White Birch Bark
Pencil Holder

If you love the look of White Birch trees as much as I do, you’re going to really enjoy this project.

This white birch bark pencil holder is not only a whimsical storage idea but also a nature-loving nod to these beautiful trees well-known for their lovely bark.


I have to say, this project turned out even better than I thought it would and a big part of that has to do with the cute twig pencils that believe it or not, I added as an after-thought..

More about the twig-inspired pencils later in this post.

OK, let’s get started making the container.

White birch supplies2

You’ll only need a handful of supplies for the container including, cardboard tubing (the kind you use to mail maps), a hot glue gun, brown craft paint, a small amount of foam core along with white birch bark strips.

The tubing can be found at any office supply store along with the white foam core which is usually right next to poster board.

You may also need some sandpaper but that’s optional.


White Birch Bark is available in various sizes, sheets and strips.  If you can find pieces that have distinct markings or knots, all the better.

If you don’t have access to your own White Birch Bark trees (and I don’t), you can purchase bark for crafting at several online shops here, here,  and here.


First, trace the circle shape of the tubing onto a piece of foam core and cut it out.

Add a line of hot glue around the edge of the foam core circle and attach it to the bottom of the cardboard tubing.

Slide the piece of birch bark around the tubing making sure the foam core is also covered.

The 1/4-inch foam core thickness will add that degree of length to the finished container size.


Use a pencil to mark where the birch bark strip falls on the cardboard tube.

This line will mark the ultimate size of the container.


Use the pencil mark as a guide as to where to cut through the cardboard tube.

Once cut, you’ll have the first makings of the container.


Depending on how rough the cut edge is, you may need to do some sanding.

Use a piece of sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas.

NOTE: The tube seen in this photo is pretty thick.  Typical cardboard tubing is much thinner than this and also very easy to cut.


If making more than one container, apply the foam core bottom to all of the tubes and then paint them brown.

Allow the paint to dry.

Add another coat, if necessary.


After the containers are painted, use hot glue to adhere the bark strip around the tube.

I’m not sure why I didn’t paint the inside of the tubes at the same time I panted the outside but I suggest you paint inside and out at the same time.


I was still able to paint the inside of the tube after the bark was attached but I had to be a little more careful so I wouldn’t get any paint on the outside of the container which would stain the bark.


I think one of the things that makes these containers so super cute is the tree-inspired, twig pencils inside of them.

I’ve had this small collection of twig pencils for years and it’s nice to finally have a coordinated container to store them.


I picked my twig pencils up over the years from several different retailers as I spotted them but you can also find them online HERE. 


As you can see, these pencils are available with graphite or colored inserts.

The larger pencils won’t fit into a standard size pencil sharpener so you’ll most likely have to use a small carving knife to expose any new lead as needed.


I think this pencil set would look great on any desk, kitchen area or office space.

The combination of the twig pencils and matching container would also make a fun gift for the nature lover in your life.



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