Buttermilk Biscuits


f you’re reading this and you haven’t had breakfast yet… you’re going to get hungry.  I know you’re going to love this recipe.

Not only are these BUTTERMILK BISCUITS another super simple offering, you’ll love making them with your own homemade buttermilk.

If you read my post from last week on how to make homemade butter, you’ll remember that process also produced buttermilk.

Now let’s put that buttermilk to good use with just a few additional ingredients to make fluffy, delicious biscuits.


This is another very simple recipe that won’t take long at all to whip up in your kitchen.

Just whisk together 2-cups of all-purpose flour, 2-teaspoons baking powder, 1/4-teaspoon of baking soda, 1-teaspoon salt.  Then, cut 7-tablespoons of unsalted, chilled butter into the flour and mix with a pastry mixture.

Add 3/4-cups of buttermilk and stir gently until well-combined and dough is formed.



Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and roll to a 1/2-inch thickness.

Use a round biscuit cutter to cut biscuits.

You can also brush a light coat of buttermilk on top of the biscuits for a more moist top.


Bake biscuits in a preheated 475-degree oven for about 12-15 mintues or until lightly golden.

Yes, it’s that’s easy and how cool is that to use your own homemade buttermilk.


Serve warm biscuits with honey, jam or of course… your own homemade butter.

Don’t you want to take a bite?

Thought so. ♥





  • Reina Co

    Me gusta la receta, tratare de hacerla pronto, los panecillos caseros son deliciosos a toda hora. Gracias

  • Tammy

    With snow coming to Vermont this weekend- – these sound great!

  • [email protected] Designs

    I get very excited when your post pops in my email….wondering what fabulous thing is Lisa up to now….and those biscuits look fabulous…I am writing the recipe down on my recipe card…can’t imagine how great they taste with your homemade butter….and yes they are making me hungry!!!…

  • Mary Addison

    I’ve been going through your blog recently and have greatly enjoyed the mix of subjects and the excellent photos. So bright and colourful, your blog really does celebrate creativity.
    Your buttermilk biscuits look very like what we in England call scones – and the use of buttermilk seems to make the best scones (delicious with Cornish Clotted Cream, which is something else again).
    I blog a similar mix of subjects, although embroidery is my first love. If you are interested do have a look at http://www.addisonembroideryatthevicarage.co.uk
    with best wishes

  • Thimbleanna

    Well, it certainly LOOKS easy LOL. And they look delicious. I’ve never made biscuits — I’ve always been afraid that they’ll turn out like rocks!

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