These days when you hear Tweet-Tweet, it usually  has something to do with Twitter.   However, this project has nothing to do with that popular social networking system.

This post is all about sweet looking feathered friends that come to life thanks to a little embroidery.

Blog tweet catalog
Sometimes inspiration for my various projects comes from a most unexpected source, as it did with this creation.

I was purging a ton of holiday catalogs a few weeks ago when this Pottery Barn cover caught my eye.  “What a pretty embroidered bird and branch”, I mused.

Of course, I immediately had one of my “hmm, I can make that” moments as well as the idea for this blog post.

Blog tweet collection

The embroidery disc I used for this project is called Scenic Birds and includes a nice variety of birds and their nests.  There are 15 different images in this collection which also includes a few designs that are nearly a foot tall.

I’ve had this embroidery disc for years but never did much with it.  I was pleased to pull it out and put it to good use after so long.

Blog twitter linens

I’m always on the lookout for pretty linens and tea towels to use for embroidery projects.  You can find beautiful, inexpensive cotton pieces just about anywhere so keep your eyes peeled.

I try to keep a linen stash on hand so I’m ready when the embroidery bug hits me.  These creamy, lemon-colored and striped tea towels are perfect for this project.

Blog tweet screen1

If you’re considering purchasing an embroidery machine this year, there are wonderful systems on the market today to suit any need and budget.

One feature that most machines have in common is the ability to add text to the image and to view the project along with other important embroidery details including stitch count, thread color order, hoop size and estimated completion time.

Blog tweet quartet

I love to watch the embroidered image slowly take shape on the fabric.  What starts out as a few nondescript stitches evolves with each subsequent thread change.

Eventually the beautiful, intricate image is revealed.

Blog tweet supplies1

If you’re making embroidered tea towels for a gift, the addition of a tag is a great finishing element.  I’m pretty big on handmade tags because they’re fun to make and they add a nice touch to any project.

To make the gift tag you’ll need the following supplies; 1-main stamp, 2-a background stamp, 3-a tag punch (minus my partial reflection), 4-small hole punch, 5-a set of mini alphabet stamps and 6/7-light and dark shade of rubber stamp ink.

Punch out several tag shapes.  Use the floral background stamp to cover the entire tag area.  I suggest you also stamp the back of the tag with the background stamp for a more uniform and finished look.

Using a darker colored ink, stamp the main image (in this case the bird) onto the front of the tag.

To personalize the tag or add a cute title, use the mini letter stamps to spell out a phrase, word or “tweet”.

Blog tweet tag3
You can tie the tag with pretty ribbon or raffia.

Raffia is a multi-use fiber that’s often used in basket making and it’s available at in a variety of colors and is available at most crafts stores.

Blog tweet tags
I’ll get back to the tags in a bit.

First, here’s a closer look at how each of the embroidery designs in this tea towel trio stitched out.

Blog tweet chirp2  Blog tweet cardinal5 Blog tweet squawk2


I think they all look nice but I’ve gotta say the red cardinal is my favorite design in this set.

Blog tweet close3

Stack the tea towels in a close-fitting box or tissue-filled gift bag for a great presentation and an equally great offering for someone special.

I really love how nice and neat these towels look all lined up like this and I think the little tweet-tags give the set a more boutique-like appearance.

Blog tweet open4

While on the subject of birds, the annual Great Backyard Bird Count is right around the corner.  For four days in February birdwatchers across the country will keep their eyes peeled on their own yards to help count birds.

The collected data is extremely useful to scientists to help understand where our feathered friends are actually located in real time.  Click the link above for more info on the free, online Great Backyard Bird Count event and how you can participate in your area.

  • Irmains

    Nice design, really lovely,
    great job, i hope i can be like u, how creative u are..

  • Julie B

    Lisa, I’ve just discovered your blog — what lovely things you create. I especially love the tags you created for this project. Thank you for inspiring me.

  • Cee

    Lisa: What do we have to look forward to for the month of February? 😉

  • Ruth Hair

    Just beautiful!

  • [email protected]

    How pretty! I love my machine too! It’s so fun to watch it work.What beautiful birds. Who are the designs by?

  • Bethany Kartchner

    I seriously love birds! This is such a lovely post. Wonderful tutorial and beautiful pics!

  • Andrea

    Those are so cute, love the little tags too!

  • Terri

    Lisa, I love your blog. I follow your blog & am always inspired. Today you’ve inspired me to pull out my embroidery machine. I’m on the AA group.

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    I wish you were my neighbor. I’d be shopping at your house all the time! Love the towels and tags…absolutely amazing!

  • Cheri

    The presentation is the icing on the cake of a wonderful project! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive such a gift. I wonder which of your “real life” friends is reading your blog, whispering “Me! Oh I hope she gives them to me!” 😉

  • Jen R sanctuary art

    Those are gorgeous Lisa! You really need an Etsy store! I like them better than PB!

  • Allie

    Congratulations! You and your blog have just been awarded the Lemonade Stand Award. Please see my blog for details 🙂

  • Emily R.

    Now I’m going to have to get one of those embroidery machines! 😀 This project is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Cee

    Beautiful, Lisa!
    I would LURVE to have your kitchen. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I love the tweeting birds and apart from your exquisite embroidery which is perfect I like your creative ideas and the finishing that you put along with it.The tags are beautiful…hearing first time about the material that you used here.

  • adrienne

    How gorgeous is this!?!? You really do stunning work!

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    LOVELY DARLING! SWEET! Thanks for always sharing the your unique and amazing talents!!!

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    Wow! Thanks for the inspiration — I need a gift now — just found out I’m meeting a friend in the morning and it’s too late to run to the store — you’re brilliant. These are super cute! Now, I’m off to do a tea towel — thanks!

  • Jackie

    Lisa, Your tea towels are just beautiful! They make me long for spring and also to begin using my embroidery portion of my machine again. I haven’t used it in a while and I really should be. This could be the spring board for me to do some embroidery.

  • Allie

    Those turned out beautifully! I wonder how many bird designs I have….sigh. Hundreds, I’m sure. And never used one. Time to hunt for linens!
    Love the tags too – very professional!

  • Judith Norman

    Awesome post, Lisa. I love it. You have inspired me to try embroidery with a machine. And those tags are lovely. Happy New Year!

  • Katrika Scott

    Hi Lisa,
    Love this post. I agree, it’s great when you can see something and say “oh I can make that.” The towels are lovely.

  • [email protected]

    So pretty. You are such a talented lady! and an inspiration to boot! I always enjoy your blog posts.

  • Sheri D. Maple

    The tea towels are beautiful and it goes to show you that inspiration is everywhere and you have to do is just see it and be a part of the moment.

  • The Pleasures of Homemaking

    O.K. I would love to receive those tea towels! They’re just beautiful. The tags are such a nice touch too. Sadly, I do not own a machine that can do such lovely embroidery.

  • suzanne

    Oh, those are lovely! And I have that same stamp set, so I am really inspired! I don’t have an embroidery machine, but those towels are very nice! GREat job!

  • Terri

    Don’t you just love it when you can look through a catalog, see something you like, and then say “oh I can make that!” Your new tweet-tweet towels are so lovely. I also love the colors of linens you chose. So fresh looking this time of year!