Edible Reindeer Noses

Over the years, I’ve made a point of making reindeer treats and crafts for the holidays.

I’ve baked up reindeer cookies that you can see HERE and adorable baby reindeer HERE.

My tree has been adorned with handcrafted reindeer ornaments which you can check out HERE.

And I’ve shared my 3-D reindeer gingerbread cookies HERE.

I’m skipping the whole reindeer today and switching things up just a bit…  with edible reindeer noses.

chocolate malt balls

This is a simple, sweet gesture of a treat that would be ideal to gift to teachers or co-workers.

I think you’ll also provoke a chuckle when you hand them out.

There’s a nose in this bag for each of Santa’s famous reindeer.

Jumbo malted milk balls represent Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Donner, Vixen, Blitzen.

And Rudolph’s nose is represented by a giant chocolate-covered cherry.

die cut supplies

A few simple paper crafting supplies are all you need to pull this simple gift together.

I was an avid scrapbooker years ago and I still have a ton of supplies related to that hobby.

If you don’t already have a reindeer die-cut in your stash, here’s what you can do.

Pick up some pre-made reindeer stickers and remove the adhesive from stickers by brushing a little baby powder on the the tacky backside.

Then, use a small foam lift to elevate the sticker and add dimension.

decorative paper cutter

My penmanship can be so inconsistent sometimes.

If yours is too, practice a few sample lettering to get a sense for the placement of the handwriting.

This decorative edge cutter is another old scrapbooking tool that I’m happy to dust off and put to good use.

reindeer die cut

These cards could also be used to create table place name plates.

Now, how cute would that be?

Go ahead and add the lettering of the reindeer noses.

dark chocolate malt balls and cherries

I think you could fill the goodie bags with any kind of circular candy as long as you have eight brown ones and of course, a red one.

These are malt balls and Marich chocolate covered cherries that I picked up in the bulk food aisle of my local Fresh Market.

Buy some extra ones because you will snack on them a bit as you’re putting your gift candy bags together.

You may also find that some of the malt balls will not-so-mysteriously disappear… thanks to members of your household.

reindeer noses gift bags

I’ve got to say my kids (AKA candy swipers) questioned whether or not this was an appropriate treat.

Daughter Cameron: “You know mom, if you are serving up reindeer noses that means you probably killed the reindeer and knocked off Santa too”.

Son Jordy: “Yeah, that’s right.  Not too nice mom . What are your readers going to think?”.

Me: Silence at first and then,  “I guess they’ll think I’m naughty this year”, as I proceeded to bite into one of the malted milk balls.

And one of those nose cherries is next.

reindeer noses for gifting

NOTE: No animals or humans were injured in the process of making these edible reindeer noses.  Also, real reindeer noses are just like antlers… they grow back even bigger. It’s the magic.

Thanks for stopping by.

See  you back here next time. 

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  • Pat

    These are adorable! You are so creative and so many ideas shared. I think these are perfect for gifts and can’t wait to try them! Thanks for all the photos too.


  • Botanic Bleu

    You can’t get away with anything with your children, can you? Their comments are too funny. This is such a creative take on Christmas gift snacks… pinned for copying.
    Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.


  • Eilis

    Too cute!

  • Elisa


  • sheila

    I just love this idea! Great to hand out to neighborhood kids in my mind! Sheila

  • [email protected] Designs

    Oh my goodness this is the cutest!….You come up with the most creative gift ideas…edible ones are the best! Love it! Have a Merry week Lisa!

  • Jennifer

    Do you not sleep? You are publishing one fabulous holiday idea after another! Love the idea of reindeer noses. Thanks for the work-around for those of use who don’t have a reindeer die cut in our stash!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      You’re so welcome, Jennifer.
      That powder on the back of stickers trick was a real revelation to me when I first learned about it-lol.
      Ha-ha, yes I do sleep but I do often burn the midnight oil to get things finished.
      Hope you have a great week.

  • Sandra L Garth

    What a simple and very adorable craft!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Thanks so much, Sandra. I appreciate that.
      Hope you find the time to whip up a few nose-filled bags to gift to friends and loved ones.
      Enjoy your week.

  • jae

    oooooh. just way too adorable! and love the easy factor! Know they wont last long at our house….going to make some as party favors. Thanks for another great idea!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Ha-ha. Yes, I had to get these noses in the bag really quickly around my house too, Jae.
      Hope you enjoy making and gifting them.
      Happy holidays to you.

  • Jeanne

    These are so silly and fun and perfect teacher gifts…thanks so much Lisa!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Yes, Jeanne, these are perfect for gifting.
      Simple and quick to make and I think teachers will especially love them.
      Happy holidays.

  • Teri

    I have never seen red chocolate covered cherries.

  • Jen

    These are adorable and the pictures are gorgeous!

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