How to Braid Pastry

How many times have you looked at braided pastry or bread at the bakery and admired the seemingly intricate folds of the braid?

In fact, I think a good looking braid is what draws many people to a pretty loaf.

Well, you may not know it but the technique used to get this kind of effect is super simple.

Get ready, I’m showing you how to braid pastry and I think it will change your approach to dough work.

kneading dough

Start with a favorite dough recipe.

The braided lemon bread seen in this post was made from a King Arthur Flour recipe.

However, in order for you to see how to braid dough,  I made a much simpler apple pastry using the same easy technique.

It may take a few practice folds to get the braids just right… but you’ll get it.

I think as long as you cut the “dough fringe” evenly on both sides of the center dough, you’ll be in good shape.

One of the wonderful things about this technique is that you can use it for so many different kinds of dough.

Whether using pastry or bread dough, the technique is the same.

vintage bread and pastry sign

I just have to give you one more look at my metal signage

This is another one of those fun finds that I discovered while hunting and gathering (better known as flea marketing).

It’s not only a great prop but I think its vintage look is a pleasant nod to days gone by.

braided lemon bread

Meanwhile, I’ve made this braided pastry with cherry filling, peach filling as well as a chicken filling.

I’ll share the chicken recipe later in an upcoming post.

Whatever filling you opt for, I think now that you’ve seen how to braid pastry there will be no turning back.

Braiding the dough will make whatever you make that much more appealing.

Happy braiding.

How to Braid Pastry

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  • tobeyoutiful

    OMG, that looks soooo yummy!
    Wonderful idea for thanksgiving!
    Beside…I adore your pics <3

    xoxo, Colli
    DIY – tobeyoutiful

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Thanks so much Colli.
      The braided pastry would be perfect for the holiday dessert.
      I browsed your lovely blog too. Love your creativity and gorgeous photos too.
      Have a wonderful week ahead.

  • [email protected] Designs

    Oh my Lisa…I loved the video….now next time we need to see your pretty face and beautiful voice!! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial…I always thought it was complicated!…and then there are your incredible photos!…sigh…the best!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Ha, ha. Thanks so much, Shirley.
      I’m working on that. Definitely going to resort to my TV news reporting experience for that.
      Yes, that pastry braid is so simple isn’t it? I always thought it was much harder until I actually tried it.
      Happy day to you.

  • Patti

    You are talented in so many ways. Once again, beautiful post!

  • Sherry

    I was so excited when I saw Celebrate Creativity in my inbox this morning! What a lovely post! Beautiful pastry. The video is quite informative and fun to watch (more than once!) Your photography skills still mesmerize me. Love the metal signage. What a find! It makes your creativity shine again! I even love the correct use of the adverb “freshly.” In other words, I love every detail! Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      That’s so nice of you, Sherry.
      I hope you try the braid technique and let me know how it turns out for you.
      Thanks for popping by.

  • Jeanne

    I love your video, Lisa – I love how you catch a little mistake in the braiding and right it…I chuckled and as usual, I am in awe of your talents. This is a fun, fun post. 🙂

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Thanks, Jeanne. I had to chuckle at your catch of my little mistake.
      When my husband saw that, he said “oh, you should take that out”.
      I left it in for a little character and I’m OK with a little imperfection-lol.
      I’m glad I did.

  • Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    They are fun to make!! Your braid looks very pretty. I bet it tasted delicious too. I love how versatile they are, in fact, they can be seasonal? We made a meat-filled one for our fish fry! I like your video — very cute!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Thanks, Marisa.
      I’m very new to dough braiding and I can’t believe how simple this is to create.
      I’ll bet your meat-filled braid was delicious.
      Happy day to you.

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