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I've long admired those pretty padded clothes hangers that I often see while flipping through various magazines.  After studying one recently it occurred to me that this would be a great project to try myself.

That brings me to today's project and this easy padded floral hanger.

     Blog hanger 2 blouse

I think any fabric would work with this easy design but I decided to go with a floral decorator fabric.  I actually bought this fabric for another project and I had quite a bit left over.  

I hate to throw away fabric remnants and this is a perfect way to use up fabric pieces that are too small to do anything else with.  You'll only need about 1/4-yard of fabric for one hanger.   


Grab some coordinating ribbon to adorn the finished hanger.  You can find ribbon by the spool at most fabric stores.  I love the dainty look of these roses on a string.  Each rose has a tiny pearl center.  Perfect for this project


You'll need some cotton fiberfill along with a few wooden coat hangers.  Many wooden hangers come with the pants bar across the bottom.  This bar is easily removed with a good tug.  Be sure to also remove the tiny nails that the bar is attached to.


Measure the distance between the end of the coat hanger and the center.  Add about 1/4-inch to that measurement and cut with a 3-inch width.  Label this piece A.

Create piece B by cutting another piece of fabric about 8 1/4-inch longer than piece A.  Piece B will also have a 3-inch width.

Round the corners of piece A and B identically.  I used the large opening of a regular sized paper cup as corner-rounder guide.

Blog hanger fabric strips_edited-1

The longer fabric piece (B) will need to be gathered all the way around.  To gather, select your largest stitch width (also called a basting stitch) on your sewing machine and stitch 1/4-inch all the way around fabric piece.  Make sure you leave several inches of tail thread on the end.

Next, stitch an identical row all the way around about 1/4-inch to the left of your original stitching.  This will give you two parallel rows of basting stitch.

Gently pull the top two tail threads that hang off the raw edge of the fabric and gently slide the fabric forward to create the gathers.



The thicker the fabric the more care you need to take with the gathering.  There's nothing worse than getting halfway through your gathering process and having the pull threads break on you.

It's a good idea to gather from both sides of your fabric piece and have them meet in the center to reduce the risk of pesky thread breaks. 

The photo below shows piece B after it's been gathered. 


Pin piece B to piece A matching both at the bottom raw edge.  Then ease the gathering so that both pieces fit together with right sides together.  Pin and then stitch all the way around with a 5/8 standard seam allowance.

Turn inside out and this will give you the first fabric sleeve for the hanger.  Duplicate steps for the second fabric sleeve.


Slightly stuff both sleeves with some cotton fiberfill and then insert the ends of the wooden hanger into each one.  Do not over-stuff at this point because you still need to insert your wooden hanger.  You can use a knitting needle to help get the stuffing into the farthest end.

Gently insert the end of the wooden hanger into the sleeve.  Make sure you slide the wood under the cotton so the cotton fills out the gathered top portion of the sleeve. 

The photo below shows what the project should look like at this point.



Bring the open ends of pieces A and B together at the center of the wood hanger.  Slightly overlap one open end over the other and slip stitch them together.


You can hide the slip-stitching by wrapping ribbon around the hanger several times before topping it off with a bow.


This is another really simple but elegant project to make.  As you can see, even a first-time effort can turn out nicely.  Imagine how pretty three of these covered hangers would look sitting in a tissue paper-filled gift box.   

Lisa hanger

Wouldn't a trio of fabric covered hangers make a great gift?  The fact that you made them yourself, would make the offering even more special. 

Now this is the kind of hangin' around that really pays off.





  • Anonymous

    This looks pretty good, even if the clothes are not hanged to the hanger. The padded hanger itself looks like a show piece, it itself adds the beauty wherever it is hanged.

  • Geeta

    You are most certainly the Goddess of embroidery, the queen of tutorials! I can’t believe how much detail you pour into your posts- your readers are very lucky!

  • Deb Wisker

    Drop dead gorgeous Lisa!!! You are a master for sure! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do such a comprehensive post!

  • Malphi

    Just found your blog…it’s wonderful! I shall be returning! Susannah

  • Christine

    What a grat idea! I can’t wait to try it.

  • June Parrish Cookson

    Hi Lisa,
    You’ve been deservedly nominated a Brillante Premio Award on my blog. Searched your blog to see if you’ve won this already. If I missed it somehow, my apologies. Remember, you’re not obligated to pass the award on to other bloggers. Cheers friend!

  • Your Favorite Sister

    I love the new banner. It’s beautiful. I love the way you incorporate your beautiful children. Great stuff!!!! P.

  • berta

    Was checking to see if you posted anything new and had to let you know I like your new banner =) with all the new photos. I love to bake, cook, sew, stamp & bead, besides scrapping.

  • Geeta

    I’ve always wanted to do this Lisa! Now I know how thanks to you:)
    I would make mine all minimalist- in dark grey linen perhaps.

  • Melissa (Missy)

    I followed you over here from Heather Bailey’s Blog. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Toni from NC

    Love the details — the delicate little roses with pearls are so feminine!

  • Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

    This is so wonderful! and most people would not take the time to do this for themselves, thus making it a perfect gift! I don’t know if I have the skills or patience to do it though!

  • Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

    This is so wonderful! and most people would not take the time to do this for themselves, thus making it a perfect gift! I don’t know if I have the skills or patience to do it though!

  • colleen

    Loved the way the hanger turned out…and a great way to use up leftovers.

  • Ruth

    Thankyou for commenting on my blog (not many people bother so it really means a lot)
    Thanks for the padded hanger tute aswell, I always thought of them as something tricky to make but this has made it look a lot easier. 🙂

  • Du Buh Du Designs

    The only person with padded hangers in our household is my son (he received them as a baby). I wish I had the sewing skills you did to make such common items into beautiful yet practical ones. And I think they make elegant gifts!

  • Michelle

    Hello Lisa!!!!!
    Love, Love, Love your hanger project!!!!!
    Hugs to you!!!!

  • Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

    Lisa, you are just amazing! I could never even attempt that! I love those hangers.

  • Cheri

    Wow — gorgeous!! I had a few padded hangers that belonged to my mother in the 40’s, but those have long since worn out. Never thought about making my own.

  • Ravenhill

    How DO you do it? You are always finding something new, wonderful and beautiful to make and share with us! Thank you again for all the inspiration!

  • denice

    Your tutorials are all so beautifully photographed and well-written. Never needed a padded hanger before? Well you MUST make one now, after a tut that pretty!! Thanks Lisa! 🙂

  • Aleida Franklin

    Lisa, you just never cease to amaze me. You are a creative genius. I so [heart] you!

  • Niesz Vintage Home

    Great! What a fun project!
    I love these padded hangers for the few sweaters that I hang.
    Kimberly 🙂
    Oh, and I blame you for my now obsessive desire to own all of those rose cake pans in your previous post. LOL
    Those are awesome!

  • Janet (Shabbyfufu)

    It’s so nice to meet you Lisa. What a fabulous blog, full of great ideas! ~XO~ Janet

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  • petits détails

    What a fun project and a great explanation – you are very talented!

  • Aina

    Hi Lisa!
    Just stopping by to tell you that I am back and that I am enjoying my new life here in Norway. I couldn`t be happier and I feel soooo very lucky. Home is where the heart is you know..
    I hope you have enjoyed a fantastic summer so far and that you are feeling good.
    It is wonderful to see so much creativity again, because I have missed it a lot. It is giving me the itch. Wonderful pictures and great project!! Lovely soft colours, just something for me :))
    Many thanks Lisa for inspiring me so much!!
    Lots os hugs and kisses from

  • Elly

    This looks great! I discovered your blog today and tadá: a great tutorial! TFS! I’ll try it myself one day!

  • Linnea

    Wow, what a great project! Your work is so fine and detailed. I checked out your published scrapbook pages, and I have to say that they are amazing. You are a very talented woman! Fantastic :o) Hope you’re having a wonderful week… it’s Friday! Woohoo!

  • Tara

    Hi Lisa! These are so beautiful (as is everything you do!) Thanks for inspiring us all, have a great weekend!~xo

  • [email protected] Peas

    What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. We have just finished adding a master closet in our room. THis would be a perfect and fun project to finish off my side of hte closet! Happy BLoggaversary!

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    WOW! Don’t know if I can duplicate those hangers, but now I really want one of those rose cupcake pans!
    Congrats on your first year! Looking forward to reading all your creative posts in year 2!

  • jen davis

    Just brilliant! This would be a great project for the mother’s group that I belong too! Thanks!

  • June Parrish Cookson

    Hi Lisa,
    Elegant indeed! Need to do this with my hangers. Certainly would entice me enough to hang up my clothes. Be nice to finally enter my walk-in closet without tripping over all the clothes strewn about everywhere. HA!
    Cheers Lisa.

  • sheree

    Another gorgeours transformation, Lisa! You are right, these would be such a great gift.
    Talk soon,

  • nathalie

    this is a wonderful tutorial!!! i too love these padded hangers. you know, when i move into my new house i will make the rod in the studio closet a padded rod. what do you think? i saw it in some magazine and i thought it was neat for the closet rod to have fabric around. we will see if i will get get around to it! 🙂

  • Beverly

    Great job, Lisa. That turned out so well, and it is beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed Pink Saturday. Please join in with us some time.

  • gena

    Gorgeous, Lisa! I’d buy a set for certain. I love your fearless spirit to try something like this and what a great way to use up remnants.

  • Dawn

    Wow, I just took a look at your blog. You do amazing work. I am in awe!!! Besides all of the work that you have shared your photography is stunning. I’m still waiting for that large size yo-yo maker to arrive. I’ll bet your work will be amazing!
    take care,

  • Julie Size

    What a great project to make for a bridal shower gift! Thanks for sharing this idea.

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    Those hangers are so pretty and feminine! You are right! They would make a beautiful gift too!

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    You always make me smile, because while you are thinking, “Hmm…I could try to make this little project”, that thought would never cross my mind! I’m just not crafty. Wish I was though, you make the best stuff! Those hangers are lovely!
    Happy day!

  • Amy

    Great simple project! Sometimes all I need is to be able to have a quick finish – for that sense of accomplishment 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Sasha Farina

    *sigh* Lisa.. you’re just making me wanna try it.. but knowing me, with my love hate relationship with my needles and thread, i don’t think thats a wise idea.
    the one you made is absolutely gorgeous. absolutely! seriously 🙂

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  • tea time and roses

    Lisa these are so pretty! I would love to have a few of these hanging in my closet with some delicate hanging from them! What a beautiful job you did, and thanks so much for the tutorial! You have a great rest of the week and a lovely weekend!

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