Feathered Friends for the Holidays

When I turn in for the night, I really do imagine that my Christmas tree comes to life with enchanted creatures chattering and scurrying about in midnight light that only they can see.

I’m never quite quick enough to catch my enchanted visitors in action but I’m sure they must move about among themselves when no one is looking.

Among the most active visitors who return every year are feathered friends for the holidays.

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Throughout this, Day 4 of my 25 Days of Christmas series allow me to share my tree which is filled with woodland elves in sizes large and small, vintage Santa figures with exquisitely carved faces and a wonderful assortment of colorful birds who perch and nest and hide among the pine needles.

One day I’ll catch them all fluttering about.

bird and nest

In this, Day 4 of my 25 Days of Christmas holiday series, allow me to introduce a handful of my favorite feathered friends who amazingly find their way back to my tree every year.

Look closely among the branches and you may spot these baby owls with their sweet expressions, sitting ever so still… perhaps hoping you don’t actually see them.

The birds that migrate to my enchanted tree quickly get to work preparing their surroundings for the cold winter days ahead.

They build their nests right away and before long, their tiny eggs make a grand and welcome appearance.


Even the tiniest winged creatures are able to make their way back to this tree every year.

This little lady may be among the smallest creatures here but she’s among the easiest to spot thanks to her bright pink feathers which feel more like suede than down.


More than a dozen long-tailed pheasants make a particularly bold statement every year.

They swoop in together and take the best positions along outside of the tree always making sure their beautiful tails are up-swept and in full view.


Here’s another regular visitor who scrambled quickly to warm her eggs as I approached with my camera.

Ooops, probably shouldn’t have used scrambled and eggs in the same sentence.


The birds come from all over and mingle freely with each other, no doubt rekindling old aviary friendships that originated right here in my tree years ago.

Enchanted trees are like that.


When these eggs hatch and the baby birds eventually fly away, I hope they find their way back here where they can begin the cycle all over again.

I’ll be waiting, watching and hoping they all return.


For now, I’m thrilled it’s my tree these lovely feathered creatures have decided to inhabit during the holiday season.

And soon, very soon… if I’m quick enough and quiet enough… I’ll be able to catch a peak at what really goes on in my enchanted tree… when the lights go out for the night.

bird as ornament

Day 4 down, 21 more days to go. Stay tuned, there is a lot more fun and inspiration ahead.

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Hope you stop by again tomorrow (12/5) for Day 5 of my 25 Days of Christmas series.

See you then.

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    You have such a pretty tree – so much attention to detail!

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