DIY Chalkboard Drink Tags


ometimes you just want your drink to look as good as it tastes.

That’s how I feel about these chalkboard drink tags which make any drink they’re attached to, look that much more delicious.

This project is oh-so easy to knock out in a hurry. Whip them up in about 15-minutes but use them forever.

chalkboard drink tag

Even if you may only be making cool drinks for photo-taking purposes (as I was doing here), kids in your house are going to want to sample them before you’re done.

 Jordy and Cameron both wanted a sip, so this was the easiest way to keep them identified until I was done shooting.

drink tags using chalkboard paint

OK, let’s make some tags.

First, grab a some chalkboard paint along with a handful of plain, wood tags.

I found these tags at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.

 In addition to the traditional tag shape, these wood pieces are also available in heart shapes (think upcoming Valentine’s day drink labels).

chalkboard paint

Paint the wood tags with the chalkboard paint and allow to dry.

I suggest at least three coats on each side for complete coverage and absolutely no wood color is visible.

painting chalkboard tags

Once the tags are dry, use them to label whatever drink or project you like (or child’s initial).

Typically, I’d go for “Limeade” but thanks to this mid-Summer heat, I think we could all use a little “LimeAID”.  Agreed?

drink tags using chalkboard paint

You can also add a bit more color and whimsy to your serving with a few simple embellishments.

Colorfully striped straws, baker’s twine and an artificial (or natural) twig will go a long way.

green striped straws
Place a small piece of the twig end against the top of the jar and screw the lid in place over the twig to hold it in place.

chalkboard tags and mason jars

Loop the baker’s twine through the tag and attach the whole thing to the twig.

mason jar with chalkboard tag

All ready to serve.

chalkboard tags for drinks

How refreshing would these drink look at your next Summer luncheon?

I’d say pretty cool with a splash of DIY crafty to boot.



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