Thanks for stopping by as I kick off my brand new personal blog. I still maintain a blog over at the Memory Makers Magazine site but this one will allow me to share alot more than my love of scrapbooking. I’m a true crafter at heart and my interest in various arts and crafts only seems to grow with increased exposure to any new craft. I love just about everything including card making, quilting, rubber stamping, stenciling and even dollmaking… and the list goes on and on much to the chagrin of my husband Boris.

I’d like to share my various projects via this blog and hopefully at the same time provide you with a little inspiration to try some new hobbies you may not have considered before.

On a scrapbooking note, I went to a crop over the weekend. Now I usually don’t go to crops because I can never decide what to pack.Ā  You know how that can be. I did manage to get everything packed in one large cropper hopper, a shoulder bag and a tool tote. Anyway, it was a total blast, and organized by Tiare Smith who owns Classy Coordinates Scrapbook Club and Scraps of Color. She was visiting Chicago from Atlanta and put everything together at Windy City Scrapbooking. If you are ever in Chicago the Windy City is a must stop shoppe, because it’s always filled with the latest and greatest product. You gotta pace yourself though, or you could do some serious damage.
Some of the other scrappers at the crop included Danielle Nix who was working on a special project-good luck with that girl! And Alraynita Coleman who also works at Windy City and knows every product like the back of her hand.Ā  We had loads of great talk (about scrapping and other stuff), too much really yummy food (I’ll pay for that later), great music (who knew Alan Thicke’s son had that voice) and lots of shopping for scrap supplies (as if we actually need more stash-but hey that’s part of the fun)… and oh, yeah we did get a little bit of scrapbooking accomplished in between it all.

  • Mary Rogers

    Lisa –
    love the layout! the BG is just perfect…the design is very similar to one I just finished…great minds, lol.
    Cameron is just darling and I love the Windy City Scrapbook store..one of must stops when in Chicago!
    : )

  • Lisa D.

    I am loving your photography…beautiful pictures, and the layouts are awesome too! Looking forward to seeing your other work.

  • Tina

    Congrats on the new blog! Love that darling layout and your kids are so adorable.
    So pardon me as I go exploring around your photo albums!

  • Francine

    Hi Lisa! I’m so happy I found your blog, courtesy of a link posted on Scrapbook Takeout. The ladies were drooling over your scrap space lol
    Looks like you got that banner figured out! It looks great! I’ll be adding you to my feed reader šŸ™‚
    Francine aka raggafran

  • Stacey Hatchett

    Hey Lisa,
    This is awesome! Everything looks perfect! Keep up the good work!

  • Elaine tutman

    Lisa – this is a terrific way to inspire some of us to stretch our wings in the crafts department. Handicrafts have always been a way for women to satify their creative urges, and often, to provide something useful for the family at the same time. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  • catherine feegel-erhardt (Memory Makers Master 2007)

    HI Lisa… looks great.
    Now, since you got it all figured out, I know who to call for help setting mine up. šŸ˜‰

  • catherine feegel-erhardt (Memory Makers Master 2007)

    HI Lisa… looks great.
    Now, since you got it all figured out, I know who to call for help setting mine up. šŸ˜‰

  • Crystal Jeffrey Rieger

    Just thought I would drop in and say hello šŸ™‚
    Your blog looks great!

  • Darvi

    Hey Lisa,
    Love the blog! Glad you all had fun Saturday, I couldn’t make it, but maybe next time (talked to Danielle while you all were there though, LOL). Love the page also!

  • Malieta

    Really cool page Lisa! Look like you ladies really had a good time,wish I was there:)

  • lisa sanford

    Love your new site!!! Wish I was in Chicago for the Windy City Crop…do another one please…I travel!

  • betsy

    Hey Lisa — what a fabulous site! Congratulations on showcasing your many interests and talents šŸ™‚ I will be checking in often…. Betsy

  • Alraynita

    Great job…
    I will put this in my favorites and will be back to check you out. I did not know you did doll making too. You have so much talent…keep up the awesome work

  • Tiffany

    Yeah!!!! It really, really looks great Lisa! Your picture looks fab, the blog looks comfy, and the layout is superb. I can’t wait to see more of it!

  • Karla D.

    WOW!!!! Everything looks PERFECT!!!! So glad you are blogging honey! And you are just so freakin’ pretty it’s crazy!!! šŸ™‚
    I have been to chicago one time and it was FUN!!!! Say…I also have that issue about waht to pack so yeah…ibnly been one crop too now that I think about it! LOL!!!! You page is STUNNING and your daughter is so cute and sassy!
    Chat soon

  • Hillary Heidelberg

    Woohoo!!! looks great Lisa!!!!