog daisies window2

Of course, these flower-topped pens also look great on my newly organized desktop.

I'm sure you can think of plenty of locations in your home where keeping a pen nearby would come in handy.

Blog daisies desk3

Just like you tweak your home decor through various seasons, you can do the same with these pens.  Top the pens with mums in the Fall, Poinsettias at Christmas and perhaps tulips in the Spring. 

By all means make them and use them, just please don't eat the daisies or the chrysanthemumsā™„


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    It is little bit surprising for me because the picture of flower that you have shared over here is looking like real one. I thought that they are real that’s why I like them very much but after coming down I came to know that they are artificial and I like more because they seems like real one.

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  • Sue Woodworth

    Great pens. I make these each season for our medical office. I don’t stop with flowers. Santa’s, bunnies, Green Irish hats. I have had problems when that small hole is plugged up towards the top on the side. The ink will stop flowing and I have to drill another small hole.

  • Krishana

    I was just about to make some of these for my wedding guest book, but was unsure how to proceed. I love how you thought to remove the ends of the pens to insert the flower base before wrapping in floral tape. Thanks for the timely inspiration!

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    Lisa- your ideas on different ways to use these are wonderful. I love the pens

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    Oh Lisa this is so fun – my friend sent me a dozen roses/pens in a terra cotta pot for my birthday. She painted the pot, hot-glued a ribbon to it, and I didn’t know the roses were pens until I took one out. LOVED that gift and I use it every day!

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    Hi Lisa! Those are so fun, very cute idea and project! Hope you are having a great summer so far!

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    You never cease to amaze me with your stunning projects. What a splendid idea to put flowers on top of those boring old pens! I need to make me one soon!

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    People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said… but they will always remember how you made them feel.

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    I love, love this idea. I buy plastic flowers all the time to wear in my hair and as decorations. Now I can do it for my pens. Ingenious!

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    Excuse me, it is PENS!:o)

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    I love the pins Lisa, so so pretty. I love your blog!:o)
    I am having a little giveaway and would love for you to take part, so drop by when possible.

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    I do remember the TV show many long years ago. Pretty pens. Our post office has a pail of them. I think it’s how they keep people from “borrowing” their pens. These won’t easily slip into your purse or pocket!

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    I love these floralPENS. I too have been making them for years, even got my mom into making them (and she is not so into crafts). I have used them on gift boxes as the topper instead of a bow, sent them to my kids teachers in decorated mini floral pots using coffee beans as the dirt. I also just made some for the receptionist at my dental office. I’m so happy to see I’m not the only one that love these pens:)

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