Laurel Burch

Is there anyone who hasn't seen and enjoyed the whimsical characters of Laurel Burch?  Her vibrant and colorful creations have that unique look that is so easily recognizable. Even if you have never heard of the name Laurel Burch, I suspect you can recognize her signature style of art. 


Laurel's mythical felines and fellow cast of bold, artistic characters seem to jump right out at you, from greeting cards, quilt books, paintings, scarves, tote bags, enamel jewelry and fabric as well as her widely popular ceramics and mugs. Laurel's patterns are also available on several embroidery discs. I added a few of her embroidery designs to this plain pink shirt for my daughter, with delightful results.


I own a couple of Laurel Burch's embroidery collections and I often use them for various embroidered gifts.  These are the kind of designs that never go out of style, and they can be used over and over again on just about everything. I love how a little embroidery can spruce up any item, as you can see in the adorable cat face design in the photo above as well as the cat and butterfly pictures below. The designs worked perfectly to jazz up the shirt.

Storyboard_lb_back1_3 Storyboard_lb_back3_3


The two embroidery patterns I used for this project are from a Laurel Burch collection called Fantastic Felines. If you take a look at the scan below you can see some of the other whimsical designs that are available on the same disc. The two designs I used are side-by-side in the second row.


It's always fun to watch the embroidery process reveal the ultimate pattern.  The beautiful feline face I used on the front of the shirt took a few hours to stitch out because of all the different thread color changes, 17-in all for this design.

Story_burch_cat1_edited1_2 Story_burch_cat2_edited1_2

While Laurel's embroidery designs tend to have lots of color changes, generally speaking most other embroidery patterns I use don't have quite as many. Despite the extra effort it takes to change all those thread colors, I feel it's always worth it after I see the wonderful finished pattern stitched out.

Story_burch_cat3_edited1_2 Story_burch_cat4_2

I also replaced the original tiny white buttons on the pink shirt, with these Laurel Burch buttons I picked up at a local sewing shoppe a few years ago. When I first bought the buttons I had no particular project in mind, I just loved them and snapped them up. I'm glad I found a great use for them after all these years. I think the buttons work nicely with this project and give the shirt a cute finishing touch, wouldn't you say?



Laurel's patterns are always so fun to look at and her quilt fabrics are just as delightful and whimsical.  One of my favorite quilt books is called Kindred Creatures by Laurel Burch. It features lots of beautiful projects for applique and embellishment. The book is filled with gorgeous photographs of the completed projects. There's so much talent and creativity throughout the pages, it's just a fun book to browse through whether you plan on sewing something or not.


Sadly, Laurel Burch passed away a few weeks ago after a long battle with illness. In her wonderful quilt book, Kindred Creatures she wrote, "share the world from the heart of your heart". I've always liked that sentiment. I think it speaks volumes, in a voice that crafters truly hear.


I think so many crafters are finding ways to "share the world from the heart of your heart", with help from their personal blogs. I know I do. I started this blog several months ago as a way to share my interest in all things regarding arts and crafts. At the time, I never imagined how many wonderfully talented people I'd come in contact with who love the same hobbies I do. This blog has allowed me to share my crafting, in ways I never would have been able to before. Equally satisfying has been all the work that is, in turn, shared with me.

There is such a wonderful community of talented crafters out there and blogging is a great way to connect with that never-ending pool of talent. It's a way to be inspired, learn and expand your creative talent beyond any boundaries you may have set for yourself. (It's also a great way to pick up even more hobbies-much to the chagrin of my husband, Boris).

Simply put, crafts and creative expression are good for the soul… and that's at the heart of why I celebrate CREATIVITY in all its forms!

  • Logo Design

    Yup it’s a great post and tribute to Laurel. Thanks dear.

  • mary

    Your work is fantistic it has given me some good ideas. How do you get such great looks without an embroidery machine? You must be a wizzard.

  • Bule

    Hello from Bosnia, very nice blog

  • Zee

    Wonderful embroidery! Your machine is great! All those colors, eye candy, should I mention I love cats?
    I am learning a lot of new things in blogland, that’s how I started this craft life. I did things before, but I am really having fun now. It keeps my mind away from bad thinkings and makes me happier!

  • randi

    This is a lovely post. The blogosphere is a great place to share the creative side of ourselves!
    The shirt looks great and so does your model!

  • sheree (sheree's alchemy)

    She does have a very distinctive style!! Your embroideries are perfect and your girl looks adorable! Great job. šŸ™‚

  • Dawn

    Adorable shirt!!! Love LB designs…
    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a hello! I will be back soon.

  • Dawn

    Adorable shirt!!! Love LB designs…
    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a hello! I will be back soon.

  • Marisa and Creative Thursday

    Hi Lisa ~ I’ve enjoyed seeing Laurel Burch’s art for many, many years and I love her sentiment about sharing the world.
    Your blog is lovely, and I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy it. I’m just over 1 year into mine and I can’t even begin to express what it has done for me, my art and my ever expanding community of creative spirits!

  • vintage twist

    Thankyou for stopping by Vintage Twist and welcoming me to blogging, I think your right it might well become addictive.

  • Paula, Michigan

    Lisa: What a great entry. And you’ve given such a lovely homage to Laurel Burch. I love her work and always have. The thing I enjoy about your blog is that you not only show your creativity, but you acknowledge others. Proof that you are in it for the love of the artform. Very impressive. Your work is stunning. Your personal stitches in time, are worth every moment.

  • Clare

    Hi Lisa,
    What a fascinating read – I am familiar with the colourful designs (I was bought one of the cat ornaments a few years ago) and it is good to put a name and a face to the designs. As you say, such a lot of work in the embroidery – but well worth it!
    Clare x

  • Penny ~ Mosaic Artist

    Hi Lisa, I love the colors in Laurel embroidery. I have never seen it before – so vibrant!

  • Pauline

    Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by which gives me a chance to meet yet another fellow crafter! I do NOT have a fancy embroidery sewing machine, but might have bought one if I had had any grandchildren (which I don’t), love the work it does, also loved your scrapbook pages too. It is a treat to see your daughter looking so enthusiastically at her sewing project and it sounds like she may follow in your footsteps.

  • tara pollard pakosta

    those are cooL!
    hadn’t seen them

  • Staci

    This is so cute Lisa! Those patterns are cool!

  • Tina

    I have always loved Laurel Birch creations for the same reasons as you. I didn’t know she passed. Your daughter looks so proud to be wearing something you made. How sweet!

  • Toni Elmer

    Hi Lisa, I love these patterns! So so fun!

  • Lynda

    Hi Lisa! I adore that log cabin quilt you made in the previous post! Just gorgeous!! ~ Lynda xo

  • Carmen

    I Have to check that book and that artist! It’s awesome! So is your blog! Stay creative and joyful forever!

  • carrie

    that shirt looks so great! i’ve seen laurel’s artwork around, but i’ve never known her name–thanks for the wonderful information!

  • Mary

    I work at a Bernina store that sells all sorts of Laurel Burch products, and I did not know that she passed away. I did however know that she had been sick for some time. Thanks for the update.
    Your log cabin quilt is spectacular. Do you do your own machine quilting?

  • Sue B

    What a great post. I was so sad when I heard that she had died, she was such a talented lady and I have always been a fan of hers.

  • Elaine Tutman

    Although I recognize the art, I did not know the name of its creator, Laurel Burch. Your posting on her work is a nice tribute to her and what she accomplished in her lifetime. Thanks.

  • Diane Duda

    Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and saying such wonderful things.