ome decorating is always a work in progress in my book. No matter how much you love a space, there’s always room for improvement, tweaking and/or small adjustments.

Regular readers of this blog may remember this photo from an earlier post featuring my painted mirror makeover.

Lately, this arrangement (which is in our music room) has felt a little heavy looking and far too Fall season-ish.

Throughout this post, I’ll share the small changes I made to this wall to freshen up the space and give this part of the room a lighter look for the Summer season.

First, allow me to share my inspiration behind this mini-makeover.

After spotting this arrangement at Pottery Barn  online I set out to find similar pieces so that I could make over my wall in comparable, airy fashion.

Pottery Barn adPhoto source: Pottery Barn

I re-located the large grated horse to a ledge during a foyer makeover earlier this year.

This turned out to be a much better location for this clunky statue.

Foyer and horse
Now this is a pretty big jug, but I found it on sale for 1/2 price and it was the last one in the store.

I think it ties-in with the white furniture already in the room.  While I love it, my husband, Boris jokingly calls it a Hee Haw jug.

Does anyone remember that TV variety show?

White vase
As much as I love my “Hee Haw” jug, I wish it did have a few more distressed areas just to tone down the white a bit.

Initally, I thought about using sandpaper to try to increase the amount of distressing but then thought better of it.  It’s not worth running the risk ruining a good deal with a mis-guided attempt at alteration.

White vase handles
Meanwhile, great florals are usually pretty easy to find.

I love these faux, white cherry blossom branches.

Faux cherry blossoms
When I spotted this wooden bird cage on a Home Goods clearance table, I noticed the base platform was missing and so was the knob on top.  There were a few broken dowels and several scratches along the back as well.

No wonder it was only $6.00.

The price tag won me over along with the knowledge that there’s nothing a little hot glue and paint can’t fix.

Wooden bird cage
I repaired the broken dowels and then gave the cage three coats of antique white spray paint which thoroughly covered the scratches.

So far so good and almost good as new.

wooden bird cage painted
All the cage needs now is a wooden knob (.89-cents from Home Depot).

I spray painted it and then used hot glue to attach the knob to the top of the cage.

wooden knob painted
What was a ratty, wooden bird cage now looks better than than ever and serves as an example of how easy it is to turn trash into treasure.

At some point, I’ll cut and paint a circular piece of thin plywood to replace the missing base.

Painted bird cage
You’ll recall, my inspiration photo included books inside the bird cage (interesting look but not very book-accessible).

I prefer to maintain easy access to all books so I decided to stack mine instead using these well-read and white-jacketed books.

This little patina garden girl has been moved around my house multiple times and still has no permanent spot.

I love her flower-filled container.  For some reason, I’ve never been able to find the perfect location for this sweet statue.

We’ll see if she works in this new arrangement.

Patina garden girl statue
OK, before I show you what the wall looks like now, here’s another quick look at the space before I made the changes.

(You can see how to make these fringed, oversized pillow covers from an earlier post if you click here).

Mirror, horse and candlesticks
Here’s a look at the wall now.

I think this is a much cleaner look and more appropriate for Summer.

(NOTE: A closer look at these photos reveals one detail I didn’t notice in person.  I’ll definitely have to move the mirror a little higher on the wall so it’s not quite so obscured.)

Music room wall
Here’s how the other side of this music room looks.

You can see how the rest of this room was slowly transformed in an earlier, makeover blog post entitled; At Home with Books.

Music room wide view
After finishing this latest mini-makeover, it occured to me that the pretty, floral handpainting on the side chest may need to be more visible instead of being hidden behind the love seat.

Handpainted florals
There is still a large white sofa in this room but here’s a look at the wall without the love seat.

I think it opens up the room a bit more and revealing the handpainted chest finally gives this pretty piece of furniture some room to breath and shine.

What do you think?  Keep the love seat or re-locate it?

Music room wall with flowers
Love seat or no loveseat?  I’m still undecided on that but I am pleased with the new decorative elements on this wall.

It’s gone from a heavy Fall look to a much lighter presentation, perfectly fit for Summer.

Before and after

As the seasons change, I think it’s nice to freshen things up and make small changes to home decor too.

I love it when I can pull together existing elements and combine them with a few new, inexpensive items to create a brand new look.

(NOTE: I think the little garden girl finally has a home base.)

Flowers, vase and garden girl
The painted bird cage is my favorite new element here because I love the satin, antique white paint.  It’s such a soft transformation from the original finish.



As you can see, simple touches and small details can go a long way.

So, what home decorating tweaks are you working on? ♥

  • Monica

    Your room looks so pretty. I really like the fresh changes that you made.

  • Ellya Brill

    Hi Lisa,
    You dropped by at my about page ! thank you !
    I see that we have similar topics. I love interior decor and I also love lavender ! I love your mirror and the patina garden girl. If you don’t mind telling, where did you get them ?
    BTW, lovely home !

  • Metal Wall Art

    I can honestly say that those decor you have used were just simply perfect. Maybe its because of its color that compliments to any other color.

  • Nanette Butler

    yes move the love seat let the flowers show! Just love your blog!!!!

  • Lisa

    What a lovely vignette! The painted birdcage and strong use of white is perfect for summer decor…
    See you in BYW2!

  • Tracey Fisher

    That looks beautiful – and I love the hee haw jug! Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. I remember your beautiful blog and banner from blogging for bliss – it definitely stayed with me. Hope you are enjoying the course. Cheers, Tracey.

  • Dani

    What a beautiful post! I love the bird cage make over – stunning!
    Looking forward to exploring your blog some more 🙂
    I’m so thrilled to meet all the lovely BYWers.

  • Mari Robeson

    Beautiful Blog and amazing make over. I’m Inspired!!!
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you!
    Mari, Fellow BYW 🙂

  • Beth @ Remarkably Domestic

    Wow! I really love the Hee Haw jug with its white branches. That looks amazing. And I think the jug looks in perfect proportion!
    See you in BYW!
    Beth 🙂


    I really love your transformation…It’s so inspiring for me! I’m just beginning with my blog and I’m trying to learn more through BYW course and talened friends I can meet in class, like you!

  • anastasia

    it looks so beautiful – what a lovely room, so calm and the colours are subtle and elegant!
    Great to meet more students from BYW2!

  • Minnie

    I really enjoyed the transformation of your window area in your music room. What a beautiful and cozy room. How great that you took what you saw in a PB catalog and gave it your own spin.

  • Sarah

    Hi! Just got a chance to check out your blog, and I have to say you reeled me in with your last two posts. I used lavender and birdcages in my wedding decor a few years ago, so they are both close to my heart. Love the new vignette on top of your bombe chest. The large cherry blossom arrangement really perks up the space for summer. Well done 🙂
    Hope you’re enjoying BYW2!

  • Karen

    Hi Lisa,
    I love your post on the mini-makeover, and how you share what you are doing with decisions along the way. I also love whatever fabric is in the cushion right at the front of the photo – I can see I will be looking at earlier posts about them! Karen, from BYW2

  • Sewing Daisies

    Hey there Lisa,
    Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies and saying hello. I just have a sticky beak on your blog and it’s gorgeous. Your camera & decorating skills are amazing!
    I can’t wait to chat more in the forum…

  • Eeli

    You are very talented decorator! Beautiful collection of items and so nicely designed. I like the color combination white-creme-grey-golden :).
    Thank You for sharing,
    Eeli (BYW 2.0 fellow)

  • Thimbleanna

    Wow — great job Lisa! I love that you made over the birdcage too. Very Pretty!

  • Catherine Bedson

    Hi Lisa,
    What a beautiful home you have, I love the clever projects especially the bird cage (I have lots of them in my home too!) Your blog is very inspiring.
    PS: Left a comment yesterday but for some reason it didn’t work.

  • Karen Barclay

    I have recently redecorated my conservatory to a calming green colour, visit to see what i have done. The downstairs cloakroom has also had a makeover,
    I love your new feature in your music room Lisa very summery.

  • Bobbi Jo Nichols

    Beautiful and so calming. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  • Elaine Tutman

    Nice post. I like the brighter look and I like your make-over efforts. As to the love seat, why not move it and see how your family likes the new arrangement. You can always move it back, expecially when Fall/Winter roll around and you want a different look. Best wishes, Nana Banana ( Mom)

  • Mary C. Nasser

    Amazing makeover!
    I’m in love with that wooden birdcage! Your makeover to that alone could have been a blog post in itself! Wow!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW 2.0)

  • Kisha

    I love the table setting, it’s very fresh looking. I don’t know if you should move the love seat or leave it where it is. The table setting is a beautiful look behind the sofa, but the table itself is hidden (decisions). I have a floor standing bird cage I purchased at a vintage thrift store in Madison, GA 2 yrs ago. Haven’t touched it because I’ve not had the perfect inspiration…this is it. I now know how I want to bring it to life, thanks to you and your beautiful work. Thanks so much for constant inspiration.

  • Joy Hall

    Well done post! I am at the beginning stages of redoing our house so I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Visiting from BYW2

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