Summer Braids


ot, humid Summer temps are often a sign of bad hair days to come.  You know what I mean, don't you?  When the mercury rises, all to often our hair just does not want to cooperate.

Well, here's one way to combat crazy Summer hair. 

Why not consider braids?  

  Open braids

My daughter Cameron, recently opted for braids for the summer due to their convenience (ie: long lasting style) and comfort (ie: low maintenance).

I found the braiding process really amazing and I thought you may find it interesting too.

Unlike cornrows which are braided very close to the scalp, this style features long, loose strands which are called BOX BRAIDS.

box braids Cameron

Installing box braids ended up being a two-stop location process.


First stop was my hairdresser's salon so Cameron's hair could be washed and a deep conditioner could be applied.


hair washing

Cameron has quite a bit of hair and even though it will ultimately be protected in braids, my stylist (Freda) strongly recommends a good conditioner to help prepare the hair for the braiding process.

A few twists hold everything in place and were ready for location number two.

What did we ever do before camera phones?

hair twisting
I've never actually used hair extensions before but if you're getting box braids you almost certainly need them.

There are a ton of extensions to choose from too, including human hair (very expensive) and synthetic hair (less versatile but a lot cheaper). 

hair extentions


Huge thanks to professional braider, Angeline who not only has has beautiful braiding technique, she has a super sweet disposition to boot.

She also has uber-patience when it comes to braiding (this install took quite a while to complete).

Check out how she prepares the extensions before using them.

hair extentions for braiding

From an observers perspective, I found the braiding to be quite involved.

Box braiding starts with one line of hair at a time.

First, Angie parted the hair into a long horizontal section along the back hairline.

braiding hair

hair braiding

The horizontal section of hair is then separated into even smaller sections and the extensions are braided right into the natural hair one small piece at a time.

I think you can easily see why this braiding technique takes as long as it does.

single box braid
It was really pretty cool to watch Cameron's hair slowly fill up with braids.

This is just the beginning, there is a lot more braiding to go.

box braids in progress

As the hair is being braided, small wisps of the extensions can sometimes poke through the individual finished braid.

Those fly-away hair extensions are carefully snipped to ensure a smooth, clean final presentation.

clipping braids

Wow, look at the braids now.

Definitely starting to add up, aren't they?

installing box braids

The last few braids are finally created roughly about seven hours after the very first one.

Long day?  Yes, but oh-so worth it.

braiding hair

Here's the finished look.

Cameron loves them and I like them too.

Box braids

Box braids are actually quite versatile too which allows for multiple looks to be worn.

Wear them down for a fun and casual look.

  Cameron painting

Or wear them swept up for a more formal appearance.

box braids upswept

Try wearing some of the braids tied on top while leaving the rest of them dangling in the back.


box braids pink tie

Or just sit back and relax in them.

As you can see, braids can be tailored to any style or mood.

We expect to leave these in Cameron's hair through this steamy season and maybe a wee bit longer.

box braids up

Box braids are carefree, convenient and cute. and most importantly this time of year…  they're summertime COOL.  

So, have you ever worn braids before?  If not, are you inspired to give them a try?  ā™„





 With the heat of these summer temps upon us, no one wants to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.

Coming up next Monday (7/15), I'll share a delicious tomato pizza recipe (topped with homegrown Basil) that will get you in and out of any oven area in a jiffy.

Hope you pop by this blog again next week for THE MONDAY MUNCH  and a closer look at my HOMEMADE PIZZA.

See you then.


  • cindy

    I LOVE your daughters braids:D WOW! Gosh I complain if I’m in the salon for more than 2 hours…I can’t even imagine 7 hours! She sure does look beautiful though! I have a TON of hair…I wish I could have that done just to be able to try it! Sorry I’m blowing up your blog today…just browsing around:) lol!

    • Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

      Browse around, dear Cindy. I hope you also find some projects or recipes to try yourself.
      Happy to have a new regular. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Theresa

    Your daughter is a lovely girl with a beautiful smile. I just love her braids. 7 hours, wow, the patience, amazing. šŸ™‚

  • Venus

    Love your blog. Love your daughters braids. I just put braids in my daughters hair for the very 1st time. She loves them. This is the 1st time I’ve visited your blog. I will be back.

  • The Prudent Homemaker

    I love that she is reading a book instead of watching television for the installation!
    I think her braids are beautiful.
    I still remember a woman in France who had the most beautiful braids. She wore them similar to the first picture in this post, but also swept up at the same time. She had about twice as many braids in her hair; it was super full. I saw her quite often on the Metro and I finally stopped her one day to tell her how pretty they were. I had never seen anyone wear braids in such an elegant style like that.

  • Charmaine McLaughlin

    Hi Lisa!
    Cameron is such a darling girl and those braids are so flattering on her! It’s been fun to watch your kids grow up here and she looks so pretty and grown up! Rock on Cameron!!!

  • Kisha

    Cameron is so cute and has a beautiful head of hair! Yes, I’ve had micro braids and boxed braids before. Both due to Alabama’s hot hot summer’s and the box braids for a vacation n Florida. The micro’s….besides my age now, I will never EVER do again. Lol! Talk about a pain to take down, especially being I have a good length of thick hair. Overall these styles are major convenient. Tell Cameron I would love for her to share the art she’s creating in the picture. Have a great week!

  • SuzK

    Your daughter is beautiful to start off with and those braids are absolutely adorable! I doubt I could sit thru over 7 hours of braiding though – bless the hairdresser! When I was little my hair was thick and long and my mom kept it in 2 braids (think mid-40s little girls w/braids). I got the measles and the little wisps around my ears starting bothering me, so I cut them off…and cut into the braids – last time I had long hair until I was first in college (think hippie)!

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