Two For You
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Thanks so much to everyone for participating in my blogiversary giveaway.  I really hope your interest in blogging was piqued, not only by my review of Blogging for Bliss but also from all the wonderful responses fellow bloggers left. 

I also wanted to say, while I typically pop in to visit every site that visits me I didn't during this giveaway because of time constraints on my end.  I still appreciate the support and time you took to leave a comment for all to read.  

Blog blogging for bliss book 

I decided it would be fun to throw in an extra giveaway copy of the book to improve everyone's odds just a bit. 

I was also happy to add to Tara's book sales by picking up one more copy.

      Blog blogging for bliss duo 

There were 102 people who threw their hat into the ring.  I printed all the comments out on sheets and then cut them into individual strips.

Blog blogging for bliss names

I enlisted the support of my frequent and faithful helpers for this project. 

Cameron and Jordy enjoyed folding up all the comment strips for me, although I had to keep explaining to them why I couldn't add their names to the giveaway pile.

    Blog blogging for bliss table

All of the names went into this pretty bucket which many of you may recognize from a project I shared last year.

If you'd like to make one of these fabric-covered, galvanized buckets yourself, you can follow the tutorial if you click here.

In case you're wondering, Jordy was trying to blow a bubble with gum in this photo.

Blog blogging for bliss bucket

Now, drum roll please as Cameron and bubble gum boy do the honors.

Blog blogging for bliss dive

First winner is Kate from Massachusetts from Cameron's draw.

Blog blogging for bliss kate 

Jordy pulled the second name and he selected Joy.

      Blog blogging for bliss joy 

Big congrats to Kate and Joy.  If you two lucky ladies e-mail me your mailing addresses, I'll pop your book in the mail right away.   

A heartfelt thanks goes to everyone for taking part in the drawing and for supporting my blog throughout my second year. 

    Blog blogging for bliss duo4

As I officially begin my third year of blogging, I have lots of new projects and personal creative ventures planned.  Stay tuned as I continue to celebrate CREATIVITY in all its forms.

Meanwhile, Kate and Joy, you two can now start stalking your postman for your copy of Blogging for Bliss.

  • Cassandra

    Congratulations to the winners! I’m sure they’re going to love the book.

  • Jennifer

    Congrats to you!! Nice to be joined to such amazing women!!

  • Vicki

    Even your give-away blogtorial is fab! Looking forward to your new projects…Hello to Cameron and bubble gum boy Mr. Jordy!

  • A pocket full of posies...

    Looking forward to your third year! and your delightful creations!! and your helpers are just too cute!

  • Jo

    Congratulations to the winners!!! What lucky ladies to win such a spectacular give away….
    Looking forward to the exciting new projects you mentioned….

  • Kaja

    Oh congrats to all the winners!!
    To bad all fun things seems to have happened while I was away, perhaps next time??

  • Thimbleanna

    Congratulations to your winners Lisa! Your children are just adorable — bubbles and all!

  • Allie

    Congratulations to the winners – that was a great give-away! I think my helpers could use some lessons from your helpers….

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations to the lucky winners. Hey, where can I find helpers like that?

  • Adrienne

    Congrats ladies!!!!

  • Jackie

    Congratulations to the winners! But I have to say, how on earth did I miss this giveaway? I just love your blog. I must have been a sleep at the computer. Anyway, that is okay, I purchased the book and love every page!

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