Homemade Pizza Snack

It’s darn hot outside and that means there are probably few people who relish the idea of spending much time in a kitchen for very long.

This homemade pizza will not only hit the hungry spot it can also be whipped up in almost no time at all so you can get back to Summer fun.

Oh, and it’s oh-so tasty too.
You won’t need many ingredients for this recipe either.

Of course, I enjoy any opportunity to take advantage of my small herb garden which produces a variety great additions including this beautiful Basil.

NOTE: You can read more about my herb garden preps and other container gardening efforts in previous posts on this blog.


Now, how pretty is this?

I must say that Basil is my favorite homegrown herb because I love how large and healthy the leaves grow.


This is really a super simple pizza recipe that starts with easy to make dough.

You probably already have most of the required ingredients on hand which includes flour, salt, dry yeast and garlic cloves.


For your convenience, I’ve created a PDF download of the HOMEMADE PIZZA RECIPE.

After you make the dough, roll it onto a floured surface and knead it.

Cover the kneaded dough and allow to rise for a short a short time before rolling it out into rectangles to be topped with delicious fresh ingredients.


Don’t forget to check out my pizza PDF for the full recipe and instructions.

Here’s a look at my finished slices.

Wanna bite?




This has to be the easiest (and fastest) homemade pizza I’ve ever made.

While it doesn’t take long to make, trust me when I say it will get eaten in a big hurry.

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