Fall Harvest Quilt

One look at the trees and you’ll likely agree that Mother Nature is at her most spectacular this time of year.

I love to soak up the brilliant colors and I think this fall harvest quilt project is fun way pay tribute to the hues of the season.

Blog fall harvest leaves

I’ve always been partial to the wonderful shades of brown, gold and red that dot the landscape.

I’m perfectly happy to say goodbye to Summer when the sights are easily replaced with luscious, vivid tones like this.

Blog fall harvest leaves2

Even after the leaves that hit the ground they retain such natural beauty in my eyes.

Just look at all the pretty shades of brown and tans in Cameron and Jordy’s leaf pile.

Obviously, the kids get a big kick out of this time of year and these two always volunteer to get out and do their share of leaf raking.

Blog fall harvest wide2

The selection of these muted colors in this quilt was definitely inspired by the pretty browns found in fallen leaves.

This quilt pattern is called Morning Glory Star and it’s really fun to sew and watch the design take shape with the fabrics.

Blog fall harvest stars

While the beauty of this pattern lies in the assortment of glorious fabrics, the heart of the Morning Glory Star design rests with the well-defined and abundant stars that appear to float throughout the entire quilt.

The star pattern is another optical illusion of sorts that is created when the identical points from several blocks are joined with a center square to create the appearance of a star design.

Blog fall harvest star

Because I made this quilt years ago without snapping photos of the construction process, I re-created the block arrangement with similar fabrics so you can see how all the pieces come together to produce the signature design.

There are more than 850 pieces in this quilt but don’t be deterred.

The blocks are simply made up of lots of squares and rectangles as you can see in the single block formation in the photo below.

Blog fall harvest block4 copy

The star points are created by diagonally sewing the smaller squares onto each corner of the rectangles.

Trim the excess, fold back and iron.

Blog fall harvest block3 Blog fall harvest block2

The photo below shows what all the rectangles with their star points look like when lined up with the larger squares.

Notice the design that begins to take shape as all the pieces surround that center fabric square.

Blog fall harvest block

Sew each row and then each column and VOILA, the block is complete and the star design is revealed within the other fabrics.

Blog fall harvest block5 copy

Meanwhile, the backing you choose for your quilt is important because you want to ensure that the decorative stitching is highly visible for maximum effect.

For this quilt, I used the same tone-on-tone fabric for the backing as I did for the main stars.

Finding ways to duplicate fabrics within the quilt is a good way to help tie all the elements of the project together.

quilt backing

This Morning Glory Star quilt pattern is the kind of design that can be wonderfully versatile depending on the type of fabric used.

To see another (but unfinished) Morning Glory Star project view this photo.

A while back I saw a Morning Glory Star quilt with a patriotic color theme.

The quilter used a variety of red, white and blue fabrics and made all the stars out of stark white cotton.

It was quite stunning and really illustrated how different fabric combinations can impact the finished quilt appearance even when using the exact same design.

Blog fall harvest wrap

Regular readers of this blog know that I love scalloped edging on my quilts.

Here’s my familiar take on the finished quilt edge in the photos below.  You can see a few of my other scalloped quilt edges if you click HERE.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, once you scallop a quilt, you may never go back to a straight edge again.

Blog fall harvest curves Blog fall harvest curves2

My twin sister Paula, often chides me for having quilts that are more “fashion than function” as she puts it.

I know it’s probably against some unspoken quilter’s rule but I resist allowing my quilts to actually be used since I consider them more decorative art.

I made a small exception this time for the benefit of this post and my little leaf handlers.

Blog fall harvest leaves3

This quilt design is from United Notions/Moda Fabrics which features a variety of free patterns, sewing tips, products and ideas online.

Click Morning Glory Quilt Pattern to download a PDF instruction and supply sheet for this quilt pattern.

Morning star quilt1

If you actually use your quilts (like most people), this one will definitely keep you toasty this season.

Even if you use your quilts for decor purposes only (like me), you’ll still have a beautiful Autumn Harvest after the very last stitch.

  • Paula

    Lisa, the Autumn Harvest quilt and all other quilts on your site, are so beautiful. I love your photography as well. Very cute site and I will be visiting again. From Topeka, KS…..thank you for your neat site!

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    Oh Lisa, that quilt is gorgeous! And your kids are pretty cute, too!

  • Quiltpiecer.blogspot.com

    Oh, how I love this quilt! It’s gorgeous; of course, I am partial to fall colors. I am so inspired to make one right away! I came by way of Freda’s Hive and am now a follower. Thanks for sharing!

  • Barbara

    Dear Lisa,
    I found your beautiful blog through Tara Frey’s book. Love your tutorials and am already thinking that my ironing board cover could be LOTS prettier… I look forward to coming back and exploring. Happy new year.

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    Beautiful. I love the colors. Overall, it’s not as orangey as what I normally think of when I think “fall colors” and I like that.

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    Quilt is magnificent & kids absolutely adorable Lisa!!!:) chris

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    I love your photos. So beautiful.

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    Wonderful pictures and such a beautiful quilt.You have inspired me to try quilting someday:)

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    Beautiful quilt. I made this quilt with soft pastels for my daughters graduation. Your version is fabulous. And your photos are amazing.

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    What a beautiful project – thank you!

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    Absolutely stunning photos! We do use our quilts. I have some decorative ones but all the rest are snuggled under.

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    Totally blown away by another awesome creation Lisa…I do hope that you have that spectacular artwork displayed somewhere visible in your home where you get to appreciate it’s beauty on a daily basis ;-D

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    Beautiful quilt! Great photos of the quilt and fall leaves. Fall is my fav time of the year.

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    Your quilt is beautiful! And thanks for the instruction sheet. I will keep it for future reference. It’s a wonderful design!

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    Lisa, What a beautiful quilt!! Just perfect for this fall post. I love everything about it, the color, the design, and the scallops. They kids look like they are having way too much fun in the leaves too. Thank you for the PDF. I have just printed it out, it is now officially in my to do list.

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