(these are so easy to make and gift)

Home-baked cookies and the holidays go hand in hand and if you love giving home-baked goodies, why not consider giving the gift that recipients can bake for themselves.

You’re going to love this project.

This handcrafted sugar cookie sack is pretty and super simple to make.

Cookie sack trio

No major sewing skills are needed for this project.

Don’t worry, if you can sew a few straight lines and wield an iron you’ll be good to go.

Cookie sack supplies

You’ll only need a few other supplies including assorted embellishments, jute (or some other sturdy twine or ribbon) and cotton fabric of your choice.

NOTE: The fabric I used is called ticking.  It’s a tightly woven, durable cotton fabric that is manufactured in a variety of colors. 

Vintage ticking (which is much thicker than modern-day) was used in old mattresses and pillows because the thick weave prevented feathers from sticking through and poking owners.

Boxed sugar cookie mix

You can package your own special cookie mix or take the easy way out (like I did).

Since I don’t have a cookie mix to share from scratch, I picked up boxes of one of my favorite sugar cookie mix from the grocery store.

cookie mix measuring

The cookie mix is already (and conveniently) packaged so there’s no mess.

Measure the width of the flour baggie.

This one measures about 6-inches wide so that’s how wide I cut my fabric strips.

Blog sugar cookie sack supplies3

To make one sack, you’ll need two strips of fabric which both measure 6-inches wide x 25-inches long.

If using striped fabric, cut the fabric so the lines run vertically along the longest area of measurement.

I think vertical stripes just look better for this project.

Blog sugar cookie sack machine

Take two cuts and place RIGHT  sides together and stitch along the bottom and both sides.

Leave the short top edge open.

Blog sugar cookie sack turn

After stitching, turn fabric inside out. 

Blog sugar cookie sack machine2

Turn the remaining open top edge over about 1/4-inch.  Iron and then stitch across the top through both thicknesses.

This will close the entire fabric strip and create a closed fabric tube.

Blog sugar cookie sack set

Push that same top edge down inside the tube itself.

Push the edge toward the bottom until that top edge is lined up (inside the tube) with that bottom edge.

Then, straighten and smooth out the tube which will now be half the size of what you started out with.

Iron and then topstitch the new top edge of the bag opening (or you could just leave a the edge with no topstitching).

Fold over the top edge about an inch or two to create the cuff.  Iron again.

VOILA!  You now have a gift sack ready to fill and embellish.

Cookie sack supplies overview

Of course, you can embellish your gift sacks with just about anything.

Here’s another look at a few of the items I used.

I’ve also included a few source links for mini-spoons at the end of this post.


Grab some bakers twine and a few scrapbook supplies and you can easily make handcrafted tags to go along with the handcrafted cookie sacks.

I think adding the labels is a nice way to finish off the presentation.

Blog sugar cookie sack instructions

Oh, and don’t toss the original box the cookie mix came in until you jot down the directions and additional ingredients needed.

I typed up the instructions on the computer and printed one copy for each sack.

Fold the instructions and slide a copy into the back of the gift sack so recipients will know exactly what to do with the mix.

NOTE: If it’s easier you could also just photocopy the directions on the back of the original box, make multiple copies, fold and insert a copy into the cookie sack.

Cookie sack embellishment

Meanwhile, tie a piece of jute just below the cuff and pull tight.

Criss-cross a cinnamon stick and spoon (or candy cane or whatever) and tie the jute again.

Add the holly and tie the jute twice to secure and then tie it in a bow.

Sugar cookie sack group

Use a piece of bakers twine to tie your handmade label around the embellishments.

While you can make the gift sacks whatever size you choose, two yards of fabric should yield 9 cookie sacks using my measurements of 25-inches X 6-inches for each sack.

I stitched all the gift sacks in the photo below in a little over one hour.

Sugar Cookie Gift Sack

Don’t limit this idea to just the holidays either.

You can change the fabric and make a gift sack like this anytime of year using appropriate decorations to represent whatever season you like.

Imagine how cute these sugar cookie sacks look on a Spring or Summer bake sale or fundraising table.

cookie sack for the holiday

Thanks for stopping by.

See you back here next week.  

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  • Alie

    I bought a bunch of the little wooden spoons at Daiso- the Japanese-style dollar store- and was trying to find something cute to do with them! This is so perfect!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Alie, that’s wonderful.
      Isn’t it nice to finally be able to use something you’ve been hanging on to?
      Good for you. Let me know how the sacks turn out for you.
      Happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Lindsey

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’m a beginner with the sewing machine, and I loved making these bags. I just made 10 bags to give as Christmas gifts and they are absolutely adorable.

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      So happy to read that your bags came out nicely, Lindsey.
      Drop me a photo if you have time, I’d love to see them.
      Thanks for letting me know you were inspired.
      I’ve made these easy bags for many occasions including Spring, Easter, etc. They’re great for more than just Christmas cookie mix.
      Happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Chris

    Hey girl,
    These look adorable! Did you line your bags with anything? I’m worried the flour will slowly seep out or leave a bit of a mess…

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Hi Chris, I actually made these bags to hold store-bought cookie mix which is already in a plastic bag.
      If you plan on using the handcrafted bags to mix up your own mix, just make sure you put your dry ingredients in a Ziploc baggie first. That should prevent any spills.
      Also, the way the bag is folded inside out (almost like a sock), this creates its own lining.
      Good luck with your baggies and happy holidays.

  • Debbi

    Thank you for this great tutorial and adorable bags…made them today. So easy and fun to make. My granddaughters will be filling them with cookies for Christmas🎄

  • Shirley

    Hi Lisa, I just made a cookie sack for a friend of mine for St. Patrick’s Day using appropriate fabric but instead of a boxed cookie mix I bought one packaged in plastic by Betty Crocker so the directions were right on it. I didn’t have to worry about copying them down. One thing though, I think next time I will lengthen the fabric. It was kind of short for this type of cookie packaging. It came out awesome and my friend LOVED it! Thanks again for the great DIY idea.

  • Marian

    Lisa, I bought one yard of ticking but no matter how I measure it I will not be able to make ever 4 sacs with that amount of material. How did you make 9 with two yards. I must be missing something. Marian

    • Jess

      I ran into the same problem. But I think she was able to get 9 sacks from 2 yards because of the extra length (72″ long instead of 36″). Makes a big difference. Sorry you’re having problems, too.

  • Sara


    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Hi Sara, let me know what you’re struggling with.
      Also, I’ll go back and look over my directions to see if I can clarify instructions even more.
      Email me and let me know what you’re stuck on and I’ll get you through it.
      Happy holidays.

    • Sara

      What I do not understand is from when I make the sack the right sides are together. Ok, then I turn it ,so now the-right side is out. After that I’m lost. Your instructions say to sew entire sack closed? Help ,help, I got the spoons, the cin. Sticks. The stamps,the berries. Now I need your help. I love these for my Sunday school ladies.sara

    • Carolyn

      I don’t understand the tutorial either and am wondering if you got it worked out. I sewed the two pieces together, sides and bottom. Then turned the top edge and stitched through both thicknesses. I pushed the top stitched edge down into the tube making it half the original length. Then here’s where I get confused. The directions say to top stitch through single thickness DO NOT STITCH CLOSED. At that point my bag is two layers so how can I stitch through a single thickness.

      I must be missing something very obvious as everyone else gets it. Please help.

      • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

        Sorry for the confusion, Carolyn.
        I’ll go back and over my text in the original post to see if I can make it more clear.
        You are not the first to get stumped on this project.
        OK, it actually sounds like you’ve done everything correct. When I said to stitch through single thickness, what I meant was not to stitch the bag in a way that would close the bag.
        You are correct that at the point where you got stuck, the fabric is doubled. You just need to add topstitching around the top of the bag at this stage. I guess it would have been better for me to say do not stitch through 4-thicknesses (which would end up closing the opening of the finished sack).
        Does this make more sense?

  • Kim Clements

    Would love to know the size of the letter stamps used on the tag.

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Hi Kim, the rubber stamp kit letters are 1/4 inch. You can find a set on Amazon. Just search “typewriter rubber stamp set”.

      Good luck with your holiday projects and thanks for popping by.

      Happy holidays.

  • V.

    Hi Lisa: I love these diy cookie sacks — what a sweet presentation for a handmade gift! The fabric, berries, cinnamon stick, wooden spoon… all come together beautifully. I featured them recently in my collection of favorite gift wrapping ideas. Please stop by to see at Thank you for sharing this great idea with us!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Hi V, thanks so much for sharing my handmade cookie sack. It’s such a fun project that is quite versatile.
      Just change the fabric and embellishments to suit any occasion.
      Happy day!

  • Mary

    Really thought you had made these beautifully x Well done x

  • Nancy

    Great idea! I picked up some really sweet Christmas material at a yard sale. Now I know exactly how I’m going to use it! Thanks.

  • Carol

    Thank you for the great idea . I was looking for something my grandchildren can make their teachers for the holidays . I may have them write the instructions to make it more personal .

  • Carol

    Thank you for the great idea . I was looking for something my grandchildren can make their teachers for a holiday gift . This is perfect . I just think I may have them write the instructions to make it more personal .

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      That’s an excellent idea, Carol. Personally handwritten instructions would make the gift even that much more personal. Happy holidays!

  • Yolanda Crisostomo

    You just made my life a little easier today! Thank you!

  • BetsyD

    THanks for this adorable idea and instructions. I linked on my website- since we carry the bamboo spoons. Wanted to share your idea with my customers. Thank you!

  • Jules Moody

    So beautiful, I really love them!

    Many greetings from Europe,

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Thanks so much Jules. Do try to make these sacks this year for holiday gifting. The project is so super simple and you can find the wood spoons online (search mini wooden spoons). Good luck and let me know how yours turn out. Happy day!

  • Linsey

    These are so lovely!!! thanks for the marvelous inspiration and tutorial!!! 🙂

  • Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

    Thanks, Barb. RIGHT sides together is correct.
    Instructions now reflect that.

  • Barb | Creative Culinary

    Great idea but you need to correct your instructions. You say to put the two ‘wrong’ sides together but it should be the ‘right’ sides that go together so that after stitching the right sides are then turned out. A lot of experienced seamstresses would get that but not everyone; I know this because my daughter asked me about it!

  • Terezinha

    Adorei tudo por aqui.

  • Victoria

    Gold! What a great idea – thank you.

  • Cathy Powell

    I can’t figure it out either, pictures are deceptive is fabric wrong side together to start, pic doesn’t show this? How does a 1/4 inch turn into that bag, I have read this more than thrice! Must be blond! HELP! they look great! I wont to make!Cathy

  • Jynes Rabahi

    Awesome. my 16 year old grand daughter was going to bake cookies but this is so much nicer,, And plus she will learn how to sew..

  • Julie Robert

    It’s beautiful !

  • Olga Cabello

    Awesome. I like it.

  • candie

    I think to refurbish old mens dress shirts. just an Idea.

  • Kelly

    Try Dollar Store, Everything’s a Dollar or Bed, Bath and Beyond for spoons.

  • Rita

    Great for a secret Santa gift!!!

  • Nancy Jo Mulry

    WHERE in the WORLD did you find THE SPOONS ?! ?
    Great idea and BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED…less is best!
    But those darling spoons!

  • Lora

    I made some of these last week they turned out so cute. I can’t wait to fill them.
    I still am unable to locate any wooden spoons for them. I will keep looking as I still have some time.
    If anyone finds some can you post where you found them at.
    My back up plan will be to tie a Christmas cookie cutter to the sack.

  • Lora

    These are so much cuter than what I have made in the past years.
    Where did you purchase the cute wooden spoons?
    Thanks for sharing

  • Judy

    Saw this idea on Pinterest and just wanted to say THANK YOU- a marvellous idea, and I love how you have decorated the bags

  • Erma

    Love how simple these are to make. Thanks for the tutorial. My question is, do you put the mix in a plastic bag then inside this fabric bag?

  • Theresa

    I originally posted this comment to your FB page but decided it was more appropriate here on your blog.
    Just came across your blog because of a share of this photo. What a great project, love it! Can’t wait to make some these bags.
    I love your blog and what a great idea of showing what’s coming up next at the end of your posts. If ever I could get to a place where I’m posting consistently and get posts ready in advance, I’d love to borrow your idea of showing what’s coming up next in my future posts.

  • Angela @ Cottage Magpie

    What a cute idea, and I love the idea of using cookie mix from the store. I have seen ideas that use mason jars, but I hate to give those away because we use them all for canning! This is much better, and cuter, too!

  • swoonforfood

    These are just beautiful! Love everything about it. Colors, berries, spoon etc. Great job 🙂

  • Jackie B

    I can’t figure it out and I sew! In your pictures, I see “right” sides together, not wrong sides. And I see “right” side out, instead of wrong side out. I will have to look instructions up on the interwebs; I really want to make these!

  • Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

    Oh my goodness, how cute and simple! I love this idea! A quick and simple thing to pull together yet this year! Thanks for the great inspiration & for linking up at Happy Hour!

  • Vicki

    Great idea Lisa!

  • Kisha

    This is a great idea and they each have such a rich look! This is the perfect gift for co-workers also. Now I just need the time to make them (smile).

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    These look terrific! And what a perfect idea as a favor for a cookie swap or Christmas party. I Love it!

  • SuzK

    great idea! love how you created and decorated the bag-very pretty!

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