Who doesn’t love a beautiful apron?  Modern aprons do more than just keep your clothes clean.  These days, aprons often reflect the personality of the person who made them as well as the person who wears the garment.

As you read this tribute to aprons, stay tuned to the end of this post for more on this pretty yellow apron in the photo below as well as a special introduction to the lady wearing it.

Since we’re talking about aprons, let me start by telling you about a fantastic new publication that may get you thinking about aprons in a way you never have before.

The magazine is called Apronology.   The editors define Apronology as the “study of the art of the apron”.  This premier issue by Stampington and Company is loaded with dozens  of  “aprons with attitude” and a ton of amazing ideas to spark your own creativity.

       Blog apronology magazine

My multi-tiered, sheer, pink cocktail apron in the photo below is featured in this issue, in one of the Spotlight articles.

I have some fun plans in the works centering around this apron design so this definitely won’t be the last time you see this pretty garment.

Blog apronology pink tight

It’s really great to see my creative efforts recognized in print this way.  The magazine editors gave my apron a nice double page spread that includes my thoughts on being an “apronologist” as well as a short essay I wrote.

Take a second look at any original aprons you may have in your closet because Apronology editors are now considering submissions for their 2010 Apronology issue.  The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2009.

Blog apronology spread

One of the things I love about aprons is how wonderfully varied and versatile they can be. I know this floral apron in the photo below may look more like a skirt but it really is an apron.

Actually, I made this apron for me but my daughter quickly swiped it for herself.  I figured since she helped cut it out and sew it , she could have it.  It’s too long for her now, but she’ll grow into it.

Blog apronology pink

Of course, you don’t always have to make an apron from scratch.  A little embroidery can go a long way when applied to a ready-to-wear apron.  I bought these plain canvas aprons and spiced them up with embroidered images and personalization for teacher gifts.

You can never go wrong with personalization and these aprons were a big hit.

Blog teacher aprons

Here is another take on embellishing a store-bought apron with beautiful embroidery.

This embroidery technique is called Cutwork and involves stitching out an outline of the image and then cutting out portions of the fabric within the image before resuming the embroidery process.

Blog apronology cutwork

Here’s a closer look at the cutwork detail on this apron.  As you can see, there are areas within the butterfly designs which are cut out for a really nice see-through effect.

I’ll share some more pretty cutwork embroidery projects later in an upcoming post.

Blog apronology cutwork tight

Often, the fabric you use helps make the apron that much more spectacular.  I made this bibbed apron a while back out of fabric from designer Amy Butler’s Belle collection.  I just can’t get enough of Amy Butler’s vibrant and coordinated fabrics.

My friend Beena, modeled this apron for me a while back.  Her adorable baby girl is now two years old.

Blog apronology beena

Of course, so-called apronologists come in all ages.  Enter my 10-year old daughter again.  She really enjoys whipping up aprons (and other items) on my old Singer sewing machine that my parents bought me when I was about her age.

I’ve been working with Cameron on learning to read sewing patterns but she often prefers to design and sew her own unique ideas.

Blog apronology cameron

Cameron is always happy to show off her handiwork too and I think her apron is quite imaginative.  Check out that scalloped bottom.

Like mother like daughter when it comes to scallops (my scallops are typically on quilt edges).

Blog apronology cameron2

Cameron is a quick study and while I still supervise her use of the sewing machine, she’s getting better and better at flying solo.

She’s also very focused and conscientious about every project she takes on.  Good qualities to have.

(Noteworthy:  Cameron is also quite the budding photographer.  She snapped the photo of me in the orange sweater that is located in the left sidebar on this blog’s homepage.)

Blog cameron tight

Aprons do seem to be all the rage lately and they all have such flair and whimsy.  There are plenty of apron books and patterns available with a project to fit just about any taste.

I think the simplicity of most apron patterns makes them very accessible to sewers of every skill level.  If you’re a beginner sewer, an apron would be a great first project to build confidence.

Blog apronology patterns4

Meantime,  here are a few more photos of the apron you saw at the very top of this post.  I embroidered this apron as a personalized gift for my mom, Elaine.

She enjoys being called Nana Banana and I think this banana-yellow apron suits her perfectly.

Blog apronology bowl3


I wanted you to meet Nana Banana, because this is who I inherited my creative instincts from.  As far back as I can remember my mom has always encouraged me and my siblings to sew, paint (sometimes on the walls) scrapbook, make our own gifts and holiday ornaments and use our hands in creative ways.

I’m so pleased my mom can see for herself how I put all those early lessons to good use, not only through this blog and other outlets but also with my efforts to foster the same love of creativity in my own children.

Blog apronology yellow above2

By the way, for Nana Banana’s apron I added a border of embroidered strawberries for additional color.  I love this splash of red.

Now, this gives me a taste for real strawberries (dipped in chocolate, of course).

Blog apronology yellow border2

I think one of the things that makes aprons so wonderful is that they are not only functional but also fun to wear.

Aprons can add a delightful element to a day’s activities and aprons also happen to look fabulous on anyone who wears one.

Blog apronology yellow mom

I’d like to give a special thanks to my mom for agreeing to model her apron for me so I could use it in this post.

Of course, I’m even more thrilled to finally have a chance to introduce all of you to the special person who set me on my early path to creativity.

Thanks Nana Banana-for everything!

  • karen

    Just wondered if anyone knows where I can find apronology vol.1. I’ve looked high and low. would love my own copy. karen
    [email protected]

  • janet metzger

    Hello Lisa,
    I just stumbled onto your lovely blog and I see we have something in common. I was also in the premiere issue of Apronology. My half apron was called ‘A Rose is a Rose’ . I am happy to say that I am being featured again in this years issue which is hitting the shelves next week…so exciting! Happy to be a follower.
    I really enjoyed reading this post
    Janet xox

  • Kate Landers

    I am astounded by all things precious, beautiful, charming, and stylish on your blog. There is always soul matching your style. Pictures to go with the creative tales you share. I think your aprons are beyond compare. I love the image of your 10 year old daughter learning to make her apron. Reminds me of when I was her age! Congratulations on your blog success (I found you in a bloggin book my mother gave me for Christmas), and THANK YOU for sharing with us your creative mind and treasures–a gift for us all! Thank you! I am new to the blogging world. I just started my own business of creativity, planning classic parties for young children, and creating a line of custom partyware for children with an old-fashioned, traditional, whimsical, simple, charming, darling feel (I hope, anyway!). It would be an honor, a true privilege if you may take a moment to view…I think you will particularly appreciate my aprons. 🙂
    Kindest wishes to you and much joy and creative love and laughter in 2010!

  • Marilyn King-Jordan

    Lisa, I knew that the lady in the picture was going to be your dear mother Elaine. She has not changed except for the haircut. What a blessing to have her in your life now where she can share with you what Grandma Furr (thought I forgot?) taught her and then pass on to beautiful Cameron. I still have my rag doll you gave me in college. Congrats on being published. I can’t wait to meet my god-neice and nephew. Love you, Marilyn

  • QueenPam

    I love this post for two reasons: 1. Nana Banana I love creative grandmother names; I’m Grammy myself (the grandgirl is my reward for surviving raising her father). And 2: I love aprons. A friend embroidered My nickname on one for me and I embellished it with stencils and rubber stamps. Thanks for sharing!

  • Evelyn

    Completely blown away with your site!!!! I am totally obsessed with aprons and want to start my own blog to share. I love so many crafty things and love to create. You have so inspired me with this visit to lovely readings, pictures and aprons!!! Great work.

  • Betty Jo

    What an incredible blog you have! I gave my old sewing machine away years ago, thinking I’d never sew again, too busy with other things. Now I want to make aprons. I bought a small Singer yesterday, so I’m on my way. My friend and I are in the process of opening a room in an antique and gift shop, and I can see a multitude of things to sew for our new venture. The apron you made for your mother is exquisite. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! ♥

  • Gina

    Congrats on your pages in the magazine! Your work is beautiful and it looks like your daughter is also going to be gifted.

  • Lilly B

    Oh I love that pink apron!! All of them are beautiful but that is my favorite!! I am so excited for you! It is so nice to be recognized for talent and good work!!
    God Bless you!!
    Love Lilly

  • sasha farina

    Hello Lisa! Been a while, eh? 🙂 Your aprons are to die for! Do you sell them? and your daughter… wow.. she’s quite something!! so talented!

  • Amy

    Such beautiful examples of aprons. I love them all. Thank you so much for letting us know about this new magazine. I definitely will be purchasing it to see all the lovely aprons inside! Amy

  • Southernqueenbee.blogspot.com

    What a great post, well all your posts are great. That is fantastic that your daughter has shown such an interest in sewing. I wanted to teach my daughter, but she just had no interest. I am sure once she starts her own family that will change. What great pictures of your mother…I need a wedding gift, I am now going to put a hand crafted apron with her gift.

  • Alison

    Oh dear I have far too much to say in one post so will (try and) keep it short.
    Firstly your cocktail apron is superb, I know a lady that would love one of those. Your daughter modeling her apron looks so pleased her happy smile brightened my day, and her apron if fab. And finally I have to have an apron for myself, my mission will be to make one when I have finished all these other projects I have lined up! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics of your family. Sorry for the long comment!

  • Steve

    This stuff is really creative. Thanks for sharing

  • dianeinjapan

    Your daughter’s apron is great–really creative! Of course, your apron in Apronology is lovely–congrats on that!

  • Jocelyn

    Your Mom is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing a picture of her and her special apron. Love the aprons!

  • Toni from NC

    Gorgeous photos — and gorgeous mom!

  • Vanessa

    Cameron’s work is fabulous funky-cool! I have seen the ads for ‘Apronology’ and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. This post is simply charming! I am curious to see what you are doing next with the pink apron design.

  • gena

    I love the Nana photos and Cameron’s creativity. And congratulations on being in Apronology! Beautifully done!

  • Jeanne

    Congratulations on the feature in the magazine. I picked that one up a few weeks ago and it was so fun to look through. Your mom is a beautiful lady!

  • Kerryanne English

    I love aprons and wear them everyday in my studio. For me they are like a uniform so I like them to be decorative and pretty as well as functional. I love your pink apron – now that would never get worn in the studio!! LOL
    It was nice to meet your mum and daughter. Looks like that creative gene has been passed down through the generations.
    Great post Lisa.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  • Claudia

    Lisa – I am always inspired by your blog postings. Aprons are just perfect for a quick project. How nice that you get your love of crafting from your lovely mom and are passing it on to your beautiful daughter!
    Here’s an interesting apron website if you are not already aware of it:
    cheers, Claudia W

  • Laurie

    What a great post! I love aprons and loved reading all about what you’ve done! Good job on passing the torch along to your daughter too! Your mom is adorable…

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    What a precious post. Nana Banana is a beautiful lady, even more so because of the legacy she created for you and your children! Your daughter is amazing, that is so cool that she is able to sew and whip up her own creations! What a great family you have! You are so blessed!
    PS. LOVE the aprons! I’m now thinking I need more fancy aprons. 🙂

  • Julie Size

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Your Mom is DARLING!!!!!

  • sewtakeahike

    Congratulations on your pretty pink apron getting published Lisa! It is beautiful! I have that see and sew apron pattern too and just picked up the A is for apron book last week! I’m excited to try some of the ideas in the book and put my own spin on them!

  • Janis

    Congrats on the publication of your beautiful apron! Your work is always stunning, what a blessing it can be shared with so many.
    I wondered in the first photo if this might be your mom. Drop dead gorgeous! Now I know where you and your daughter get it. And creatively talented to boot — what a delightful family. I’m sure you know how blessed you are. 🙂
    A beautiful tribute to your mom and daughter – what a touching post!

  • Staci

    You brought me back to the pretty aprons my mom had when I was a little girl. What a great post Lisa! 🙂

  • Meghan Cobble

    Best post yet, I say.
    I love that you blended your mother and daughter into this post. This will truly be a keepsake in cyber space to look back on and read one day.
    Cameron is quite the designer. I, too, enjoy designing rather than following newspapertextured quidelines and tissue papered patterns.
    Steno notebooks, Bic Minis, and my noggin do just fine!!
    Keep it up, Cameron!
    Your mom is beautiful. Natural in everyway.
    What a lucky daughter; what a lucky mom…
    You fit in both categories!
    .mac 🙂

  • Nanette

    What a sweet post. Love all the aprons. Love how you’ve posed them too. Your mother and daughter are beautiful just like you. I feel the same way about my mom. Though she isn’t around anymore I feel I honor her and her talents through creating. Where would we be without wonderful mothers?

  • chelsea

    I love love love the pink one with the bow!

  • tara

    Great Post, and I love that your mom taught you to be creative, it is important! Love the apron you made for her..and her sweet little nick name!

  • Kate/Massachusetts

    How lovely to meet your family! Go Woman-Power!! 😉 Cameron’s apron is really pretty and Nana’s is a work-of-art!

  • traci

    what a sweet post. how wonderful that you, your mother, and your daughter are all so creative and beautiful! great aprons lisa. is it bad to say that i have never worn one. what kind of farm wife am i? have a great day!!

  • Your Sister

    Mom looks great. Please make an apron for your sister that says, “Please kiss the cook NOW!”

  • Tina Cockburn

    I love all the aprons. Your mother is adorable!

  • Julie

    Your mother and daughter are beautiful! You look so much like your mom!!! You are going to age well!!! I am in love with the pink apron that was in the book! Love your Blog…Julie

  • Creations From My Heart

    Your mom is a cutie! congrats on having your apron published. My apron was also a feature apron in Apronology. It was the Black and Creme evening dress apron that was featured on page 34-36. I love the apron you did. I may have to try that out for the holidays. I have your blog marked as one of my favorites. I love making aprons and other creations. Stop by and visit. Blessings…Sherry

  • Elaine Tutman

    Lisa Dear, thank you for the validation of my parenting skills. As children are growing up, parents want to impart values that result in ethical, productive, caring adults. On aprons,I like them to have big and multiple pockets to save me steps as I garden and do housework. If they are also beautifully decorated, well, that’s such a bonus. This yellow apron is one of my favorites. Love to you and your wonderful respondants. Nana Banana (Mother Woman)

  • Kit

    I have a collection of vintage aprons, and have just started sewing aprons myself for fear I’ll ruin the vintage ones (which I’ve been wearing!)
    I had no idea there were others who loved aprons as much as I do.
    Really enjoying your blog. 🙂

  • Maria

    Nana banana just brought tears to my eyes what a beautiful lady. My mom is long gone and she also taught me to sew,crochet and so many other stuff. How wonderful 3 generations into the same stuff. Just beautiful stuff.

  • Jackie

    Coolest words of the day! Apronology & Nana Banana! I never knew there was a magazine all about aprons! There is so much to learn from you Lisa! Beautiful work on Nana’s apron!

  • Stephanie

    A very talented family of ladies…Nana Banana, your daughter, and yourself! I have one of my grandma’s aprons. It’s a special treasure and I have a poem about aprons. I had planned to eventually share it on a blog post and now I’m inspired to share it for certain. Your creations are always lovely.

  • Julie

    What a fun post. Love ALL the aprons! The one featured in the magazine is for evening wear, yes?? So elegant and unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Love it!…Your whole family is so photogenic. So nice to get to see your Nana Banana (made me laugh, her nickname—no longer the “Mother Woman”, huh??) Your daughter’s a cutie! Can see she has the makings of a fashion designer! Fantastic that you’re teaching her to sew. That’s a skill she can always be grateful to have.

  • Elena

    Another great project Lisa. You’re Mom is a doll!

  • adrienne

    Nana is GORGEOUS!!! Just beautiful! Great post!!!

  • Amy @ parkcitygirl

    How nice to meet Nana Banana! Her apron is beautiful – congrats on your spread! Your daughters apron is great – love seeing her individual sense of style in it 🙂

  • Dawn

    Cameron did a fantastic job on cer creation and Nana Banana is beautiful! Great post!

  • Kaja

    Oh! She is lovely, nana banana.
    And, it reminds me that I STILL got “an apron” on my todo-list. Which probably will result in at least three aprons getting sewn, since I suspect my children will put in an order for themselves too!

  • Thimbleanna

    So lovely to meet Nana Banana. I love her gorgeous yellow apron. And Cameron’s apron is just adorable — it’s so wonderful to see the creativity passing to each generation!

  • Cassandra

    What a wonderful post. I like aprons. They are super cool. I have several myself and I’m contemplating how to display them around my kitchen.
    Kudos to Cameron for designing her own apron.
    You look like your mom. She’s very pretty.
    Thanks for the heads up on the apron issue. I must check it out!

  • elenka

    Nana Banana is beautiful. I see where the rest of you gals get your looks!
    I love the flow of the design on your daughter’s apron. Very nice.
    Congrats on your apron being published ! You are very talented.

  • Sheri

    I have the issue Apronology and purchased a new book about aprons entitled “The Perfect Apron” that also have some beautiful aprons to sew with patterns inside to do some of projects. I think Cameron did a great job in creating a unique apron.

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