Pretty in Pink

If you're like me you can never get enough of a great apron project.

I love the look of my latest apron with its sheer fabric and complimentary crisp, pink cotton.  It's a perfect combination of soft textures and subtle color.

Blog pretty in pink open

This project is another fun example of how you can take something very old and turn it into something new-giving it new life and new function at the same time.

Blog pretty in pink pocket 

Take a look at the photo below to see what this pretty pink apron used to look like.

Yes, once upon a time, this apron was a dress  I bought the dress for Cameron to wear for a school picture when she was six years old, four years and half ago.  Wow, time flies. 

           Blog pretty in pink dress

The class photo was adorable and I ended up creating this scrapbook page out it.  The layout was published by Memory Makers magazine a few years ago and it was nice to have such a special printed keepsake of the sweet frock and Cameron's sweet smile.

Despite the published keepsake, I still hung on to the dress which eventually got lost in the closet amidst more current attire.

  Blog pretty in pink scrap page

I recently came across the dress while cleaning out Cameron's closet and once again, couldn't bear the thought of giving it away.

How could anyone consider parting with a dress this gorgeous?  As I admired the beautiful blooming trim and fabric combinations, the idea of turning this into something else popped in my head.

           Blog pretty in pink trim 

You may know by now how I feel about re-purposing. 

First step was to de-construct the dress by carefully opening up every seam with a seam-ripper.  I laid all the pieces out on the floor to get a good look at what I had to work with.

   Blog pretty in pink cuts2

Since the front part of the apron was pretty much already intact, all I had to do was gather the top edge of the panel and then finish off the edges by turning over 1/4-inch (twice) and top-stitching. 

It was easy enough to cut a waistband from the dress' back panel.  After attaching the waistband, I'm halfway there.

 Blog pretty in pink waistband

I initially thought I might need to go find some matching cotton to make the ties but there was actually more than enough fabric from the back panel of the dress which didn't have any embroidery across the bottom.

After creating the ties, I stitched a small pleat at the base of each one before attaching them to the waistband.  

Blog pretty in pink ties 

I loved the look of the pretty little pink buttons in the back dress bodice.  While I ended up not using this pocket for the apron, I wanted to share it here anyway because it really illustrates how every part of the dress can be used.

I'll hang on to this pocket for a future project.

Blog pretty in pink buttons3 

While looking for a nice way to top-off the apron pocket I did decide to use, I discovered this wonderful pink ball fringe. 

Ball fringe is such a fun-looking embellishment and it's great for use on pillows, dolls and endless other projects.

             Blog pretty in pink balls

Before attaching the fringe, I gathered a small amount of the plain sheer fabric from the back panel of the dress.

Then, I stitched the sheer fabric under the pocket that I made out of the rose-embroidered dress bodice.  After securing the sheer fabric, I top stitched the edge and then added the ball fringe.

Blog pretty in pink pocket2 

Here's how the pocket looks attached to the apron.  I like the way the sheer fabric in the pocket ties into the sheer fabric across that runs across the bottom of the apron.

    Blog pretty in pink side

For this photo shoot, we actually had to work pretty quickly in my backyard to get the shots we needed because the mosquitoes were pretty ferocious on this day for some reason.

Cameron was a real trooper, despite a few swipes and bites.

      Blog pretty in pink mosquitos

Thought I'd share this photo because even though it doesn't show the full apron project, I just love how Cameron's little hands look holding the flowers.

Props like this are fun to incorporate into a photograph and can really add a nice element to any photo shoot.

       Blog pretty in pink flowers3

Perhaps, it's worth taking a second look at some of those old garments tucked away that your little ones are no longer little enough to wear. 

You may be surprised by the possibilities. 

Blog pretty in pink end2

While this is certainly a great re-purposing project, in some ways I suspect it's also my way of hanging on to a part of a little girl who all of a sudden seems to be more of a little lady. 

Wow, Cameron is growing up fast and as you can see she's perfectly pretty in pink.


  • Anonymous

    Great idea lisa, love the color and the pom pom trim!! Hope summer is treating you well~

  • Audrey Sterling

    Lisa, This apron is beautiful! I have an Easter dress hanging in my craft room that will work for this project.Our youngest granddaughter will love this. Thank you!

  • Courtney

    I love your pretty pink trims.

  • Ruth

    What a pretty dress! I also loved your lay out with your pretty daughter:)

  • Suzie Button

    Hi Lisa, I love how you repurposed the outfit into this gorgeous apron! I have trouble cutting anything up, I’m trying to get over it! Thanks for your sweet email today and popping over to my blog for Pink Saturday! Suzie

  • Beverly

    You are just so talented, the apron is beautiful and so is the model.

  • rebecca

    A very pretty apron. And a beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sasha Farina

    told ya! you are the Queen of everything pretty!!

  • gena

    This is such an excellent idea! And dear, do I have such a collection in need of repurposing! I have been thinking aprons, my daughters have been requesting new ones lately too. Thank you for this brilliant tutorial. Let me know if you need any purse makings! I have a ton of bamboo handles, feet and magnets. Better yet, just send your address and I’ll send you those three things. That buttoned bodice looks like it would bloom nicely into a purse. I have a feeling it might go through some of your embroidery experimentation. Anxious to see what you have up your sleeve next!

  • Staci

    Beautiful apron Lisa! TFS!

  • Tina Cockburn

    Darling, Lisa! And the apron is pretty cute, too!

  • Deb Wisker

    Beautifully done!

  • Sharon Dodd

    This apron turned out so beautifully! And Cameron is such a beautiful model. Your projects are so creative.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Nancy Jones

    oh i love this I have soooo many outfits of Bellas I just couldnt bear to part with. I took pictures of her in and well yeah they are in her closet hangin… lol

  • traci

    she is beautiful in pink. actually, i think she will be beautiful in any color. the apron is gorgeous too.

  • Penny

    it turned out fabulous Lisa! Thank-you for sharing that process with us. I love a good refashion myself!

  • Susannah (Malphi)

    What a delightfully delicate apron…and a fantastic model too!! Will you be submitting it to the next apron.ology magazine? I think you should!
    Always a pleasure to visit,
    Susannah x

  • Katherine Marie

    Dreamy. Delightful. Gorgeous. Makes me wish I could sew. Your daughter and photos are gorgeous.

  • Travelingmama

    You have a GORGEOUS blog! I’m so glad to have found you! Best wishes from Morocco!

  • Allie

    What a great idea! I love the trim. I’ve got to go clean out some closets now!

  • Tiffany

    what a beautiful apron/dress. šŸ˜€ i really love the added details too. very pretty in pink!

  • Suzie Button

    Hi there! I just discovered your beautiful blog through “Blogging for Bliss” and I have a little award for you over at my blog! Please pop over! Suzie

  • sam

    That dress is pretty, the design has a Shabby Chic flavor which makes it so unique.

  • Maureen

    That is so sweet. Oh that worth repurposing, especially as the apron could have a long long life. Luv it!

  • Terriaw

    So pretty in pink! I especially love the little details you added. Such a lady-like touch.

  • Judith Norman


  • Beverly

    I love your blog, I am not creative but I love reading about people that are, I also saw you in my daughter’s book. I am so proud of her, and all the bloggers she featured.

  • Allie

    So pretty! Cameron is the perfect model, too. What a doll. You’re making me wish I had a girl! I love my boys, but they won’t wear pink. šŸ™

  • Shell

    Cameron as always is a wonderful model. A pretty apron perfect for a sweet summer day.

  • Theresa

    Great idea!! I just got rid of a similar pink dress my dd had sadly outgrown. I wish I had seen this before, though I’ll certainly keep it in mind for the future! Yours turned out lovely!

  • Candace

    Such a great idea, Lisa, and how pretty it turned out – Cameron certaily likes it!! My favorite dress when I was about Cameron’s age was a pink and white striped dress – oh how I think of it now and again! What a cute apron it could have become!

  • Tara

    Great idea lisa, love the color and the pom pom trim!! Hope summer is treating you well~

  • Maria

    What a wonderful idea and so pretty…but a apron? I would die if anything got on it..LOL. Just simply beautiful. And Yes Cameron is growing up fast right before your eyes.

  • Adrienne

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO Pretty!!!!! I love this!