Trick or Treat Haul

Halloween has come and gone but the residual effects are clearly going to last a little longer.  Now, tell the truth.  Is there anything good that can possibly come out of this pile?

I highly doubt it, even though I do spot a few personal favorites.

While Cameron and Jordy are ever-inching closer to that age when this annual observance may become less and less important, they’re not there yet.

They had a blast collecting a sweet windfall and I got a few photos for some scrapbook pages.

Halloween costumes
Ninja Warrier and Wicked Princess

As soon as my kids get in from trick-or-treating, they always jump right out of their costumes and get down to the very serious business of counting, sorting and admiring their “sugar gold”.

It’s very “Rumpelstiltskin-like“, if you know what I mean.

Apparently, this is pretty valuable stuff.

Halloween candy haul
They trade and negotiate with each other for favorites, exchange candy with nuts for candy without nuts and pick out what they call “pity” candy (that would be itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny pieces).

While they organize their candy goods, I quietly watch from the sidelines, strategizing.

I silently plot how to rid the house of almost all of these treats in a way the kids won’t fully notice until it’s too late.

too much candy
Add to the mind-numbing sugar excess is what is left-over from our own front door giveaway stash.

Although, I think I’ll pull the Almond Joy mini bars for myself (after I track down my dental floss).

OK, back to plotting now.

more candy

Thursday morning, I donated a huge bag of this Hallowen candy to the teacher’s lounge at my kids’ school.

The Health-Fitness instructor in particular may love me or hate me for it but at least I’m putting a dent in my goal.

I still have a tall order, rather a tall pile to widdle away (stealthly) but I’m intently identifying other potential candy recipients.

Sorry Cameron and Jordy.

ridiculous amount of candy
So, what do you do with your Halloween candy?

Love it, hate it, pass it, toss it or eat it?

  • Jennifer

    Oh girl, my husband I have wicked sweet tooths as does the teenage boy. So, we generally eat all the candy! It might take us weeks but we get to the bottom of the bowl eventually.

    My son is a high school freshman and did go out this year but I suspect it might have been the last. His haul was considerably smaller than recent years. I think he and his gang were too busy socializing to knock on as many doors as they have previously. 🙁

    During the years that he was aggressively trick or treating and would come home with a sack full of candy, I might chop up a few candy bars into a brownie mix, especially the peanut butter cups. Those are perfect for brownies.

  • SuzK

    When my son was little I started the tradition of sorting the candy into baggies-enough for 2 days (he had to learn how to keep enough for that second day), the the rest went into the freezer – after a few bags were chosen, he forgot about the rest and they went to work with me and were left in the kitchen for people to help themselves. That became a bit harder as he got older, but fortunately, he wasn’t big on candy (no idea where that came from, certainly no my side of the family! ;0) )

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