I t’s Summer and the growing season is upon us as gardeners of all kinds begin to see the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor.

For me, the growing season centers around my budding herb garden which is doing better than I imagined.

I had never tried my hand at growing my own herb garden before but I was eager to give it a try after seeing so many examples of beautiful small scale herb gardening efforts.

Regular readers of this blog may recall I laid the seeds for my little garden back in April.

I planted five sets of seeds (Basil, Thyme, Mint, Dill and Chives) and set up my germination pots in a front window and crossed my distinctly, non-green fingers.

  Herb garden in window

It seems growing herbs is not so hard after all.  With water and a good source of sunlight, there’s steady growth every week.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb (and I certainly don’t), successful herb gardening will make you feel like all your fingers are green.

Herb garden growth

The moisture and soil from the germination peat pots definitely took a toll on my labeled popcicle sticks.

No matter, just wait until you see what I replaced these with.

herb garden sticks

Aren’t these clay stakes gorgeous?

While visiting my mom recently, we started talking about my budding herb garden growth and she mentioned she had these pretty little stakes she wasn’t using.

They were a gift to my mom from my twin sister so I don’t actually get to keep them.

For now, they’re on “extended” loan to me.  Yeah!

Clay garden stakes
Once the seeds sprout, it’s safe to transfer them to larger pots.  I found these round, plastic bowl-like pots (14″ diameter) at Home Depot for under $5 each.

The plants really take off after they’re transplanted.

Herb garden bowls
I had forgotten how pretty fresh Basil looks.

I’m so used to buying it from the grocery store in those airtight packages which often makes the herb flat and limp.

I may never buy store-packed Basil again.

NOTE: Look for my fresh Basil to show up here again soon in an upcoming edition of my new column, THE FRIDAY FOODIE. 

herb garden basil
I love the smell of fresh mint too and I can’t wait to use this in some refreshing recipe.

I’m already clipping a few Summer drink ideas. 

herb garden mint
I had a minor debate with my sister over whether the correct description was Chive or Chives always with an “s”.

It seems both spellings are widely used and equally acceptable.

herb garden chives
What Thyme is it?

Thyme for a look at how wonderfully this pretty herb is growing.  OK, I know that was corny but I couldn’t resist the pun.

herb garden thyme
Fresh Dill anyone?

In general, I’m not a huge fan of dill flavor but these seeds came with the purchased collection so I figured I’d give it a try.

Not sure how I’ll use this yet but I’ll think of something. herb garden dill

Even though the lovely garden stakes almost steal the show, I think you can now call me a small-scale gardener (albeit one who gardens on her back deck).

I currently have my herb pots spread out all over the deck but I’ve been keeping an eye out for a small, iron, multi-tiered herb bench to display them them in more attractive, orderly fashion.

herb garden group

That’s a look at my green thumb efforts.  So far so good and I’m thrilled with the early results.

Do you have an herb garden or other gardening efforts in progress?


  • Duso

    Since my last herb garden post, when I told you about my bolting cilantro, I’ve made some changes to the line-up. I successfully saved and dried the place around. York Bonsai Feed

  • Duso

    The chamomile is coming out but not as much as I would wish for. This is the only bunch so I will try to seed it one more time. [url=http://www.yorkbonsai.co.uk]York Bonsai Feed[/url]

  • Elaine Tutman

    Your basil is lovely, just waiting to be made into delicious Pesto, the perfect spaghetti sauce. Nice to see you greening your thumb. Love, Nana Banana

  • Kisha

    Your potted herb garden is beautiful. I promise you I can smell the wonderful fragrance herbs carry. Now, isn’t it a wonderful feeling to grow your own herbs? And yes, I those stakes your sister gifted to Nana Banana are great. I can see your thumb growing green:)

  • luisa

    Very inspirational blogger award
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  • Paula

    Lisa, this is so funny to me. The first thing I saw were your feet and I was horrified, and then I noticed the comment that I would freak. So I guess you know me pretty well. I rarely go a year without gardening. I doubt either of us will ever have a garden like Grandma Hazel’s, but what we’re doing keeps our farm roots damp and honest. Wait till you see my culinary gardens this year! One at home, one at the weekend house. But I’m doing battle with chipmunks and Pine Squirrels. @!$%&$#!!!! Great blog, BTW. Paula

  • Monica

    Your herbs look wonderful!! Thanks for the update 🙂

  • Lynnelise

    Hi Lisa!
    This is my first time visiting your blog. What a gem! Your herbs look so delicious. I live in an apartment and tried my hand at community gardening last year. Just when something was ready for the picking, the deer(s) gobbled it up before we could. I like your idea of herb gardening indoors. Perhaps I may try my not so green thumb at growing something again!

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    I have to say, this is the first year I have nothing growing. At the minimum, I always had tomatoes and basil, and chives. But I was late getting to the nursery this year, and even though the chives came back every year, a clueless landscaper pulled them all from their window box, and proudly proclaimed it “weed-free”! sigh …

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