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Thanks Mom


hile we’re months away from Mother’s Day, I think you can never say “thanks mom” often enough.  That’s my mom in the picture above.  If you’re a regular reader you may already recognize “Nana Banana” who I could never thanks enough.  Which brings me to two of my favorite ads.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial myself (sorry), I’m sharing two of my latest favorite TV ads because I think not only worth seeing but I think you’ll also love them as much as I do.

Both ads are part of Procter and Gamble’s on-going Olympic ad campaign.  The first one aired two years ago before the 2012 Summer games… the second spot is now running leading up to the Winter games in Sochi, Russia next month.

You may need a hankie to get through these.





Hankie soaked?  Lump in your throat?
I thought the ads were so well produced, I wanted to know more about them.  Turns out the first one (Hardest Job) won an Emmy award for best prime-time commercial and was also credited with helping to boost P&G sales by nearly 1/2-billion dollars the year it aired.  Now, that’s a lot of laundry detergent among other things.
While I found the on line commentary about the ads overwhelmingly positive, I did read a few complaints about the omission of dads in these commercials.
Personally, I don’t think celebrating the role of moms diminishes the role of dads in any way.
Obviously, these ads are part of a marketing campaign and P&G is marketing to (and honoring) moms who may more often than not, be the TIDE detergent buyers in the house.  OK, I get that.
It’s advertising but it still tugs at the heartstrings in a beautiful way.
 Thanks mom mosaic
The other thing that really moves me about these ads is the soulful, powerful music that plays over the video.  I went in search of its origins and found it was created by Italian pianist and composer, Ludovico Einaudi. 
You can see Einaudi performing Devinire (music used in ad #1) if you click here.
Beautiful all the way around.
What do you think?



  • Orianne

    I first saw this ad when my son sent it to me in an email from his dorm room an ocean away and as you can imagine I went to bits. He grew up listening to a lot of Einaudi’s music at home, and the piece ‘Divenire’, which means ‘to become’ in Italian, has always been one of my favourites. That grey winter morning when I opened my laptop I was feeling the effects of a first-time empty nester a little more and couldn’t believe I was actually missing school runs, early-early morning ski runs, large laundry loads and gargantuan sized sports shoes loitering by the entrance doorway. Between my tears, my heart melting, that familiar music, the perfect timing, and his short note (“I just saw this and I thought of you. In case you ever wonder … thanks mom for everything”), I felt like I was living in a ‘Hallmark moment’. It’s good to know that all those big and little things we do, all that attention to details and creative endeavors, is appreciated and treasured … even when they fly away.

  • [email protected] Designs

    Oh my…they would make anyone cry…brought back memories of my son when he was playing sports…I truly feel I have lived most of my life on the ballfield!..thanks so much I so enjoyed these as I have never seen them!!!

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    I loved them too! and yes, I definitely teared up!

  • Jean McGee

    Those videos are beeee-u—teeee-fullll ! ! Thanks sooooo much for sharing them. We do not have a TV so we would not have seen these without you sharing them.
    I make/stamp my own cards and go through alot of envies so I am looking forward to seeing how to make envies with alllllll the fabric (or maybe some of the fabric) I have.I use to do a lotttt of sewing before I got into stamping.
    I came here from Karrianne’s Thistlewood.
    Jean McGee

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