Embroidered Napkins


hen setting the dinner table, most people place the flatware off to the side of the plate, right?  Or perhaps the spoon, knife and fork are artfully arranged right on top of the napkins.

Well, how about placing the flatware IN the napkins.

That’s what I did with these flatware-inspired embroidered napkins and I’m thrilled to share them with you today.

Open flatware embroidery

I made these linen napkins from remnant fabric (yes, remnant) that I found on a clearance table.

The first thing I did after cutting it down to size, was to miter the corners for a more polished napkin finish.

If you want to know how to miter fabric corners be sure to check out my mitering tutorial  here.


Before I jump to the embroidered portion of this post, allow me to share the inspiration behind the project.

I was using the flatware more as a prop when I snapped this photo but the sight of the fork and spoon gave me a great idea to embellish the napkins to add a touch of whimsy.


Here’s my color-inspiration for the embroidery design.

I love the muted hues in this collection of dried florals, nuts and ivory berries.


How fantastic is this flatware design?  If you like it, you can find this embroidery design HERE.

When adding embroidery to any project, it’s always good to use a template to help with accurate design placement.

Also make sure you use a water soluble marker to mark the fabric.

Once the design is stitched out, use a damp cloth to easily remove the ink.

Flatware template graphic

I settled on these two embroidery threads which represent some of the same colors found in my bowl of floral inspiration.

It wasn’t a hard choice, since the embroidery design I selected only required two colors.


Ok, here we go.

I never get tired of watching an embroidery design stitch out.


As you can see, this design is starting to take shape with the addition of the second color.

Pretty cool, huh?


It’s amazing how an embroidered element can utterly transform and elevate a plain, simple item.

This started out as plain linen picked up from a remant table and look how it’s shaping up now.


Once the design stitched out, clip any jump threads and apply a damp cloth to remove the markings.

Hit the napkin with a few bursts from a steam iron and this is the result.


I gotta say, I loooooove these napkins.

Here’s a side-by-side look at my inspiration and finished project.


Here’s a closer look at the embroidery design.

If these napkins don’t make you want an embroidery machine, I don’t know what will.


If you’ve ever thought of investing in an embroidery machine, but you’re not sure how to look for one, stay tuned.  

I’m putting togther a post with some tips on finding the perfect embroidery machine and I’ll share it here soon in an upcoming post. ♥


Flatware--napkins-set graphic

Thanks for stopping by.

See you back here next time.

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  • ev @ shades of cinnamon

    I came across your blog by chance, and have spent the last hour browsing through your amazing posts. They are an absolute inspiration. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful work

  • Lisa Brown

    Lisa, these are beautiful!

  • Karen

    This Flatware-Inspired Embroidered Napkins are simply awesome. It will just elevate the mood on the dinner table with the guests.

  • Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home
    I LOVE these napkins! They are simply beautiful!
    And your photos are stunning.
    Thanks so much for hosting,

  • [email protected] Lane

    Lisa, just found you through Shirley….Lovely…I have always been a fan of embroidered linens and yearn for an embroidery sewing machine…the possibilities are endless as you have shown us with your exquisite examples here…going back now to read your older entries…N.xo

  • [email protected] Designs

    Oh my goodness Lisa, those napkins are just amazing!…When setting a table for a large group, I often find placing the silverware a bit cumbersome as their is not a lot of “room”..so I wrap the silver and napkin together..however, you have taken it to the many next levels…Just in awe of what you did!…I have so many things monogrammed and maybe should think about a machine…so I look forward to your post on this!!

  • Janet Reddick

    LOVE the napkins!!! Have been wanting and embroidery machine for a long time, may just have to take the plunge>

  • Marisa Franca

    The napkins are beautiful. Do you look for a certain type of fabric when shopping. And your photography is out of this world. I am still struggling along with learning my camera. What kind do you use and what are your favorite settings? I have a Husqvarna sewing machine — the color is kind of sienna. That will tell you how old it is. I think I could do simple embroidery on it. I love monograms. BTW — I also found you through KariAnne

  • [email protected]

    Have just found you through Thistlewood Farm! Soooo, glad I did! Because of you I now own 12 new sets of napkins with mitered corners! OMG! you made it so easy…..I’m a napkin-making momma now!
    just love your idea’s…..will be visiting often…working on a quilt now along with seven other sewing projects for
    Easter….will be sharing this on my blog!
    Happy Monday…

  • Carol

    Lisa, you inspired me several years ago to purchase an embroidery machine, which your beautiful monograms napkins. Like Thimbleanna, I bought a Husqvarna Viking and am so pleased with it. Love the flatware design!

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    I love them! They came out beautiful! Seriously, if I saw these in a store, I would buy them for sure!

  • Thimbleanna

    Those are beautiful Lisa! And what a fun embroidery design — perfect for the napkins.
    I love my embroidery machine. I think you should just save yourself a lot of time and jump right to the punch line — tell your readers to buy a Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine LOL!!! (Can you tell I’m an island in a sea of Bernina quilters? I always have to give them a hard time because they missed the boat!!!)

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