Oh, Baby!

Before you jump to conclusions, No-I'm not having a baby.  Now, having made that perfectly clear, I think this is the most adorable photograph.  Don't you?

No matter how long you've been scrapbooking, I would venture to say you never really catch up on all the photos you'd like to document and that especially goes for baby pictures like this one.

Baby booties


The hands and cute pink baby booties in the photo above belong to my friend Beena, who is also an avid scrapbooker.  

I've always thought this picture was so precious and this shot as well as the photo below are two of hundreds I photographed for her one day, not long before her baby girl was born.


Blog patent leather shoes


I think these photos are great examples of "faceless" photographs that can still be used to create very meaningful scrapbook pages.  I'll show you how I used these particular photos a bit later in this post.  

In the meantime, while I'm on the subject of baby photos and scrapbooking, allow me to share a great new idea book called Oh, Baby.

This book is published by Memory Makers books, and it's loaded with wonderful ideas on creating pages and projects about the little loved ones in your life.


There are so many wonderful ideas in this book by artists from all over the country including a few of mine that I'd like to share in greater detail.

Here's one example and I love the contrast that I created by combining a black & white photo with a color photo on the same page.  Of course the flexibility of digital photography makes this technique a cinch.   


There are four chapters in this book including Anticipation, Getting to Know You, Tricks and Quirks and finally A Family Affair.  

The layout below is featured in the tricks and quirks chapter.  My son was only a few weeks old in these photos and even at that age he was already demonstrating his various sleep positions during a single nap. 

As you can see, even nap time can provide some creative inspiration.


I didn't actually construct this page until last year-which was more than 7-years after these pictures were taken. 

So you can see how far behind I am on baby pages.  I think that also illustrates that it's never too late to scrapbook even your oldest photos.


I've been making a concerted effort to try to use more of the supplies I already have so I was able to use some embellishments that were buried deep in my stash. 

These adorable little elephant and lion die cuts had been tucked away for years and years and I'm glad to finally get them onto a project. 


The layout below is another one of my new layouts that I created using a very old picture.  This photograph at the the heart of the page is more than 9-years old. 

See what I mean about catching up on my scrapbook pages?     



I'm a better photographer today than I was when my kids were babies.  Looking back, I sometimes wish I had used a more creative photographic eye when my kids were younger. 

Still I was lucky to get a few shots like this one of my daughter when she was about 7-months old.




I generally do my journaling on the computer but every once in a while I use my own handwriting.  I've heard from other scrappers that down the road your loved ones will enjoy seeing your thoughts in your own pen. 

For this project I wrote my journaling on a circle die cut and then surrounded it with assorted pink flowers and matching buttons.  I love this look-it's so"girly".


If you're just starting to scrapbook you may want to jot down a few notes about favorite photos as you shoot them, and stash the notes with the picture.  That way you'll still have info about the photo regardless of when you actually incorporate it into a scrapbook page.

Meanwhile, here's a look at how I arranged the photos that I showed you at the beginning of this post.

As you can see there are no faces-just objects of sentimental value, which still make great subjects for scrapbooking. 


Chipboard is one of my all-time favorite scrapbooking supplies.  It looks like grey cardboard and is so versatile because it comes in all sizes, shapes, designs and in this case-alphabets. 

For this layout, I painted the chipboard letters brown for a fun title which coordinates nicely with the colors in the patterned paper.


Also, a little bit of "bling" goes a long way.  I think little rhinestone crown above the "B" adds a nice touch.  You can really punch up a layout with small, subtle details and additions like this. 


This Oh Baby! idea book is a great way to jumpstart your creative juices when it comes to using baby photos.  The ideas can also be easily applied to photos of any kind and subjects of any age.


I think you can see it's never too early to start scrapping pictures about your little ones. 

By the same token, it's also never too late to document the baby photos you love-even when your babies are no longer babies (like mine).




  • Tiffany & Co Outlet

    When one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one which has been opened for us.

  • Tiffany & Co Outlet

    When one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one which has been opened for us.

  • Sheree

    Gorgeous babies! And I love those tiny pink booties!!

  • ffrenchgardenhouse

    Might I just say that you have the most beautiful children?? so sweet, your pages are the best, what a wonderful book to pass down for generations to come, Lisa.
    xo Lidy

  • Nancy Jones

    oh how sweet are those. I know what you mean about going back and looking at photos. I wish I was a better photographer back then. I just love your pages. I think I may have to copy the baby gear one I still have alot of Bellas baby shoes that were just so stinkin adorable. (she was a little melba demarcos never could she have enough shoes even as a infant hahahaha)
    Congrats on the book I will have to look for it!!

  • Toni from NC

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful images! I’ll certainly be buying this book and some scrapbooking supplies next time I need a baby shower gift. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Sandra Evertson

    Congrats on a great looking book!
    Sandra Evertson

  • Tara

    Hi Lisa!
    I want to bite your daughter’s cheeks in those photos!
    ps: the new banner is awesome and is a perfect fit for your creativity! ~xo

  • gingerlouiseclothing

    This will be a project for me when my dd goes to college, you did such a beautiful job!

  • geeta

    You always amaze me! Your posts are always so pretty, thorough, and dense with ideas. It was a lovely treat to see pictures of your little ones!

  • rochambeau

    Your new banner is wonderful and your bootie and Mary Jane photographs are stunning too! Happy scrapbooking to you!!

  • Jodi

    Lisa, LoVe your new banner! Absolutely LoVe it! ooxx~jodi

  • Ravenhill

    What gorgeous albums you have created!!!

  • Sasha Farina

    Fab pages Lisa.. ! You’re one amazing girl!

  • Audrey

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog–I’m glad you did, I’m happy to find yours! Adding you to my Bloglines right now…have a great weekend, can’t wait to see more!

  • Jen Davis

    Oh, Lisa…how fun! I’ll have to check this book out or look for it at our bookstore here in town, thanks for sharing the layouts! They are precious!

  • lily-kaninchen

    This is so lovely! The pictures are so cute – your son is such a sweetie while sleeping and your daugther got those big amazing eyes! 🙂
    I do love this little lion and elephant! Perhaps I could do this in felt or fabric (if I am allowed to copy them?) and use it for a little baby-cushion.

  • Deb Wisker

    Great post Lisa and beautiful work! Mine, like yours are no longer babies either (27,24 & 22)but I love to pull out photos and make mini books or LO’s of those days gone by! What makes me happier is that I still remember so many details of their childhoods!

  • Rachel

    Those pictures are so sweet! Not only am I guilty of wishing I was a better photographer earlier on, I’m totally guilty of wanting to go through all of my early scrapbooks and redo them. It’s maddening!

  • traci

    couldn’t wait to see what you had posted. what a wonderful book. it will be so helpful for so many. where was it about 10 years ago when i really needed it. i too didn’t take very good pictures of my babies. not like they do today. but i am not having another one just to do better this time. i’ll just wait for grandkids – in about 10 years.

  • Elaine Tutman (mom)

    Hello Lisa: you are so right about scrapbook pages with faceless photos. I recently created a page with photos of a friend’s art work (pen and ink drawings). As always, I like your creative expressions.

  • Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    All this time and I thought I was subscribed to your feed but wasn’t! I definitely am now though! I just love your creative ideas:)
    Melissa – Off The Wall

  • berta

    lisa, the book lloks great, love the LO of your “baby” girl, the flowers and buttons around the journal card are just too cute!!! And a little bling here and there, like the crown, is always nice!

  • Elizabeth Marchus

    Hi Lisa,
    How fun! I have been wanting to scrapbook. All my pictures are stuffed in three large plastic bins. I think sorting and scrap booking will be my winter project. Your babies are beautiful and looked just like little dolls!. So sweet and of course baby pictures always bring us back to such special times and memories.
    Have a good day,

  • Jackie

    Wow! You have a gorgeous website. Your photography and crafting is amazing! Too cool! From now on you are in my inspiration section of my blog!!!

  • Kathy

    I am going to try scrap booking and your pages are beautiful. You’re photography is fabulous and I loved your description of what you did. What is chipboard?
    Kathy in Colorado

  • cindy

    you are brilliant! i just love seeing your scrapbook pages. i just don’t have that knack. i am looking into some digital scrapbooking software. any thoughts on that?

  • Mary

    Great ideas and such beautiful layouts. I don’t think I’ve done a single page for child No. 3, so perhaps I should get inspired and get moving. LOL!

  • shawn

    BEE-U-T-FUL!!!! Your work is amazing as are your photos. Yes, I need to get caught up on scrapping and your shots sure provide ample motivation. LOVE what you have done.
    xo shawn

  • Teresa

    OK…confession…I didn’t completely read the entire blog…the I noticed going back the pictures of a precious baby sleeping…and his sleeping styles….he reminds me so much of how my son would wrangle his hand and arm above his head while sleeping…I failed to mention…he is a most handsome young man, too…I was just so consumed with your daughters pictures…I failed to read the entire article before posting…both your babies are gorgeous…you are truly blessed. I love the fact your son is just so very young in his photos…so sweet and helpless…but looking OH! so content with his life.

  • Teresa

    OK…no babies here…I’ve been out of the baby business for years now…but I am hoping for grandbabies in the near future…my children are 25 and 28…and both married…so I encourage them as often as I can to make me a young grandmother!
    I have checked your site many times and have corresponded with you about the type of embroidery/sewing machine you have…BUT I had to comment to day…to let you know…YOUR daughter is one of THE most gorgeous babies I have ever seen…she is just a living doll…I’m surprised you were EVER able to get anything done with her preciousness around…I would have been photographing her as often as I could. I’m glad you shared her with us today…I’m not sure how old she is today…but I know she is precious…those eyes…those sweet cheeks, that cute little button nose and that precious mouth…just waiting to speak her first words…she truly is a doll!….I want a grandbaby just like her…or whatever God blesses us with…someday!

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    Glad you cleared things up, I rushed right over when I saw the “Oh baby” headline. Just in case there was some big news! LOL!
    So many great ideas! Seems like a lot of new moms out there…I am with you though, no more babies.
    Happy Fall!

  • Karla

    You may not be having a baby but I am! Well in March anyway. These pages provide some great inspiration.

  • Sheri D. Maple

    The book is fabulous!

  • Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

    Those scrapbook pages are amazing. And you daughter is the cutest thing. Her cheeks were so pinchable! 😉 Great pictures as usual!!! 🙂 Jen R

  • Penny

    Hi Lisa! First let me tell you I love your new banner! Your scrapbook pages are precious! I love the little elephant. I just reorganized my sewing/crafting room and I came to the same conclusion. No more buying (except fabric). I have a lot of cardmaking/stamping supplies I have never used and need to! BTW, do you have the quickutz hand tool or zaz? I have a duplicate flowers doodads oocket die I’ll drop in the mail to you if you are interested?

  • Staci

    Beautiful LOs as always Lisa! TFS!

  • Debbie

    Thanks Lisa!
    Two of my nieces (who are also sisters) are expecting their babies a few months apart. I will get them one of these books for scrapbook ideas.