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It's great to be a cover girl!  Just ask 4-year old Maeve and I think she'll agree.  That's Maeve on the cover of the May/June 2008 issue of Memory Makers magazine.  That's also my scrapbook layout on the cover. 

What a fun thrill for both of us!


Maeve is the little sister of my daughter's best friend.  If she looks familiar, that's because she modeled an adorable polka-dot jumper that I made and featured in a post last year, entitled Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

The jumper has a tulip border that was created using a great technique called paper foundation piecing.   


I came away with so many wonderful pictures from the photo shoot and as an avid scrapbooker, these were great shots to work with for a few layouts. 

The page below was specifically created for consideration for a Memory Makers magazine "cover call". 




The Memory Makers editors liked my original design as well as the various other elements in the layout.  However, they requested a few adjustments, including a greater focus on Maeve's eyes and a change in color pallete.

Notice how a close-up photo and the change in background color from orange to pink, affects the look of the layout?  If you're trying to evoke a certain mood when creating a page, then background color can have a major impact.


Here's another peek at the revised version on the cover-issue which is on newstands now.  This is my second cover layout.  You can see my first magazine cover which features my daughter on her 4th birthday if you click here.   It's really a great feeling to have my scrapbook efforts recognized in this way. 

This cover layout was requested by Memory Makers' editors back in November 2007 for May 2008 publication. That really illustrates just how far in advance many of the magazines often work on a particular issue. 


When the editors e-mailed me the news about getting the cover, I kept that info from Maeve's mom for months, until I actually had the magazine in hand. 

While my good friend Linda knew the page had been picked up for publication because she had to sign a release, she didn't know the layout featuring her daughter was selected for the cover.  It was really hard keeping that secret for the last 6-months.


Needless to say, when I handed Linda the issue with Maeve on the cover, she was pretty stunned and totally thrilled.  What a great keepsake this issue will be for the entire family.

I think you can see from the photo below that Maeve is pretty excited about it too.




While this magazine cover is Maeve's first, I suspect this won't be the last for this cover girl

  • Nanette

    Hey loved the artice in Romanctic Homes. Could you help me find the exact same rubber stamps used if possible. I checked ebay and could not find any thing like the ones used. I hope this is ok to ask of you.
    Ps I am enjoying you blog
    nanette seaside*stitching

  • Tina

    What a lovely little lady and congrats on the cover! Woohoo!

  • Cee

    To my favorite former Channel 5 reporter: šŸ˜‰
    BEAUTIFUL work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently purchased a camera strap and bag made out of AB’s Lotus. I just ordered another camera bag in the geisha print. LOVELY!!!!!

  • jen davis

    This is so very special! Love the layout, the photo and the sweet little Cover Girl! =) Awesome everything!

  • Linda B

    Hi Lisa. As the unsuspecting friend, no one knows better than I the challenge you faced keeping this a secret. It was a great thrill — and still is. Maeve loved doing this photo shoot for you, and it was exciting to see what you produced from it. Beautiful work. Thank you.

  • Betty Jo

    Congratulations! What an adorable cover girl she is. I’m sure her mother was thrilled. xoxo

  • sheree

    Miss Lisa!
    Maeve is just precious! I remember that layout and so happy for you that it was picked up and even made the cover!

  • Julie size

    …ahhhh – what must it be like to be a star at such a young age! ha ha.. she is adorable!

  • jillian

    I found your blog in Romantic Homes. Love the scrapbook layout and the fact that it’s on the cover, awesome! I was wondering, are you from Oglesby, IL? If so, we’re not too far from each other. I’m from Morris. Hope you can stop by my blog sometime. Have a great day!

  • justlisa

    Lisa – COngratulations!!!! Beautiful layout, photo and very sweet little girl!!! How exciting and what an honor!!!!

  • Randi

    Congratulations! She makes a perfect cover girl!

  • Hooked on Houses

    Congrats! That is so cool. And Maeve is adorable! -Julia šŸ™‚

  • rochambeau

    Hi Lisa,
    Happy belated Mother’s Day to you! And congrats on having your pretty tulip dress featured in Memory Makers mag! Your model is the sweetest one.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy Sewing!

  • Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

    Congrats for getting the cover of a national magazine! How wonderful! Your layout is terrific and Maeve is beautiful!

  • jennifer Paganellli

    so cool…look how happy everyone is!!! Lisa youd’ be great at that floor cloth notion cause you do it all so well Peace Jennifer

  • Toni from NC


  • tea time and roses

    Hello Lisa!
    A Big Congratulations on your cover! Your work is absolutely amazing and Maeve is just adorable! Lisa you are truly an inspiration! You and your family have a lovely weekend.

  • Carla

    I posted the next inspiration challenge piece on my blog!LOL! Come join us again!

  • Sabina

    How wonderful!! Those photos are beautiful!! Congratulations to you “Ms. Creativity.”

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    Oh, LISA! These photos are amazing. Do your talents never end! You are incredible, and that little girl is squeezably adorable.
    Congrats on the cover, you’re so inspiring!!!

  • lisa

    Wow, how much fun for all of you! The flower work on the little dress is amazing! It is so much fun keeping up on what you are doing!!!

  • Carla

    Congratulations! What an honor, and a well-deserved one too! Have a super happy and relaxing mommy’s day!

  • Debbie

    I am happy for you that your layout landed the cover page! Please keep sharing your creativity with us.

  • Katrina

    Sorry I haven’t been by to say hello in a while. I have been reading your blog though!
    That little girl is gorgeous. Congratulations!!

  • Cindy ~ My Romantic Home

    Wow, how exciting! I don’t think I would have been able to keep a secret like that for so long!

  • Aleida Franklin

    Congratulations on the nod, I can feel the excitement throughout your post. I love both layouts and all the photographs. How thrilling for Maeve and an awesome keepsake for sure. Thanks for sharing your wonderful news.

  • Nikki Brey

    I love the pink background! It really did make all the difference. Congrats!

  • Sonnja

    What a lovely girl!
    Kind regards,
    Sonnja, from the Netherlands
    Beertje Zonn

  • Sarah

    Congratulations on your cover!! Little Maeve is darling and the layout is just perfect. I’d say you’re already a very accomplished photographer but the class sounds like it will be great.

  • chris

    What a wonderful layout on the cover & what a gorgeous little model! Congrats to you & little Maeve! šŸ™‚ chris p.s. thanks for visiting today & I can send you the “how to” on the cornice project if you like-just let me know! xo chris

  • Erika

    What a wonderful surprise! The cover looks great and Maeve is sooo photogenic. :o)

  • Teresa

    WOW! I can certainly see why you have used her for your model…she is a living doll! So photogenic, not to mention just down right cute!! Love your pics…have fun and learn lots at the photo workshop in Chicago…I wish my daughter could attend…she’s a photographer, also…check her out at she is just starting out after studying art/photography/and art history in college and then working with several other photographers. Its all about life’s experiences and exposure…isn’t it???

  • claudia freitas

    Congrats on the cover! The scrap was really nice. And I also loved the dress and the little model.

  • traci

    congrats lisa on getting the cover. how exciting. and the little girl is adorable. how fun for her.

  • Karla

    She certainly is a little cover girl – so adorable. What a wonderful layout and big congrats on being selected for the cover!

  • Daisy Cottage

    Congratulations Lisa!!!!
    I’m thrilled for you – you are so deserving!!

  • Adla

    6 months of keeping secret…boy I’m sure it must have been a great relief when it was all out in the open. Maeve is soooo adorable!
    chat soon, Adla

  • barbara

    Can’t wait to see the magazine now! Maeve is adorable, and how nice for you to have your work recognized in such a visible way!

  • gena

    How exciting is that? Congratulations. So, I wonder . . . when will you begin teaching at artful retreats? That has to be on the horizon, right?

  • adrienne

    Congrats!!! ENJOY your workshop! I am GREEN with envy!!!!

  • Elaine Tutman (mom)

    Congratulations on getting another cover on a national magazine, Lisa. The scrapbook pages with Maeve are adorable. Your photography and page layout skills continue to grow. Keep up the good work.

  • Staci

    I was so excited when I saw this page was created by you Lisa! I knew that I had seen that cute little girl somewhere and was racking my brain trying to remember where. Congrats to you both! šŸ™‚

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