f you’ve followed my blog for a while, you already know that I’m a big book lover. In all the years I’ve been collecting books, I’ve rarely ever tossed one which means I have quite a few oldies but goodies on my bookshelf.

While recently browsing my bookshelves, I came across this book I bought more than a decade ago, back when I dreamed of one day having a potting shed of my own.

The Potting Shed was published in 1996 but it’s certainly a book that stands the test of time.  This is such a pleasant read. The book is small (8″ X 8″, 95 pages) but it’s big in useful information, history and lovely, rustic photos.

It was nice to re-discover it on my shelf. The Garden Shed book mosaic
All these years later, I still don’t have my own potting shed but the book re-discovery got me thinking about such things.
Whether you call it a potting shed or a garden shed the purpose is the same.
Here are a few picturesque domains I found to dream and drool over including this rustic shed with a gorgeous, flower-lined walkway.
Garden shed path
Photo source: Pinterest
This little shed screams weathered charm.
I love the cathedral-styled windows and while the siding is distressed, the appearance shines with old fashioned, vintage character.
Garden shed distressed
Photo source: Better Homes and Gardens
Often, what’s inside the potting shed is as interesting as what’s on the outside.
I’m a sucker for great organization, even when it’s garden tools, galvanized buckets and country crates.
garden shed wallPhoto source: Shelterness
Ooh-la-la! This garden shed reminds me of a little French boutique. Could this be any cuter?
The aggregate walk bumps right up to beautiful, diamond-patterned flooring. The striped valence with matching curtains pulled to the side add to the upscale presentation of this shed.
Garden shed, French boutiquePhoto source: Better Homes and Gardens
The climbing roses caught my eye in this photo. I love the way these roses drape over the front of this shed giving it a country-cottage look.
 It’s a simple structure and I think the plantings that surround it dresses it up quite nicely.
Garden shed rosesPhoto source: Internet
Could this beautifully arranged and organized garden supply space belong to anyone other than Martha Stewart?
Change a few items on the shelf and I think this space could possibly be mistaken for a family room.
Planting benchPhoto source: Martha Stewart for Home Depot
Ah, the versatility of peg board. Love the pale-colored, Robin’s egg blue against the white wood paneled wall.
Definitely a photo fit for any magazine with just the right pops of color.
Garden bench, blue wall
Photo source: Apartment Therapy
There’s that blue again.
Another well-organized wall with all tools and supplies at your fingertips.
Garden bench outside Photo source: City Lady, Country Girl
When is a mud room not used for mud? When it’s transformed into a potting area instead.
Beautiful garden sink and cabinetry along with purposeful, well-stocked shelves.
Potting spacePhoto source: Indulgy
If your neighborhood Homeowner’s Association frowns upon sheds and structures, a garden bench may be the answer.
They’re functional, attractive and take up little space.
Green garden bench
Photo source: Senoia’s Idea House
Here’s another beautifully organized staging area with a sink to boot.
Creating floral arrangements and potted plants would be a pleasure if working an a nice dedicated space like this.
Potting area and sinkPhoto source: Martha Stewart
OK, I don’t think the photo below necessarily represents a potting area, but since there are terra cotta pots featured I figured I can use it.
I’m always studying photo styling and I just love the simple, country look presented in this shot.
Terra cotta pots and tiled backsplash
Photo source: Country Living
This shed almost looks like a little dollhouse.
 It’s adorable and the little window boxes are a perfect touch. I’d love to know that this looks like on the inside.
Dollhouse garden shed
Photo source: This Old House
The grounds in this photo are as desirable as the little cottage-style garden house.
Love all the pretty wildflowers which add casual landscaping to this shed.
Garden shed backyard
Photo source: Better Homes and Gardens
Finally, talk about color splash.
The bold, colorful stripes in this potting shed give this space vivid pop with a flair that’s super mod.
colorful potting roomPhoto source: Country Living
Meanwhile, all this talk of garden sheds makes me want to get back to gardening myself.
I used to belong to a gardening book club so I’ve built up a good collection of related books on the topic.  I think it’s a good time to look back over some of those good reads.
Blog garden shed book close
So, do you have a potting area or garden shed?
Do you have any gardening projects or plans on the horizon?
  • Anonymous

    Nun, ich bin froh, dass Sie setzen diese Bilder auf. Es absoluten Veränderungen den Blick auf einen Garten, und neben dem praktischen Nutzen, gibt auch einen Fokuspunkt.

  • Anonymous

    Ich tue! Wir haben ein kleines Haus auch auf unserem Grundstück mit einer antiken Tür. Es hat eine einfache drei Licht-, Glas-Fenster-und Skeleton-keyed Messing Türgriff. Ich wollte schon immer um die Tür zu Kornblumenblau malen und aufpolieren, dass Messing Türgriff und seine Faceplate …

  • Pam

    Oh, thanks for sharing the potting shed inspiration. I do not have one (yet), but one of my neighbors a few doors down the pathway from us has such a lovely one with gardens to match. I covet them! Must practice self-control. Our backyard agenda item this summer is to rebuild and add to our existing deck.

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    Oh I love these! I am always pinning them on Pinterest! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Thimbleanna

    What a fun and timely post Lisa! The potting shed pictures you have chosen are all beautiful — I would LOVE to have one. Sadly, I live in one of “those” neighborhoods. My sister has an cute little shed though — I posted about it years ago on my original blog: http://www.thimbleanna.blogspot.com/2007/06/garden-shed.html Happy Gardening to You!!!

  • Lynda

    I do! We have a little well house on our property with an antique door. It has a simple three light, glass window and skeleton keyed brass door knob. I’ve always wanted to paint the door cornflower blue and polish up that brass doorknob and its faceplate… I finally started the project and I am almost done! Well, the outside anyway. The job when it is finished will have the inside dirt floor laid with brick, the walls whitewashed inside and a lovely vine on a trellis growing up the side next to the door. Oh yes, and we made a potting bench last summer which sits on the other side of the little house under the shade of the dogwood tree.
    I can’t wait to see what you make for your yard. I know it will be very special! ~ Lynda

  • adrienne

    LOVELY! I really, really want a garden lol

  • Arien

    Well, I’m glad you put those pictures on. It absolute changes the view of a garden, and besides the practical use, also gives a focus point. Or it can be just a hiding, secret place.

  • Kisha

    Oh I love the look of vintage potting sheds! I wish I did own one, all I have is a small potting table. I have so many gardening ideas, yet no garden. This is the second year we’ve not planted a garden…I feel empty *laughing* Thanks for the inspiration!

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