Pick a Pear (and eat an apple)

This isn't the kind of pear you can actually sink your teeth into but it's still a yummy-looking piece of fruit. 

You can never go wrong with a great pincushion like this.

        Blog pear single5

The pretty pear reminds me of a fun fruit by fabric designer Heather Bailey whose little pear pincushions look adorable at about 5-inches tall.  Textile artist Lucinda Ganderton also features a similar irresistible, tiny pear pincushion in one of her popular books.

I thought a bigger version would be fun to make and even more fun to use, so I created a super duper one.  My jumbo pear is close to 14-inches tall and 9-inches wide.  You definitely won't lose this in your sewing area.

       Blog pear red apple

I included these photos of average-sized apples just to give you a visual perspective of just how large this pear pincushion turned out. 

I could take a bite out of one of these delicious looking apples right now.

     Blog pear apples

Of course, the leaves on this jumbo pear deserve equally over-sized leaves which are made out of felt.  While the pear body holds loads of loose straight pins, these large leaves are perfect for storing needles. 

Blog leaf closeup

The leaf veins are a simple embroidery backstitch.  While I do a lot of machine embroidery, I'd love to improve my hand embroidery skills for other smaller projects, so this was good practice.

I recently learned how to make a beautiful embroidered French Knot and tried to use some of the pretty stitches on this project.  However, I ended up having to cut the little knots off the felt because on this particular project the French Knot stitch with its dotted appearance, looked more like some sort of leaf infestation on the felt.  

I'll have to save my newly-discovered French Knot stitches for another day and another project.  In the meantime, this backstitch works fine.

       Blog pears leaf

Meanwhile, I really fancy the look of this old, weathered picnic table in my parents' backyard which I used for this outdoor photo shoot.  I love the faded wood and its rustic texture. 

Looking at this wonderfully-worn table, reminds me of days growing up here in the country and climbing trees, many of which are still standing today. 

How lucky is that, to be able to grow up with an opportunity to climb trees?  Those are good memories.

Blog pear table2

My mom loved this pear project too and she sat outside and kept my company as I snapped these photos.  While I clicked away, we chit-chatted about a little bit of everything; kids, politics and various crafts projects.  What a great way to spend a fall day. 

I can't wait to sit this jumbo pear in my sewing space and fill it with all my wayward pins and needles. 

Blog pear group5

I think a jumbo pear pincushion like this would also make the most delicious holiday gift for that special friend or loved one who sews.  With dimensions like this, just think of all the pins this plush fruit could potentially hold.  

Of course if you make one to give as a gift, you must also pick a pear for yourself.  After that, perhaps… eat an apple. 


  • chanel flap

    After read the article.I have just one word to say,you are so brilliant.I like all of your article.Well done.

  • britt-sparkledvintagecharm

    adorable!!! sooo cute!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!! hugs!! Britt šŸ™‚

  • Tonya Richard

    That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! That must be awesome to have in your sewing room. I have 4 different pincushions for all of my pins, that sucker would hold them all! LOL

  • Joan

    What a great pincushion


    Hi Lisa, my inglish is terrible, mmm your blog is Beatiful, SO CUTE!!! i lIKE TOO MUCH, UN BESO GRANDE DA ROMA!!!

  • Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

    Lisa that pear pin cushion is so cute! I am always in awe of your creativity and sewing talent!

  • Sasha Farina

    Lisa, you’re genius, you know that, right? My daughter saw your pear and thought that’s a soft toy, indeed i think it look cuddly! LOL šŸ˜€

  • bobbinoggin

    how very creative. a fun twist on heather bailey’s pattern. i can’t say i’ve ever seen such a large pin cushion. šŸ™‚

  • Charlie

    Hi Lisa: Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for dropping by. I had a gander thru yours – so beautiful.

  • salina

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I think that you have a lovely place here and I plan on adding you to my blog list. The big pear pincushion would make a great addition to any sewing room. Love the colors.
    Well you take care and come visit me again real soon.:)

  • Du Buh Du Designs

    Now that is a pincushion! It could double as soft sculpture as well:)

  • rochambeau

    Hi Lisa,
    What a nice pear shape pin cushion!!
    Nice fall fabrics too!
    Also, really like your Raggety dolls on your banner. Especially the one with the blue hair!

  • Geeta

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!!!
    This pear is adorable! I love it to bits!
    Your choice of fabrics is perfect, the tweeds are lovely, as is your hand embroidery!
    How about golden one’s for a Christmas setting? Perhaps you could try sewing sequins or beads for something like that?

  • Katarina

    Love the pear so much!!!Soooo cute!!!!

  • frenchgardenhouse

    Lisa, I love this huge pear, a row of them would be A R T! I’m making some heart in hand pincushions right now…but maybe I could squeeze in a pear or two.:)
    xo Lidy

  • Mosaic Queen

    Hello Miss Lisa!
    I’m finally catching up and wanted to stop by and say Hello!
    Love the pin cushion!
    Hugs to you!

  • kelly henderson

    I like the idea of a giant pincushion– I could get all my pins into one of your pears! Great photos of the picnic table and it sounds like a lovely day with your Mom.

  • Lisa

    Holy big pear! That’s awesome, now i have an urge to sew one for myself, and eat some fruit too!

  • Sheree

    Looks great Lisa…love the fabrics you chose for the project. Sounds like a great day with your mom as well.
    Talk soon,

  • [email protected] Peas

    that’s is so adorable. I’m sure my boys would mistake it for one of there toys. LOL. I would have to put it up high where they can’t get it!

  • Gina

    THANK you THANK you SO much for finally giving the blogging world larger items ( and photos, lol!) I can see every detail on these photos and am so happy that I found your blog! I have so many pins and don’t want to use 4 cushions to separate them…

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    Hey, Lisa, cute idea! šŸ™‚ It looks like something you could use for a variety of decorative purposes too!
    Love it!
    Happy weekend,

  • Jen Davis

    Really cute idea, thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie

    Wow, I have a lot of pins and I’m sure that would be a BIG enough pear. Great project as usual. I have been admiring the pear pincushions I’ve been seeing. Beautiful photography too.

  • Toni from NC

    I really like this, Lisa. I can see myself making some of these for family members for Christmas.

  • nance

    How neat! I’ll make a few of these and give it to friends for Christmas!

  • Elaine Tutman

    Another good project for using up those fabric and felt scraps (Waste not, want not).
    Love, your Mother Woman
    Hello to you, too, Julie!

  • traci

    beautiful photos. perfect for fall. if i sewed, i would make a pear for all my needles and pins too. very cute.

  • Violet

    Love that pear! And your photos are so pretty. Really enjoyed your post : )

  • denice

    An oversized pincushion — what a fantastic idea! Love it!

  • Sandra Evertson


  • Julie

    Love your pear and your photos! Aren’t you creative, making it in such a wonderfully grand size?? Yes, you are! And now I want a fabulously large statement of a pincushion of my own, like yours!
    “Hi Lisa’s mom, if you’re reading this! Your daughter rocks!” šŸ™‚

  • adrienne

    How fun is this!!! You just made me want an apple lol

  • Tara

    Love the colors!! Pears seem to be popping up everywhere and I am loving them!!
    I agree about having a day with your mom, to chit chat and enjoy the fall weather. What could be better!

  • Hannah Shaw

    What a great idea. My pincushions are tiny, no wonder I misplace them all the time. I also really like the leaf for sewing needles. I can’t tell you how many times I lose them from being pushed to far into the cushion. Your pear turned out beautifully, I love the fabric combinations and I think the leaf embroidery looks beautiful!

  • Amy @ parkcitygirl

    how fun! oversized is good then you don’t get poked on the backside!

  • Abbie

    What a fantastic pin cushion. I like the size as well.

  • Terriaw

    That is a gorgeous and large pear! I love the tweed you used and the overall color combination. I love days like that, sitting outside, reminiscing and having a really great conversation. Cherish that “feel good” day!

  • Caroline

    Looks great! I like the fall colors you used too!

  • Woody

    It could make a great doorstop as well – lovely

  • Jen r sanctuary arts at home

    Very cute. a set of those would be cute on a table too!