Butler’s Pantry Makeover

For much of this Summer, I’ve been working on trying to get every area of my home ORGANIZED.  OK, “every area” may be a bit overly ambitious and I’m still at it… but I am making progress.

My latest organizational effort revolves around my butler’s pantry makeover.

Open pantry

Now, I don’t have a butler, (does anyone?) but that’s what the realtor called this cabinet space which is located just off the kitchen.  OK, if she says so.

Until recently, every cabinet was stuffed with dishes, photography props, utensils and a little bit of just about everything and all of it, in serious disarray.

So, I pulled everything off of every shelf and got to work.


dishes and props organization

It never occurred to me before to organize everything by theme and color but looking back, it all makes perfect sense.

So, theme and color is how I tacked this space.

Now, everything floral is living in perfect harmony.

floral dishes

These pretty bowls were lost in the clutter for far too long. Nice to know where they are now.

I picked them up from Anthropologie and they always look great in my food photos.

Anthropologie bowls

Who knew glass and copper could get along so well together?

glass and copperware

By the way, I found most of these copper pieces for a steal-of-a-deal at local thrift and consignment shops.

Keep your eyes peeled for such deals because these also make wonderful props for food photography and styling.

copper ware
Behind this door are fun and more eclectic pieces.

You could call this my Whimsy Collection with its chicken shaped dishes, ceramic egg cartons, bird-shaped pie vents, frosted glasses and ice cream cone-inspired dessert just to name a few whimsical categories.

dishes and props

Don’t you love when things are in order and easily accessible?

It just makes functioning that much easier, doesn’t it?

dish organization

I love how white and ivory dishes look when they’re separated like this from other more colorful ware.

I’ve spotted arrangements like this in some of my favorite “country” kitchens and I find that all white dish presentations like this, very appealing.

Assorted white dishes
I’d love to have all of these white dishes out in the open one day, instead of being hidden behind cabinet doors.

I’ll have to keep my eyes open for just the perfect open armoire to do that.

white dishes shelf

For now, they will have to stay hidden behind the cabinet doors.

Well, at least they’re all in order.

white bowls

What a difference a little re-organization makes in one’s life.

All clear and ship-shape.

Hmm, I’d say this barely looks like the same space.

So, what organization efforts do you have underway?

Butler's Pantry

See you back here next time.

Thanks for stopping by.

  • Cheri Goldsmith

    Wonderful Thank you for sharing! Think you could find someone to cut the front panel our of the top doors and insert glass, then all your treasures would be seen to all. just thinking lol

  • Carol Hardin

    I also love to organize my kitchen as this is the place where I spend my most of the time so I always want this place much clean as compared to other places and for this I am always searching for creative ideas. I found your tips very helpful for me and solved my problem.

  • Elaine Tutman

    Our 1962-built house has minimal cabinet space and no pantry. I have dishes stored in the basement, family room, in and on top of the china hutch and bookcases,and in the sewing room. I can understand your choosing to set up proper storage areas for your cookware and dishes in your own home. I love the orderly look. Good job. Nana Banana

  • Vicki

    Humm,I think you need a bit more practice in the organization department, my address for your practice session is…
    Thanks for the post!

  • Keeping It Cozy

    Hi Lisa… oh my goodness, I want to come shop your cupboards! 🙂 It looks perfectly organized. P.S. I always love visiting your blog… you are so creative and your photos are just beautiful!

  • Brandi

    Lisa, I am over here drooling! I love all of your pretty dishes. I wish I had more cabinet space to fill my home with unique treasures. I love how organized you are!

  • Linda Rattie

    You did a wonderful Job. All the dishes etc look soooo nice. You need to swap some of the doors for glass doors or glass insets. Then you could see all your treasures!
    You have displayed everything so lovely 🙂 🙂

  • Erin

    Your pantry looks great. Im working on getting my life more organized as well. You did a fantastic job on the butler’s pantry (fancy!) lol. I love when everything has a place and right within eye’s view. Good job!

  • [email protected] Designs

    What an incredible Butler’s Pantry!…I have a small one in need of some major organization!…Thanks for the great tips!…looking forward to your cookie recipe for in this household we love all things lemon!

  • Rosalie

    Bravo! You did a beautiful job organizing your butler’s pantry. A nice bonus for all the effort you put into organizing, you found a few long, lost treasures.
    Warm regards.

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    Sigh … I used to really like you, and then I found out you have a BUTLER’s PANTRY!!! 😉 Well, I still like you, but I really want one. My things are all stuffed here and there and no relief in sight. Oh well! It is one of the things on my wish list for my dream home.

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