Amazing Acorns

C an you believe it's October?  This is actually my favorite time of year thanks to much cooler, crisp temps and all the Fall color that pops up in nature, home decorating and elsewhere.

If you're looking for a new Autumn project that you can whip up in no time, consider these soft acorns which will add a touch of color and whimsy to any seasonal decor.

They almost look like the real thing, don't they?

handful ofvelvet acorns

Throughout this post I'll show you how to make these adorable acorns in Part 1 of my two-part series on creating a velvet harvest.

These acorns are primarily made of fabric but each one also has a real acorn cap giving this soft version the added look of realism.

You may be surprised to see just how easy these acorns are to make.

Blog velvet pumpkin hands watermark

First thing you have to do is get your hands on plenty of acorn caps, which is not hard this time of year.

We have a beautiful park and playground area in my neighborhood that is surrounded by tall, mature Oak trees which produce all the caps needed for this project.

neighborhood park
I'm not sure if it's Mother Nature or squirrels that push hundreds of acorns off their branches sending them crashing to the ground.  It's probably a little of both.

Once the acorns hit the ground, the caps generally pop off with little or no damage.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Collect far more caps than you think you'll need for this project.  These acorn caps can also be used for really pretty Christmas decor as well.  I'll share more on that later in an upcoming post. 

Blog velvet acorns watermark2

You can always enlist a little help with your acorn cap collection efforts.

My two favorite "live-in volunteers" don't mind pitching in by scouring the grounds for assorted caps for me.    

picking acorns

Keep an eye out for acorn cap twins or even the ocassional triplet.

Also, try to find caps that still have their stems. 

NOTE: Acorns may be able to survive a 60-100 foot fall from an Oak but the stems are still quite fragile when handling, so collect them with care. 

assorted acorn caps

You'll only need a few supplies for this project including a hot glue gun, strong thread, needle and multiple circles of assorted soft fabric cut in circles about 2-3 inches in diamter.

You'll also need cotton stuffing or polyester fiberfil.  

soft acorn supplies

Double thread your needle and put a knot on the end.

Gather the edge of the circle all the way around.   

gathering and needleAfter seeing the above photo Nana Banana e-mailed me to politely suggest I get a manicure.  On my to-do list, Mom.

Once the gathered stitches are in place all the way around the circle, pull the thread through until it stops at the knot on the end.

You'll end up with a little fabric pouch the size of the tip of your finger as you can see in the photo below.

Keep the needle on the end of the thread.   

gathered soft acorn

Take a quarter size amount of stuffing and carefully fill the small fabric pouch.  

stuffing soft acorn

Once the cavity is filled with stuffing, pull the thread tightly to close the opening.  

Your needle is still on the end of the thread so you can easily stitch the opening to lock and close the pouch.  

closed soft acorn
You'll end up with lots of little soft balls like this.  I like to create them in assembly line fashion.  I think it just goes faster that way.  

You can make several dozen soft balls while sitting through your favorite TV show.  

  soft acorns to be glued

Once you have a good number of soft balls created, you're ready to give them a little topper.

Drop a small amount of hot glue into an acorn cap.

REMINDER: There's a good reason it's called hot glue.  Never leave your heated gun unattended, especially when you have small children in the house.  

hot glue and acorn caps

While the glue is still hot, place the stitched side of the soft ball into the acorn cap.  

Hold in place for a few seconds for the glue to fully adhere to the fabric.  

finished soft acorn

Voila!  Soft acorns that almost look like they just fell from the tree.

OK, how cute are these?  

You can vary the size of soft acorns by changing the size of the fabric circles you cut.

Make little, biddy-buds or full size like the ones in the photo below.  

Blog velvet pumpkin acorns watermark

How can you not make some of these yourself?

Ready to make your own?  I thought so.   

Blog velvet pumpkins acorns4
Just grab a couple of baskets and put your young volunteers to work this weekend around the bottom of the nearest Oak tree.  

Your kids won't be the only ones all smiles.

Cameron and Jordy

No doubt about it, you'll be grinning ear to ear too, once you've created a big bowl of these pretty little soft acorns.

Have fun. 

Blog velvet pumpkins basket watermark
Last week, when I teased this upcoming soft acorn tutorial, I mentioned that I would share my soft pumpkin instructions at the same time.  

However, because this acorn step-by-step was longer than I expected, I decided to write two separate blog posts instead.

Not to worry, my tutorial on how to make soft pumpkins is right around the corner.  




soft pumpkins


Coming up next week (10/8), I'll have more on creating a velvet harvest with a closer look at how to make beautiful, soft pumpkins.

 With their real pumpkin stems you may have to do a double take to distinguish these pumpkins from the real thing.

 It's another easy tutorial just in time for lots of fun Fall decorating.

 Hope you have time to stop by again next week for Part 2 of my series on how you can create your own beautiful, Fall Velvet Harvest. ā™„








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pecan pie


When it comes to Fall, I think Pecan pie just goes hand in hand with the Autumn season.

 Coming up on Friday (10/5), I'll share a recipe for this popular treat that is not only delicious but will also take mere minutes to prepare for the oven.

 Hope you stop by again later this week for a slice of Pecan Pie along with a taste of my regular bi-weekly column, THE FRIDAY FOODIE.

 See you then. ā™„



  • M

    Isn’t it fun when a blog post has new life year after year? I found your blog post via a Facebook post by “Picket Fence”. Love these acorns…thanks for the tutorial!

  • Beth

    Adorable! I’m coming over from Thrifty Decor Chick. Lovely post and lovely children šŸ™‚ OK, I’m off to find that pumpkin tutorial. Thank you!

  • sandy

    The little acorns …. my friend has one made with cotton fabric. She uses for a mimi pincushion.

  • Daniela | cozy & cuddly

    Oh how cute are those!
    so creative!!!
    I just came over from byw and i am very happy that i discovered a nice new blog!

    xo, Daniela

  • JoAnna

    Lisa Hi! My first time to your blog from BYW..I love this tutorial. I think I will share it on my fb page. Looking forward to reading more on your blog and learning about blogging with you.

  • Daniela | cozy & cuddly

    Oh how cute are those!
    so creative!!!
    I just came over from byw and i am very happy that i discovered a nice new blog!
    xo, Daniela

  • Leslie Graham

    Thanks for a peek into your autumn creativity. Loved the lush jewel-toned velvet acorns – truly eye candy! I am a maker of things and writer of words finding my way thru the world wide web. I invite you to visit my blog at and my etsy shop at
    Leslie Graham

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    These are absolutely darling! LOVE them. You really are so amazingly creative!

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    OH GOODNESS! My mom would LOVE this!!!

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    Those are just precious!!! So glad you are sharing your love of Fall with us, Lisa!!

  • Charmaine McLaughlin

    Lisa these acorns are so adorable! You are so clever! I’m so jealous of your real acorns too as we don’t have oak trees here in Montana and I miss them from my childhood. Had a friend get me a handful a few years ago when she was back east. And look how grown up your kids are getting, they are so darling!!
    p.s. I’m still waiting for that book Lisa:)
    Happy Creating!

  • Debbie

    Those turned out absolutely beautiful. I have some velvet I’m getting ready to dye and make some fall decor with. You have a lovely blog and lovely family!

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