(fall fun, scary scrapbooking and sweet treats)


Have I ever mentioned that Fall is my favorite time of year?  Well, it is.  It's my absolute favorite season. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves the beautiful colors, the crisp, breezy air and the whimsical  Halloween symbols that represent this delightful time of year. 

Blog fall fun scarecrow2

Meet a few of our newest family members of the seasonal variety.  Every year we use several trees in our yard to prop up these friendly, straw-filled characters.

It never fails that at least once, I'm momentarily fooled into thinking there is actually someone standing in the trees at night.  Now that's spooky, alright!

Blog fall fun scarecrow cameron Blog fall fun scarecrow4 
In addition to the scarecrows, we also blow up this big pumpkin figure in keeping with the Halloween spirit.

I've never been crazy about this humongous blow-up pumpkin head but I always get over-ruled by Boris and the kids and so every year… up it goes.

Blog fall fun big pumpkin

Speaking of pumpkins, another tradition in my household is our annual pumpkin carving event.  Boris typically supervises this event because I don't care for touching the sticky, stringy pumpkin innards. 

I know, that's picky but I'm just happy to stay behind the camera on this activity. 

Blog fall fun carvers5 

Pumpkin carving sure has come a long way over the years.

There are so many cool tools and patterns available to help make pumpkin projects easier with more professional looking results.

Blog fall fun materials

I can't wait to see the finished carvings produced by this determined crew.  I'll check back a little later in this post to see how they're coming along.

Blog fall fun carvers4 Blog fall fun carvers3 

While we're still on the subject of pumpkins here's one of my favorite scrapbook pages featuring Jordy during one of our pumpkin patch visits a few years ago.

I love this photo of him and I think his cute, curly hair makes him even more adorable.

Blog fall fun jordy

Here's a closer look at a few of the details I used to spice up this layout including letter stickers and a few pre-made pumpkin die cuts.

Layering embellishments like this can help add depth and dimension to a scrapbook page which creates a nice, polished effect.

Blog fall fun letters  Blog fall fun die cuts

Anyone have a taste for a ghost pop?  These are super simple to make and the entire project can be turned over to little hands to complete. 

Blog fall fun ghost single

To make these, you'll need Tootsie Pops, white paper towels, thin ribbon, glue and some googly eyes which can be picked up at any crafts store.

Blog fall fun ghosts supplies copy

Count on young crafters to insist on sampling a Tootsie Pop during the construction process.  It's OK and par for the course.

Blog fall fun kids3

These treats look perfectly spooky all lined up like this.  The mouths were made using a hole punch and black construction paper, which I think works better than using a black marker (which tends to bleed into the paper towel).

These ghost pops also make nice treats to hand out to classmates.

Blog fall fun ghosts

Let's check in to see how my pumpkin carvers are doing.  Looks like they're making pretty good progress but they're not done yet. 

Keep working guys, you're almost there.

  Blog fall fun pumpkin workers

The highlight in our household this time of year is the excitement surrounding Halloween costumes.  When Cameron and Jordy were really little, I always coordinated their dress-up as you can see in these cute photos from Halloween 2001.

It's a treat just to look back on how tiny they were back then.

Blog fall fun oz


Blog fall fun lion 

Of course, with every new trick-or-treat night there is another opportunity for me to scrapbook the event for fun and posterity. 

Here's an example of another of one of my coordinated costume efforts in this 101-Dalmatians themed layout below.

Blog fall fun dalmatians


As my kids got older they started picking their own costumes and expressing their own individual costume style, tastes and in some cases, their ghoulish interests.

Two years ago Cameron and Jordy were both pretty scary looking as you can see in this scrapbook layout entitled Frightful X 2.

Blog fall fun frightful

Here's one more Halloween scrapbook layout from a few years ago.  Cameron dressed as a sweet witch, Jordy channeled a favorite Power Ranger and Boris was a big hit as he strolled the neighborhood as a devil dad. 

This 2-page layout appeared in 601 Great Scrapbooking Ideas book, published a while back. 

Scroll down to the end of this post to see Cameron and Jordy's Halloween costumes this year.

Blog fall fun boo



Newsstands and bookshelves are loaded with great material for Halloween ideas and projects. 

I really enjoy browsing these publications for great photos and projects and every year I find something new to try for the spooky season.

Blog fall fun books

Now don't go losing your head over this next sweet treat. 

Hands down, this is one of the easiest treats to whip up.  I'm a big fan of simple projects and this fits the bill with practically no cleanup when finished.

Blog fall fun heads 
Just melt white chocolate wafers in the microwave.  Drop a teaspoon of the soft chocolate into these skull molds which can be picked up at any crafts store in the baking section.

Let cool for about 20 minutes until hard and then simply pop the skulls out of the molds.

Blog fall fun skull scoop

Blog fall fun mold

Stack a quartet of the skulls into plastic treat bags, tie the top with a ribbon and adhere a fun sticker.  They're creepy looking but oh-so sweet.

By the way, these packaged chocolate skulls would make great, unexpected goodies for school teachers.

Blog fall fun pkgs2

As promised here's the finished effort from my pumpkin carving trio. 

Jordy's scary-face, Cameron's mummy-face and Boris' fire-face all get a big orange thumbs-up in my book.

Blog fall fun finished pumpkins

Lights out!  This pumpkin carving technique really shines when you flip the lights off because you can really see the intricate carvings more clearly in the dark.

These look great on the front porch at night.

Blog fall fun dark pumpkins

Meanwhile, my kids really enjoy the costume dress rehearsal almost as much as Halloween night itself. 

This year Cameron itched to be a witch, while Jordy drooled to be a grim ghoul. 

I think these costumes will definitely scare up some good trick-or-treat candy as long as Jordy is careful with that scythe. 

    Blog fall fun final5 
Here's hoping your Halloween season is safe, fun-filled and all around spooktacular! 

Boo to you.

  • meridia

    You have funny kids 😉

  • renaissance costume

    Wow. You really celebrate Halloween with a bang. Thise candies were great! I can’t believe that skull molds really great.. 😀 HMm thanks for this post. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures.. 😀

  • nance

    I love the Tootsie pop idea and those skull treats! as always, Lisa, you are so creative! When our kids were little we used to carve pumpkin and go treat or tricking too every year. Sad to say that now that they are older their interest changed. 🙁

  • Laura Anderson

    The skull treat bags are my favorite, I can just taste them now. Your scrapbook pages are beautiful as well, it’s easy to see how much time you put into them. I work with ReadyMade and think you should check out their site for some other great diy ideas

  • Cheri

    What a fun post! Love all your goody ideas…Can I steal the tootsie pop ghost one? Your post has motivated me to get a move on and pull the Halloween decorations out of storage!

  • Becca

    I love this post and all the halloween craftiness going on! Fall is definitely my favorite too!

  • The Pleasures of Homemaking

    Your kids look so cute! We used to do so much for Halloween (yes my husband and I would dress up too) but them it all got to be too much since my husband loves to decorate for Christmas. He loves lights! So now we don’t really do anything for Halloween because we start the stringing of the lights in early Novembe3!
    As always you have such fun and informative posts!

  • [email protected]

    What neat ideas! I love the ghostly suckers and the chocolate skulls. How cute are those! I’m going to have to make some for the Halloween party at my son’s school!

  • Nanette

    Everything you do is fun and pretty. I love the post. Halloween at your house is like the all american holiday. Your family is so cute including hubby! I always love to see what is up at Lisa’s house.

  • Ruth Hair

    Great costumes!
    I can’t remeber the last time I carved a pumpkin. I just may have to go out and get one!

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    Great post, Lisa. I heard on the news there was going to be a shortage of pumpkin filling. Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!! I love pumpkin pie.

  • Elaine Tutman

    Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane. I well remember the Dorothy pinafore and Cruella costume as masterpieces from your sewing machine. I enjoyed seeing Boris in his usual position as pumpkin-carving supervisor and I am glad the kids have not out-grown this tradition. You guys are giving your children happy times to look back on. Best, Nana Banana (Mom)

  • Arien

    Hello there! My favorite season is also autumn, because just like you I love tohose colors, and smells in the air. Your photos are absolutely amazing. Such an active family:)

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    What great ideas! I always look forward to your posts!

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    Great ideas Lisa! you have me in the holiday spirit now!

  • frenchgardenhouse

    What a fun post, Lisa! So great to see your family too….I can’t believe how grown up your children are getting. time flies. 🙂
    xo Lidy

  • Kisha

    Your post are ALWAYS so wonderful to read. I love love all of your craft work. And the pumpkins are just wonderful. Hope your family enjoy this pumpkin season.

  • Shell

    The ghost pops and the chocolate skulls are sweet.I can definitely do the skulls, like you said it’s easy.
    Tell Cameron my two favorite things to be for Halloween is a witch and gypsy. They are the best.
    The carved pumpkins are really good especially when you showed them lit up!

  • Thimbleanna

    What a fun post Lisa! I LOVE that little skeleton idea — those little treats would be fun to leave on co-workers desks — they seem to love that stuff. Happy Halloween to your little ghouls!

  • Allie

    What a super post! I love your scarecrows! The scrapbook pages are SO precious – I love the one in the pumpkin patch especially. GREAT costumes through the years, and wonderfully documented for posterity! The pumpkins turned out really great, good job! I’m with you on staying behind the camera for THAT job, lol!
    I really love the ghost and skulls treats – Lisa, you are the Queen of Creativity!
    And oh how I love that Cruella costume – awesome!

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    This is a wonderful post. I knew your Halloween post would be a good one. I love the layouts of your past Halloweens. Cameron and Jordy look adorable! It’s fun to see your husband get into the spirit too.
    Keep up the good work!

  • elenka

    I’d like Fall a lot better if it stayed relatively warm…even at night…
    I don’t like the frost on the pumpkin effect.
    I know, I’m a wimp. Had to wear gloves this morning to come to school. I heard there’s a snow storm coming to central Pennsylvania!

  • Stephanie

    I, too, LOVE Fall! How fun that your entire family gets involved in the crafting. I let my husband be the pumpkin carver–not a fan of the stringy innards either. My kids not longer trick or treat (being in their 20s) but I love looking back at the costumes they’ve worn.

  • Jackie

    How cool! I would love to be your neighbor. Our family also does the pumpkin masters. They really look terrific!

  • Terri

    It’s so fun to see people getting into Halloween together like this! I think the big pumpkin head looks cool. The look-back at costume is fun too – you guys have some awesome costumes! My favorite part is carving pumpkins and lighting them up. They look so cool on the front porch.

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    Such a cute post!! You are amazingly talented!!
    Thanks for sharing!