Crazy for Cake Pops


ow delicious do these bite-sized treats look?  These adorable goodies are simple to make and a delicious goodie to boot.

The appearance of these cupcake-shaped cake pops on this blog, marks the first entry of my new column called THE FRIDAY FOODIE.

Cupcake cake pop group


Earlier this year I mentioned plans to introduce a series of new columns on this blog to compliment my regular DIY and lifestyle ideas.

Perhaps you've already had a chance to check out my first new column which debuted in March entitled: Inspiring Finds for Home and Heart.

THE FRIDAY FOODIE will be a bi-weekly look at a favorite eat, drink, recipe, cookbook or other food related goodie that has caught my eye and my taste buds.

I'll share a new delicious discovery here every other Friday, just in time for your own weekend taste testing.

Cupcake pop closeup
OK, now for more on cake pops.  I admit, I may be a little late to the craze but better late than never, right? 

You may already be familiar with the book, Cake Pops. which has so many adorable ideas, tips and techniques for creating these sweet treats. 

The book author is the talented baker behind the very popular Bakerella blog.

Cake pop book
Look how cute my pops look all bagged up with a twist of dotted ribbon.

I'll share more information on these cupcake cake pops further down in this post.

Cupcake cake pop wrapped

While the cake pop process is actually pretty simple (whether making piggie pops or cupcake pops), I found there is a slight learning/practice curve.

I ended up going through several boxes of cake mix before I was finally happy with my cake pop cupcake result.

First, bake a cake.

Cake squares
Remove the crusted and darker areas of the cake.

Use your hands to crumble the mix into very fine pieces.

Cake crumbles
Add a small amount of frosting.  I found this is a very imporant step and you definitely have to watch the icing to cake ratio. 

Use too little frosting and the cake won't stick but use too much and the cake will be too moist and (frankly) gross.  

Cake crumbles
Roll the cake dough into small balls and place on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet.

I refrigerated the balls overnight and found them much easier to work with because they were pretty firm but still maleable.

It's at this point that you can shape the balls in whatever way you wish.

Cake balls
This is where I decided to attempt my own personal twist on a batch of cake pops. 

My clay, kitchen pig served as my inspiration to try to make piggie pops. 

Kitchen pig

For the pig ears, I just pulled the dough from the center of the ball and just continued to shape until the ball started looking pig-like.

Cake formation
Melt a bit of chocolate in the microwave and dip the end of the candy stick into the chocolate. Then insert the stick into the chocolate and then into the bottom of the pig head.

Use a styrofoam block to support the pops as you make them.

Pigs on a table
Again, it takes a little practice to get the molding just right but it's a fun step.

Pig closeup
I refrigerated my pig pops again for several hours before dipping them into the melted chocolate.

Pigs in a fridge

OK, this ended up being the rough part for my pigs.

Pig dip

I still haven't figured out how to make the eyes and nose holes survive the chocolate dip but I'll keep trying.

I also tried using small candies to define the facial features but they made the pop but no luck. 

More practice needed.  For now, this is about as piggish as these pops are going to look.

Piggie pops on a stick
My daughter, Cameron had slighly better luck with her out-of-the-box presentation.

She piggie-backed on my cake supplies to come up with her own version.

She's so creative.  Gotta love that top hat.

Cameron's pig

To deflect any question about their identity, I decided to add a few handcrafted labels to my piggie pops.

Minimal supplies were needed including a pig die cut, tag and self-adhesive letters.

Piggie pop label supplies
Here's a closer look at the finished labels.

Oink, oink.

Piggie pop labels
OK, now these piggie pops really do look more like sweet swine.

I think labels make a big difference in the final presentation.

Piggie pops duo

Meanwhile, my kids decided to make cupcake cake pops as end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gifts this week.

This is a great idea, especially if you have multiple teachers to consider.   Cameron and Jordy have 13 different teachers between them.

As you can see in the photo below, making cake pops is a very kid-friendly kitchen activity.

Cameron in the kitchen
By the way, these cupcake shapes were created using by shaping the cake ball into a cylinder and then pushing it through a small ridged cookie cutter.

Dip the bottom with chocolate, push a stick into it and then dip the top into the melted pink, add sprinkles and top with an M&M.

NOTE: The original directions for these cupcake cake pops are in the Cake Pop book as well as on Bakerella's blog.

Cupcake cake pop 2

We labeled the teacher treat baggies to keep all the names straight.

It's a good idea add a "homemade" sticker to the bag so gift recipients know you made them yourself.

You can find these gold, circular homemade stickers at most craft stores in the food decoration section.

teacher bags
Whether making cupcake pops, character pops or even piggie pops, making these sweet treats can be pretty darn addictive.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Blog piggie pop group3
Sorry, Jordy you can't keep these cupcake cake pops for yourself.  

In the teacher bags they must go.

Cake pops and Jordy

So that's my first edition of THE FRIDAY FOODIE Look for more regular Friday food features to come.

So, have you tried making cake pops before?  If so, any tips? 

If not, are you now tempted to give it a try? ā™„


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    I just made cake pops for the first time on the 4th of July. They were a big hit with the kids (and adults!) I’m glad I’m not the only one new to this great dessert…

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    Wow – I am so impressed. I find they are not as easy as they look. My daughter and I actually lined up to meet Angie when she was in Toronto. We have tried them several times but I think practice must make perfect. I have been thinking of cheating and using a marshmallow fondant for the coating. What a lovely and thoughtful teacher gift you have put together!

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