Bursting Star Peach Quilt

Over the last several years, I’ve made more than a dozen quilts and this one was not only one of my very first quilts-it remains one of my favorites too.

I love the soft peach color and rose patterned fabric along with the red that makes this Bursting Star quilt really pop.

Blog_peach_quilt_closeupThis is another one of those quilt patterns that may look difficult to construct but is actually quite simple.

The wonderful pattern is created by combining 1/2-squares and 1/2 triangles which ends up creating multiple designs within the quilt top.

That’s the beauty of a pattern like this-there’s so much more to it than initially meets the eye.

Blog burtsting star

This finished design reminds me of one of those Rorschach ink blot tests because depending on how you look at it, a different design may be more prominent to your eye.

Which patterns do you first see within the quilt-the stars or the squares?

Blog bursting star2

I found this pattern in a nice quilt book called Plentiful Possibilities which is filled with beautiful designs which are quite easy.


I’ve already started a new quilt using this same easy pattern which features a brown and green fabric combination.  I’ll use this partially completed quilt to show you a few of the steps involved in creating this starburst design.

A large square is the center point of the overall block.  If you want a particular pattern in the center of this square, you can fussy-cut the pattern.  I did the same thing for the peach-colored quilt so that the pretty rose was dead center.

Since there is some amount of fabric-waste when fussy-cutting, remember you will need to calculate additional fabric yardage if you plan to do any selective cutting.


Dozens of smaller squares also help create the starburst (and the square) pattern.

After cutting squares (left photo), some of them will be cut again diagonally.  The triangles from that cut are sewn together to produce a new square that contains two different fabrics as shown in the photo on the right.

Blog_peach_quilt_brown_squares Blog_peach_quilt_brown_squares2

The specific placement of these various squares is what creates the starburst pattern.

The photo below shows how all the individual squares are ultimately lined up to create the pretty design.



Here’s a side-by-side comparison between the un-sewn squares seen on the right and a few completed blocks on the left which have been sewn together to create the first row of this quilt.

Meanwhile, I’ll share this completed brown and green quilt later in an upcoming post.


Now take another look at the finished peach quilt.  You can see how all the squares come together to create the bold starburst and square designs.  The addition of an 8-inch matching floral border adds size and continuity to the finished quilt.

I really love working with lots of fabric pieces like this that create several designs within a design.  This is also another example of a pattern that may look complicated but is really super simple to make.


The quilting is typically most visible on the back, which is why it’s a good idea to select a lighter-colored fabric so you can actually see the intricate design.

This pretty rose and leaf design has always been one of my favorite quilt patterns and I’ve used this rose design on several projects.

Blog peach quilt back copy


I think scalloping really adds a nice touch to any quilt and a scalloped edge is always my preference.  Out of all the quilts I’ve made, I only have one that has a straight edge.

A scalloped edge is such a pretty, feminine treatment for any quilt project.


This quilt has 12-starburst blocks and with the added border measures about 78-inches by 96-inches, which is just shy of a queen-size.

Of course, you can make this quilt larger or smaller by changing the number of blocks used as well as the width of the border fabric you select.

Blog startburst quilt

This is one of those patterns that is fun and simple that will give you a great result every time regardless of your fabric choices.  It’s that versatile.

Try this pattern for yourself and this will be one bursting star that you’ll be bursting at the seams to show off.

  • Sheri

    I absolutely adore this quilt!!! Thanks so much for showing how you put your starburst blocks together!

  • Nanci

    I just found your site from Amy’s 2009 quilt festival and just wanted to say how wonderful your work is. It will be fun to follow you in the future and see what you are up to. Precious children also I might add.

  • Kathleen Solomi

    Did you have your quilt long arm quilted

  • Kathleen Solomi

    Hi, Lisa , cottonreel here. I can see your quilt is made up of 1/2 squ,. triangles and it is the stars I see. It,s beautiful, I,m a patchwork, quilter myself

  • sherry

    What a beautiful quilt. You did an excellent job…love it!!

  • Malphi

    I am amazed…that was one of your first quilts! It’s perfection! and interesting to see a similar one laid out, that really does make it look more do-able otherwise I would have thought it was much more complicated. Utterly wonderful as usual.

  • Gabriela Delworth

    Hello Lisa,
    Every visit is a new surprise!
    Your quilt is amazing!
    ~ Gabriela ~

  • Lori

    Beautiful work!! Thank you for sharing part of the process, it’s very interesting.

  • Niesz Vintage Home

    Stunning…just stunning!
    I love everything about it; the colors, the pattern, the scallop border, and the amazing quilting design.
    Wow! really pretty.
    Kimberly 🙂

  • britt- sparkledvintagecharm

    eek!!! wow Lisa!!! sooo pretty!! love it!! great job sweetie!! big hugs!! I hope you have a really fantastic day!! xo Britt

  • Sarah Keith

    ahhhh! Since I’ve found your blog you’ve inspired me to get a quilt the one & only quilt I started about 5 years ago…then I had children and put it up. Think I’m ready to start on it again! ha!

  • Terriaw

    This is such a beautiful quilt. And you make it sounds so easy to put together. I always love the scalloped edges you do on your quilts.

  • Mosaic Queen

    Oh My GOODNESS!!! That quilt is just Gorgeous!!!!!!! Wowsa!

  • kelly hanederson

    Just gorgeous Lisa! I am amazed by quilters. I don’t have the patience of precision to practice this wonderful art form, so I really admire those who do!

  • Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

    I love that quilt! The scalloped border is just the perfect compliment to the quilt.

  • Candace

    Hi Lisa, I came over via Nanette’s blog – your work is fantastic! I love star quilts and this one will definitely go on my to-do list! Cheers!

  • Elyse

    hello! just found your blog and it is wonderful. full of happy creativity and great photos! xo

  • Sarah

    Ooooohhhh it’s so pretty! I love it all, the scalloped border with the red binding really adds something special. And the quilting is gorgeous!

  • Sarah

    Ooooohhhh it’s so pretty! I love it all, the scalloped border with the red binding really adds something special. And the quilting is gorgeous!

  • [email protected] Peas

    Beautiful! I have always loved the scalloped edge too. It reminds of a quilt my mom used to wrap around me when I was sick.

  • Julie Size

    Just beautiful!!! You figure out a way to squeeze 48 hours…no make that 72 hours into the day and then I will be thrilled to make a quilt just like that one. I kind of miss the days when I had young ones at home and used to craft during their nap time.

  • Gayle

    I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more.

  • Caroline

    Just gorgeous! I really like the scalloped edges too. I can see why they are a favorite edge of yours…they looks so pretty and add an beautiful finishing touch.

  • Sheree

    Happy Election Day, Lisa!
    Love the quilt…so pretty!

  • nance

    It’s that easy? Thanks for showing us the how-to, Lisa… gorgeous, gorgeous, quilt!

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    Hi Lisa! How are you? Creating more loveliness here I see. No surprise there! Your quilts are stunning! It is always so cozy and homey to me to see beautiful quilts. They add warmth and beautiful color to a room!!!
    You do such beautiful work.
    Happy week,

  • Laurie

    The quilt is beautiful! Good job, it always feels so good when a project is finished!!!

  • jen davis

    Just beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  • Emily/ Five Flowers

    Just lovely! Thank you for the visit:: I just love your blog… you are so talented! I wish I had the organizational skills to complete something like this; wow! Such great quilting too!

  • Judy

    Beautiful quilt, Lisa. I love your blog.

  • tea time and roses

    Hello Lisa!
    What a beautiful quilt! As you know, I just love your work! Each piece says Lisa for sure! I wish to try quilting someday, maybe starting with a small doll or baby quilt! Thank you so much for sharing with us! You have a beautiful week.

  • Tara

    Lisa, what a beautiful quilt, I am envious of your sewing talents and your patience. I love the colors and the scalloped edge and the fact that is was lovingly handmade!
    Thank you for sharing~
    ~ Tara ~

  • Amy @ parkcitygirl

    Love your quilt! It’s a beauty 🙂 My favorite part of quilting is the hidden blocks that emerge.

  • Karla

    It is gorgeous. Really makes me wish I could sew!

  • Joan

    This is a beautiful quilt . The colours are so lovely.

  • sharron

    A beautiful quilt and beautiful photographs too!

  • Maria

    Couldn’t wait for another post from your blog and WOW what a surprise….simply gorgeous. I’m finishing a quilt for my daughter and got your tutorial on the other quilt with scallop edge and how to do it and you make it look so simple. So that is how I am finishing my quilt.

  • anna

    just discovered your blog-what an amazing quilt! one of these days i will try a scalloped border.

  • Abbie

    This quilt is a gorgeous work of art! Wow.

  • Nanette

    Lisa your eye for color and pattern is amazing. I really like pink and red together and the soft green really works to accentuate and compliment. This is a fabulous quilt. Probably the best quilt I’ve seen in a while. And the scallops soften the hard edges of the star. Really an eye popping design. As soon as I clicked the pic I knew I needed to make something like this too. Your showing how to make the block is great – it makes me think anyone could do this. It really is beautiful.

  • Meghan Cobble

    Very beautiful…it is easy to see you are a perfectionist.
    I have completed 2 quilts since starting quilting this summer.
    I am hooked. It is so therapeutic to me. I love the joy, work, and craftmenship that goes into them. I can only see myself making those close to your heart.
    Your blog is such a lovely spot.
    Thanks for sharing.
    .mac 🙂

  • adrienne

    HOW BEAUTIFUL LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to try a quilt!!! Simply beautiful!

  • Shelley Jo

    Oh, my! That is so lovely. I, too, love taking fabric, cutting it into various geometric shapes and then putting it back together to make another (or two or three) patterns. It’s so much like a puzzle. It’s amazing to me.

  • traci

    yeah! it’s the first of the month, you know what that means – lisa has another beautiful post for us. the quilt is just gorgeous. would love to be snuggled up in that reading a good book by the fireplace.

  • Stephanie

    One of your FIRST quilts??? Gorgeous and a scalloped border too. I have yet to be brave enough to try scallops. New Year’s goal perhaps…that list is getting very long.

  • Jane Weston

    It’s stunning…I love the soft peach fabric too and the scalloped edge finishes it off beautifully!

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