Fruit Popsicles

This time of year, it’s never the heat that really bugs me.  It’s the humidity.

Now, I’m not even going to mention what humidity does to my hair.

I will say on those days when the humidity is particularly brutal, these fruit Popsicles are the just kind of thing that can help beat the heat… and cool everything down.

Popsicle stick stamp

Filled with fresh fruit, these pops are especially simple to make.

I love the way the bright, colorful kiwi takes center stage… almost begging you to take a bite.

assorted fruit

Actually, you can use just about any favorite fruit for these Popsicles.

Peaches, strawberries, blackberries and kiwi looked like a fun, colorful combination so that’s what I went with.

Wash fruit thoroughly and slice and chop it into smaller pieces or chunks.

By the way, my kids gave me the white marble and wood cheese board for Mother’s Day this year.

I love pretty props, and they know it.

Popsicle stamps

I think it’s always fun to add a handcrafted element in the packaging or presentation of homemade food.

Consider adding stamped messages, names or titles to your pop sticks to add an unexpected feature to your Popsicles.

If you’re making these for a group of kids, personalize the sticks with everyone’s names. Wouldn’t they love that?

NOTE: Take one Popsicle stick and measure its length against the length of one of the plastic molds. Draw a pencil line across the stick at the point where the stick extends beyond the mold.  Use this as your guide and stamp all alphabets or images ABOVE this line. This will help ensure that no ink will come in contact with any of the edible contents of the Popsicle. 

chopped fruit

You can find Popsicles molds just about anywhere… online and in many retail shops. I have a link at the end of this post where you can find the molds I used.

Gently stuff the chopped and sliced fruit into the plastic molds.

Make sure the mold is filled but that the fruit is not crushed.

fruit Popsicle juice

Once the fruit is in place inside the molds, carefully (and slowly) pour in a favorite juice.

I used white grape juice after being inspired by a similar Martha Stewart recipe.  I also really wanted the chopped fruit to clearly show through the frozen juice and white grape juice freezes clear.

If you use a darker juice, it may end up concealing the fruit a little more but I think whatever you use, it will still taste good.

Popsicle molds

Once the juice has been poured, gently slide the hand-stamped sticks into the mold and down the middle of the fruit assortment.

Notice that the rubber stamped letters are safely far enough away from the contents of the mold?

It’s important that the ink lettering be positioned in such a way that it does not come in contact with anything edible.

Popsicle fruit

How refreshing do these look?

I will say, as I was photographing these… they were melting pretty fast. I think there must be a trick to shooting these.  Maybe next time, I’ll place them on a bed of ice while shooting.

Anyway, once you pull the frozen fruit from the molds… serve them fast.

fruit Popsicle tray

Enjoy and stay cool… if you can.

I think these fruit Popsicles will definitely help.

frozen fruit

Oh, here’s one more way you can serve these fresh fruit Popsicles.

Consider chopping up the frozen treats and offering the fruit chunks up in a bowl for a more sophisticated offering.

How delicious would this be as an after-dinner refresher?

fresh fruit frozen pops

Thanks for stopping by.

See  you back here next time. 


  • Bridgette A. Lacy

    Thanks for sharing your step by step process for making those fruit-filled popsicles. I love that you added the fresh fruit lettering on the sticks, making it a visual and edible treat. I can’t wait to make some of my own. Bridgette

  • [email protected] Designs

    These popsicles are not your mama’s popsicles! Do you remember when our moms would make popsicles from Kool-Aid?…these are too beautiful to eat!…Love the way you labeled the sticks…so creative! Have a wonderful week Lisa…the photos are stunning as always!

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

    I’m thinking you could freeze, or at least refrigerate, your cookie sheet for a shot. I’ve had the same problem; I’ve shot on ice before, but I like the look of them just the way you have them, too!

    It’s 110º here; popsicles are a regular afternoon snack now. Here it’s definitely the heat! I read something the other day about living here (I’m in Las Vegas) that said that Las Vegas in the summer is like opening the oven door to check the cookies and you burn your face–only there are no cookies, and you can’t escape. That’s the dry heat, and it really does feel like that!

    We’ve been picking blackberries from the garden; I blended blackberries and grape juice (canned from our grapes two years ago) to make our last batch of popsicles. I’m always enjoying new combinations. Yours are just beautiful.

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Thanks Brandy, That’s a great idea.
      I think I’ll try freezing the cookie sheet next time and see if that helps slow the melting process.
      Your garden sounds wonderful.

  • Puja Darshan

    Simply awesome and refreshing. Good for summer.Pinned

  • Jeanne

    Lisa: We are getting 95 degree days all this week…these look so beautifully refreshing. I know a little helper who would love to create these masterpieces. Thanks 🙂

  • Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Wish I would have had this when my little ones were at home. Now the grandkids aren’t that close. For our next get together I’d love to make these — perhaps I’ll figure out a way to keep them frozen for 1 1/2 hours. Great recipe!!

  • Rebecca

    Oh, they look so delicious! I think I’ll let my granddaughter help me make some. It’s something that we can do together, and it will help keep her busy. Because it’s a long summer, after all. Thanks for sharing! (By the way, my first thought was, “How did she manage to photograph these, without having them melt?” Ha! Ha!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Yes, Rebecca… these melt soooo fast. If you’re taking photos, snap quickly-lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know you popped by.

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