The Local Nursery

 How many of you have a really great local nursery that you just love to browse?  This time of year, the kids and I are pretty much regulars at our local garden centers.

There's something about the beautiful color and variety that comes with aisles and aisles of healthy, vibrant florals that puts us in the mood for Spring planting.  

Open nursery

This is one of our favorite nurseries and is filled with flowers that seem to stretch almost as far as the eye can see in every direction.  Ooh-la-la. Now, I've always been partial to RED geraniums but after looking out over this section of vibrant hues, I decided to mix up my geranium color selection a bit this year.


Oh, my.  So many choices.

hanging pots

terra cotta colored hanging pots

If you're planning a container garden, the types of pots you use can sometimes be as important as the plant you put in them.

I think a large deck or patio would look gorgeous with a few of these blue, green and brown ceramic pots all mixed together with different plantings.   

garden pots ceramic pots

Verbena is another one of my favorite little, dainty red flowers.

I have to say, when I see this flower it always reminds me of the housekeeper named Verbena from the 1961/original Parent Trap movie (another classic favorite flick).

Cameron and Jordy love to tag along whenever I go to the nursery because they both really enjoy browsing the various aisles.  They always find a few plants they can't live without, especially Cameron.

In fact, she's actually started her own combo flower/vegetable container garden which is looking pretty good so far.  Keeping fingers crossed her watermelon plants will really grow in a pot.

NOTE: Jordy sure is catching up to Cameron in the height department.

kids garden center

  garden center kids

During this nursery trip I was scouting for plants to fill two pots on my front porch.

In addition to a three colors of geraniums I also picked up a few pots of Spikes.

They're inexpensive, grow tall and most often can be found at the center of many outdoor flower pot arrangements. 


The Bacopa flower is among my favorite to plant because the blooms are plentiful and look better and better with each passing day.

That's because the petal-filled stems are quite long and cascade as they grown.

You end up with hundreds of gorgeous blooms that drape down the side of your container and it's a great look. 

white buds

When transferring plants like this, I always mix them with a good potting soil before placing them in their new containers.  

The root ball may be a bit tight when you first remove the plant from the pot so make sure you loosen the roots and existing dirt a bit before dropping the plant in the new soil.


I always drop my plants into plastic insert pots first and then place them into my main stone porch pots.

Note self, double-check hair and makeup before letting kids snap photos of me, but hey, I'm planting, right? 

I included this shot because I think readers of this blog should see my face from time to time (and not just my hands and pedicure-needy feet).

flower pot planting

Try not to overcrowd your plants or they may end up competing with one another for nutrients throughout the season.

There's lots of room now for these plants to grow but it won't take long for this pot to really fill up as these flowers grow, so they won't have to compete with one another for nutrients throughout the season.

flower pot

So, here's a look at my new, front porch plantings.  They should look full and fabulous after a few more weeks of sunshine and light rain.

The large plants on the side of the steps are fuscia-colored rose bushes and I think they'll coordinate nicely with the red, coral and fuscia colored geraniums in the terra cotta pots.

front porch

I've had these large terra cotta pots for nearly a decade now and they've held up really well through all the Winter seasons.

When filled with pretty flowers, they definitely help set the stage for a lovely front entry and it's nice to finally get some color back into them for Spring. 

pot of geraniums
So, have you kicked off any flower pot or container gardening efforts this season?

If so, what are you planting?  If not, I hope you're inspired to get started.

See you back here next week. ♥   


My roses popped out seemingly overnight.  Here's a look.




 deck flower box

 I'm sticking with my outdoor gardening theme with a closer look at more of my container gardening efforts.

These deck railing flower boxes are a perfect home for gorgeous geraniums but the boxes were initially too large for my skinny rails.

Instead of tossing this flower box idea, I came up with a quick solution and hence the name of my new blog column, QUICK FIX.

Hope you pop by again next Monday (5/20) for a look at my new column as well as more outdoor floral decor.

See you then. 


  • CL

    Yes, those type of pots will really look good with the patio, nice roses, well handled huh, I am wondering if you have patio at your house, would you mine to give us some tour?

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    aw! you look cute planting! and the kids are getting so big! I love flowers, but I do have a bit of a black thumb. I’m trying though! and this year, we are going with lots of geraniums- hanging pots around the back of the house, and window boxes off the deck. I think the red will look pretty against the light yellow house. Enjoy!!

  • Thimbleanna

    Ooooh, look at all those gorgeous flowers! It’s so fun to see your beautiful face — and Cameron and Jordy too. I’ve always planted urns just like yours (geraniums and spikes!) for my front door, but I’ve been thinking I should give up because a) no one comes to my front door and, b) the area is shaded now so they just don’t grow very well. Your post is making me want to rethink my decision!

  • Francine

    That’s a lovely nursery and your porch planters look fantastic! Thanks for the tip about the bacopas, I will definitely look for some once I figure out the name in French 🙂

  • Judith

    Hey Lisa! Great seeing your face on the blog. Jordy & Cameron are growing up. I enjoyed this post because I love flowers and nurseries. Keep up the good work.

  • Kisha

    Your nursery is wonderful! Everything is so pretty and I love the ceramic container with the blue embellishment. Your home is beautiful!

  • Pam Capone

    Your nursery looks a lot like ours except for the beautiful containers. I wish our nursery had a nice selection, we just have plastic ones in ugly colors.

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